Betsy DeVos: A Complicated Political Figure

LGBT leaders were surprised to hear from Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos when she came to them to announce a decision that the Trump Administration was about to release to the world. That announcement was going to be that the administration was about to set out new guidelines that would revoke Obama-era guidelines that instructed public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matched with the gender that they identified with.


The decision was one that the LGBT community would certainly disagree with, and it turns out that DeVos also disagreed with the decision. However, as the Secretary of Education she said that she would implement the policy that the President had set up. DeVos felt that she needed to at least let the LGBT community know what was going on before they heard about it on the news. This was her way of showing that she is not always the person that some in the media proclaim that she is.


Betsy DeVos could rightfully be called conservative, but she is also a free-thinker. She has her own opinions and expresses them regularly. At the same time, DeVos is a team player and doesn’t like to grab the media spotlight. She prefers to work behind the scenes in order to get done the things that she believes in. Her main issue has always been making charter schools more readily available to the students of this nation.


Some people agree with her goals in this area and others are very much opposed to her plans. Betsy DeVos has stayed the course in fighting for charter schools even as people have expressed their negative opinions against this. She currently has a higher platform to stand on and make changes in this world. She may not have been able to do all that much in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan to impact the entire fate of the nation, but she certainly has the ability to impact change on a national level now that she is the Secretary of Education.


To view all that Betsy DeVos has done in her career and life is to understand that she is a more complex character than what the media would have you believe. She has the absolute ability to defy expectations, and she frequently does exactly that. The moment that you think that you know all that there is to know about her is the moment that you have deluded yourself on this count.


Consider the entire body of work that DeVos has done in her life to better understand why she does the things that she does. You may end up being surprised by some of what you learn about her along the way.


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Fortress Investment Group CEO Peter Briger

Peter Briger is one of the top managerial professionals at Fortress Investment Group. Briger has been working in the financial services industry for over two decades. During his career, Peter has been able to distinguish himself with this knowledge of the financial markets, expertise in the field and also with sound leadership skills. Over the course of his career, Peter Briger has held a number of key leadership positions. He has held positions such as partner, chief executive officer, and principal. Along with being a high ranking executive, Peter has also been involved in charitable activities. These have included assistance with housing and infrastructure. Peter is one of the wealthiest individuals in the world according to the business and finance magazine Forbes.

After completing both undergraduate and graduate degree programs from Ivy League universities, Peter Briger began to work at top financial services firms. One of these firms was Goldman Sachs. For a number of years, he was a member of this prominent firm by helping it establish a presence in Asia. While he was a member of Goldman Sachs, Briger was part of several committees which worked with Asian clients. He also managed the credit asset management department as well. His contributions to the firm eventually earned him a top managerial position as a partner by 1996.

For more information about Peter Briger, view his Crunchbase profile.

In 2002, Peter Briger looked to take advantage of another new opportunity. He was recruited by Fortress Investment Group which was an up and coming asset management firm. Peter Briger began working at this firm as an administrator of the credit asset division as well as a member of its management committee. Within a few years, Peter would become both a principal and a co chief executive officer. During his stint at Fortress Investment Group, Peter would demonstrate his leadership skills and provide his expertise to help the firm grow and expand.

Over the past several years, Peter Briger has given back to his community. When he was still working in New York City, he helped restore the Central Park Conservatory. After moving to San Francisco, California, Peter would help a number of low income families get affordable housing. With his charitable contributions, Peter has helped make his local communities a better place.

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Stream Energy Partners With Other Charitable Organizations in Philanthropy

Stream Energy provides direct selling companies that offer its services to its customers through associates on its behalf. The associates deliver the services including mobile phones and fixed rate energy to the customers steadily and smoothly because the company pays them on a commission basis. Besides providing these services, the company cares for the community by sponsoring many philanthropic activities within its home Dallas and beyond. Through Stream Cares, it’s recently launched charitable organization; the company has taken part in many community-based activities for the last ten years. Stream takes philanthropy as one of its brand alongside other services. The staff members teach communities they live with how to co-exist with their neighbors, which strengthens the bonds among them.

Through Stream Cares, Stream Energy works with the American Red Cross and the Habitat for Humanity to reach the affected residents. The company provided help to the Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston, America in collaboration with the American Red Cross. Many charitable organizations watched helplessly as the floods wreaked havoc leaving many people dead or displaced and property destroyed. Additionally, the company assisted the affected businesspersons back to business through funding them. Stream Care and Hope Supply Co. sponsor the Annual Splash for Hope event through sponsoring one thousand homeless kids to the event. The selection of the children takes place randomly. The beneficiaries take part in the event and in the end receive goodies and some money. Hope Supply &Co. Together with Stream Cares provides diapers, clothing, and school supplies to needy children.

