The Impending Shut-down of the Venezuelan Government

Everyone on facebook has watched the slow demise of the once great Venezuelan nation in horror for years now, but recently, things have reached a critical point of no return. But instead of taking responsibility and action, people have stood around pointing fingers. The blame for the country’s downfall has been passed around carelessly at anyone in the way. Some say it is the fault of the United States government. Others blame the low oil prices or the country’s current president who is now called a “crazy goat” by his people. No matter why it has happened though, action must be taken quickly before it is too late.
Children’s school are open for only a short time each week, and so are the government offices. Expert Diaz Granados says there just isn’t enough electricity to go around. There is also a shrinking supply of water. Women in the villages complain of skin rashes that they and their children have developed from drought-induced poor hygiene because few can take proper baths. Some don’t even want to try since the water they do get is brown and smells bad.

The food is getting scarcer too, but President Maduro has done nothing to help. Instead, he recommended that Venezuelans plant gardens, so they will be self-supporting. Hunger can make people do things they normally wouldn’t though, which is why some Venezuelans who are desperate for food are eating anything that crawls, including stray cats and dogs. If the people don’t get help soon, they might not make it out of this alive.