Greg Secker Inspires People To Earn Money Through Education

Greg Secker was born in Norfolk England in 1997. He attended the University of Nottingham where he studied Agricultural and Food Sciences. After graduating college, Greg Secker developed foreign exchange trading systems at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He worked as Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation, and then he mentored people about trading strategies. He published Trading Your Way to Success & Financial Freedom Through FOREX. He formed the Knowledge to Action Group and Greg Secker Foundation, and he received the British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce.

Greg Secker created the Virtual Trading Desk, which was the first real-time Forex trading system. His knowledge about trading grew as Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, which is a Fortune 500 investment bank. Greg Secker also created Learn to Trade, which is a global company that teaches people how to trade through seminars and workshops.

Greg Secker began making money working for other people. His desire, however, was to help people make money working for themselves. He wanted to lead by example. He feels making money through trading should be easy. The inability for people to trade easily was the initial motivation for Greg Secker. He wanted people to reduce their risk trading in foreign markets. He felt the best place to start was by educating people.

Greg Secker created a platform that allowed him to trade around the world from his home. Creating a new platform for trading involved many processes. Streamlining his personal trading process provided the knowledge for holding seminars that taught other people how to make money.

The process of teaching people to make money through trading was a natural process for Greg Secker. He began by teaching his friends and family. Through their success, he advanced to teaching everyone. Greg Secker is an international speaker, master trader, and philanthropist. He thinks that his financial accomplishments pale in comparison to being a father.

Greg Secker credits his success to two areas, support from his friends and family, and meeting other people while traveling. He gains inspiration from listening to other people’s success stories.