How Wikipedia Works And Why Marion Cotillard Needed Better Wikipedia Protection

Wikipedia makes it easy for anybody to edit one of their pages. They dubbed themselves the free encyclopedia of the Internet and they have an entire, easy to use page that shows you just how to make Wiki edits on the website. In fact, you can edit an entire page at the same time.

This seems like there could be some dangers involved. Some bored kid in any part of the world can just log on and edit a Wikipedia page about someone else to reflect to anything they want. They could just log on and say that Lebron James is the king of Ecuador.

Fortunately for those worried, Wikipedia has safeguards against this kind of misuse. The term “wiki” before the “pedia” literally translates into collaborative editing. Any changes that you make can be seen by others and edited by them. The idea is that when enough people get involved, the information on the website will be sound.

They also stop you from making Wikipedia revisions any page that has to do with you. Otherwise, everybody would set themselves up on Wikipedia as if they were the most well-known celebrity in the world. But there is a pretty ingenious way around this particular safeguard. You can pay professional writers to create a Wikipedia page to your liking. And since they are not you, Wikipedia allows it.

These kind of Wikipedia editors can also defend you against the kind of attack that Marion Cotillard recently suffered. The entire Internet world blamed her for the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It is common knowledge that the 40-year-old French actress and Brad Pitt were working on a movie called Allied together. Speculation has been swirling that Brad Pitt and the French actress were having an affair behind Angelina Jolie’s back. This is what caused her to file for divorce.

So Wikipedia users sympathetic to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to edit a Wikipedia page about her celebrity status to show her occupation as that of a “cheater”. That was quickly corrected by the Wikipedia community at large. But then another change occurred. This time it occupation listed her as the reason that the Hollywood power couple split. These two Wikipedia revisions made worldwide headlines and the accused French actress was unable to defend yourself online without the help of Wikipedia writers. But all you have to do to defend yourself from this kind of defamation is to hire a knowledgeable group of Wikipedia information consultants.