The Chainsmokers and Why Their Dedication To Ingenious Lyrics Makes Their Music An Art

We hear about new artists today that try to redefine music or revolutionize the craft of creation, but most of them are just trying, and not achieving their goal. Most of these production groups don’t get the traction, support, and success that they seem to aim for, and it’s something that many people should be aware of for them to avoid being put into a risky position. However, there are also music production crew today like The Chainsmokers whose success in music makes for an inspiring story of triumph.

The Focus On Lyrics

It could be said that the passion for lyrics that springs out of the hearts of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the men behind The Chainsmokers, is the reason why they are still in the game. Gone are the days when EDM is just about the bass, the hit and the elevation one sings to when dancing to its beat. It’s now a platform for more serious and evocative art form that previously had just been reserved to fiction.

The Chainsmokers seems to be revolutionizing the work they do and is doing the right way in reaching that scenario. One of these songs that capture the new mission of the group in creating powerful music is encapsulated in their new song, Sick Boy, a song with the most provocative melody that makes you wonder into the deeper tone of what the music is about. The music production crew’s power to make their ingenious lyrics strike the cord of every listener is stuff that not many can replicate. This could explain their success.

Most of the musicians today often underbid their talent and don’t go beyond the norm. They don’t challenge themselves. They stay complacent and stuck, sticking to regular modes and basic tones and tepid attitude towards their craft. We learned from the LA News Watch article that what The Chainsmokers does is beyond that. They attack music in ways that only serious but fun artists try to do. They stick to the fun side of creating music but make sure that they are pushing the envelope of making the music industry even stronger and more vibrant.

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Kim Dao Visits a Friend’s Video Studio

In June, Kim Dao returned to Australia from living in Japan for about a year. She met with her boyfriend and took him to work. Kim Dao was delighted to see her dog, Yuki, again and vice versa. Kim Dao admits that she is not a morning person. After she had her morning shower, Kim Dao wanted to get together with a friend named Adam Tan, who also had his own YouTube channel. Kim Dao admits that she not a morning person. Learn more:


Kim Dao met up with Adam in the parking garage at his apartment complex. The friends went to an Australian-Asian restaurant called Tiish for some lunch of pastas and gnocchi. They had tea and water to drink. According to Kim Dao, the average price for lunch in Australia is $25 to $30. It is more than half that expensive in Japan to have lunch. They eyed the slices of cake in the display case. Dao said she was interested in the caramel cakes slices. Kim Dao had a slice of cheese cake with chocolate icing and a coffee cake crust.


Even though it nearly wintertime in Australia in June, Kim Dao found the weather to be on the hot side. Adam took Kim Dao back to his photography studio where he had all kinds of candy bars, hard candy, and a white, fake Christmas tree. Adam Tan showed Dao his large double xylophone and his camera collection. Kim Dao had a very lovely day out with Adam Tan.