How To Manage Your Social Media Posts Without Jeopardizing Your Business Reputation.

A business owner must strive to build a robust and positive online reputation for his/her business. However, it gets bigger than that because as seen in the recent past, companies have experienced issues when their firms make headlines for things that we post online even for our personal accounts. The problem with some of the headlines is that they destroy the company brand and reputation.

You can position your business to have both personal and professional account that doesn’t harm it. According to experts from, it involves choosing whether you want to be public about the affairs of your business through careful moderation of your words or express your opinions and interests freely but privately. The following are some of the choices you can make to have a personal social media account if you are running your business.

The safest way to keep people involved in the social media is to keep the personal accounts as professional and moderate as possible. For instance, if you went for a vacation with your family and shared it on the social media, the public will see it and share the information. You may not have wanted the holiday photos to be linked to your company, but once that is done, people will discuss it and give their opinions especially if it is controversial.

The other choice is to have different pages accessible to particular categories of individuals. For instance, you can have a Facebook page dedicated to your friends only and another dedicated to your business associates including the search results. You can also set your tweets to be protected through making sure that customers won’t see family and personal photos. However, it is not also 100% proof because you friends may share your tweets publicly.

Other options include assigning a social media moderator or social media manager and using an alias name to prevent people who are not close to you from linking your social media posts to your business from search results. The goal is to have a social media presence, putting controls in place, making an effort to control what you say and interacting with friends and relatives without putting the reputation of your business in jeopardy.