All You Need To Know About Malini

In the modern times, women have become very successful, venturing into some of the careers that were previously dominated by men. One of the women who have done well is Malini Saba. She is a businesswoman and a respected in giving donations to the less fortunate individuals in the community. Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malini Saba has proved that women can do well in business.


Most of her businesses are in the United States. She relocated to this country when she was nineteen years to look for greener pastures. While relocating she was still in school, and she had two hundred dollars as savings.


With her little savings, Malini Saba rented a small apartment just close to the Stanford University where she was pursuing her degree. She lived with her husband, who was studying at the same university.


Schooling in America was not easy. Both of them had to work very hard to achieve their dreams. The apartment was very close to the railway station, and they had a rough time staying there. Every time the train passed by, the building would shake terribly. They stayed in the apartment for four years. Today, Malini believes that the challenges she went through made her a successful person.


While at the university, Malini Saba did not have to pay school fees. The university had a special policy that allowed spouses to the students get their education for free. Her husband was doing his degree in the university, and this meant that she wasn’t supposed to pay. While at the school, she interacted with different individuals in various industries. She wanted to acquire knowledge in the business world.


After several years, she had made some savings, and she managed to open small businesses. She would do these small businesses while still pursuing her degree. Most of her investments are in the real estate sector, commodities and telecommunication industry.


She is very dedicated and committed to her work, and this explains why she has managed to do very well. She has done well in most of her investments, making her one of the most successful and wealthy women in the United States. She uses some of her wealth to help organizations and individuals who need help in the society. She has a special interest in children and women, and she gives most of her funds to these groups of people. she has started several non- profit organizations to empower women.