End Citizens United, Changing the Rulings

The End Citizens United is looking to fight back against the anything-goes campaign and the federal laws. There has been a recent ruling by the Supreme Court that will have an impact on future rulings and is controversial.

The End Citizens United was formed in 2008 by the conservative group that opposed Hillary Clinton and her race for the presidency. A video was made about Hilary Clinton and her goal to get the Democratic nomination against Barack Obama. They even produced a video that attacked all her missteps as a politician. According to the Federal Election Commission, the video was found to be nothing more than a 90-minute campaign ad. They requested that the group reveal the funders or funder for the video. When the group refused to do so they were in violation of this federal law. The law stated that all funding sources for any ads related to politics need to identify their funding source. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

The End Citizens United campaign is looking to fight back against this ruling. The group has filed a lawsuit against the FEC and is looking to have this ruling overturned. So far, the federal courts have upheld the original ruling.

Two years after the initial ruling, the End Citizens United Scored a victory. The United States Supreme Court overturned the federal decision and ruled in favor of this group with a 5-4 vote. The ruling was based on the First Amendment and the right to free speech. Many people still find this ruling to be controversial. They are worried that this campaign and ones similar in nature will have an impact on the election system which can lead to unfair voting practices.

While the decision is still being examined those in politics felt that the Citizens United campaign helped the Republican Party and gave them an advantage. It is suspected that some of the wealthiest people in the country were secret funders.

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George Soros: One of the Democrat’s Strongest Supporter Returns

George Soros is a passionate man who is good at his job; it just so happens that his talent has made him one of the richest men in the world. This means that his passion, which happens to be American democracy, gets well-funded from time to time. Many look at his efforts with gratitude as it has helped nurture democratic values in the United States, but that does not mean there have been no critics.

George Soros’ critics have been very vocal against his continued support of Democrats. Those who criticized him rejoiced when George W. Bush won because it made Soros feel bad enough to stop helping. George’s slump lasted a few years until now. Hillary Clinton is running, and he returned to pledge a hefty donation to her campaign. Learn more about his profile at Forbes.com.

The multi-billionaire business man had retired from politics for some time, but he also retired from trading on Wall Street. This changed as George Soros was reignited by some recent events in both American politics as well as economic trends. For one, the Brit-exit made him start paying attention to the economy a little more. George has even begun to make decisions in the stock market, which is something he has not done in a few years. This can be associated to what he is starting to do in politics. Apparently, Donald Trump’s rise in politics has made this influential man come out of retirement and begin to make moves to do what he can to ensure that he does not become the president.

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Many wonder what it is that Soros dislikes about Trump and probably believe it just deals with some of the outrages claims that Trump has made, but it is much more complicated than that. Yes, George Soros has been a long-time supporter of immigration reform, and even favors the legalization of marijuana, but this man fears Trump for another reason. Trump is slowly beginning to represent an international threat to the United States and Democracy on bloomberg.com. The multi-billionaire believes that it could be Trump’s actions and words that fuel ISIS into having more reasons to attack the United States.

Soros has seen, first-hand, what bad politics can do to a country and to its people when he was just a young boy. He and his family had to live in the shadows with fake papers and false identities to hide from the Nazis when they occupied his home country of Hungary. It was a trying time for Soros and his entire family, but it served to teach him how important it is to get involved in politics and recognize political dangers like Trump. Those close to him say that it is his fear of Trump that prompted him to donate $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in hopes to defeat Donald; plus, he believes that Clinton is pragmatic enough to lead the country in a better direction. This donation is just one of many as he has promised to continue to donate to her campaign as time goes on according to Politico. See: http://www.wsj.com/articles/a-bearish-george-soros-is-trading-again-1465429163

George Soros Returns to Political spending with $8 million Donation to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

George Soros made a huge comeback to political donations, in the month of December, when he gave $6 million to a super PAC that supports Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The massive contribution brings Soros’ donations to $8 million. Priorities USA Action was the super PAC that received the donation. In the second half of 2015, Priorities USA Action raised $25 million. That is according to a report submitted to the Federal Election Commission. The total amount raised by the PAC in 2015 was $41 million. Heading into 2016, it had $36 million left in its accounts.

Other donors that made major contributions in 2015 include Hollywood entrepreneur, Haim Saban, who donated $3 million together with his wife Cheryl Saban. Donald Sussman and Herb Sandler donated $1.5 million apiece as well as the Working for Working Americans super PAC, which is union affiliated. However, Soros contribution was the most striking. This is because among the rich Democrats, Soros is considered as a leader and he is one of the few that has shown the willingness to donate eight figures during an election cycle. In 2004, he gave out more than $20 million to groups opposing the then President, George Bush. However, this move did not work. Soros was forced to cut his big political spending.
Priorities USA Action was among the super PACs tirelessly courting George Soros heading into 2016. His huge contribution will definitely be viewed as a motivating sign as the election cycle comes around wherein conservative billionaires are expected to contribute over $ 1 billion to super PACs. In 2012, despite of strong courtship, Soros donated only $ 1 million to priorities USA that was supporting President Obama’s bid for reelection at the time. This information was reported on Politico as provided in the following link http://www.politico.com/story/2016/01/hillary-clinton-george-soros-218494
George Soros is the founder of Open Society, a group of foundations that partners and runs projects in over 100 countries across the globe. Open Society is distinct from other charities due to its dedication to the idea of an open society where authorities are accountable, rights are respected and no one individual has the monopoly of truth. Soros made the biggest intensive effort in history by bringing the Roma people of Europe to the conventional world. This information was originally mentioned on Open Society Foundation’s website as found in the link below https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros
Aside from his philanthropy work, Soros is a bestselling author. Soros has written several essays and books that offer invaluable insights on how he approaches business especially investments. Additionally, his books share his opinions on politics, globalization, open societies and economics. His literary works include The Crash of 2008 and What it Means, George Soros on Globalization and Underwriting Democracy. This information as mentioned on georgesoros.com as highlighted in the following link http://www.georgesoros.com/books/