Stream Energy took part in the recovery process of the 2016 Northern Texas tornado tragedy that took place just a day after Christmas. The company’s employees worked for hand in hand with the Salvation Army to assist the victims by raising thousands of dollars to help the victims. Stream Energy doubled each contribution forwarded by its more than two hundred and fifty thousand associates. The company continues to support the Northern Texas communities by looking for funds to support their children in school and helping families secure loans from banks and other organizations. The company is working hard to make the lives of Dallas and Texas people better through corporate generosity.

Political Victories of Fransisco Demenech in Puerto Rico

Fransisco Domenech is not only a passionate philanthropist, but is also considered a power-house in Puerto Rica politics. He believes in the power of women in politics as seen through his support and campaigns that have seen two women make history in Puerto Rico.

His political Journey

Mr. Demenech gained political experience from his participation in activities like fundraising, canvassing and voter registration, and development of new policies. These saw him earn an array of prestigious titles.

He served as Director of the Office of Legislative Assembly between 2005-2008, an equivalent of United States Congress for Research Service. He made tremendous contributions among which he; Managed a staff of 130 employees, extended the services of the library to include blind and the handicapped, considered over 800 legislative pieces and managed up to $12 million budget annually that resulted to surpluses. Visit Francisco Domenech at SlideShare.

2008 Presidential Campaign for Hillary Clinton

As an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton, Mr. Domenech became the national co-chair for Hillblazers, a movement that provided a platform for the young professionals, students, as well as first-time voters that supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in 2008.

He was also very instrumental in coordinating fundraisers to support the campaign through the famous Ready for Hillary movement, which he co-chaired. As the deputy campaign manager, Mr. Demenech can be credited for Clinton’s historic win in Puerto Rico with a margin of 68-32% against Sen. Obama.

2016 Presidential Campaign for Hillary

Fast-forward 2016, Mr. Domenech was back in the picture to campaign for Clinton. He raised close to $200,000. He was also part of the National Finance Committee that organized her political trip to Puerto Rico.

As a deputy campaign chief for Clinton, Demenech, for the second time, managed a win. This time against Sanders, by a margin of 61-37%.

Campaign Manager for Hon. Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon

Although Clinton did not ultimately become the first woman president of USA, back home, Hon. Jenniffer was successfully elected as the representative of Puerto Rico in the US Congress, making history as the first woman ever to occupy such a position, thanks to campaign skills of Francisco Domenech.



The Nature Of Philanthropy: The Works Of Adam Milstein

Many Israelis call in the United States home, in fact, United States citizenship is called “Every Israelis dream” according to some. Over 87,000 Israelis have become citizens in the United States. Just why is becoming a citizen so important to the average Israeli today?

Due to the political instability in Israel and the constant change in the atmosphere amongst the business sector, many Israelis are seeking to move to the United States and pursue a better future. Most Israelis will start off with a tourist visa. Soon after arriving in the U.S. there will be efforts to become a naturalized citizen. Although many Israeli seek United States citizenship due to the economic pressures that are going on in Israel, the leaders of the Jewish community have invested millions of dollars to create educational opportunities for its citizens. Such creations are an attempt at bringing home those Israelis that have left and traveled abroad for a better education and a better opportunity at success.

But there are natives of Israel that arrived in the United States and have made a great example of what perseverance and dedication can earn. Such a person is Adam Milstein. Born in Israel, Adam Milstein graduated from the Israeli University in 1978. His next step would be to arrive in the United States. After his arrival, Adam received his MBA from the University of Southern California. Not forgetting his roots, Adam Milstein is active in the philanthropic community for those back home in Israel. Such philanthropic work has its focus on invigorating the Jewish people and the state of Israel. As being a managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties, Mr. Milstein is entrusted with the financial aspects along with managing the property of the company.

At the point of success, there are many who decide to give back to their native land. Adam Milstein noticed the philanthropic works of one of his colleagues and this is what sparked an interest in him to do the same for his community. He and his wife founded the Adam & Gina Milstein Family Foundation and Sifriyat Pijama B’America. This foundation was created to bring a closer unity between the United States and Israel

Jason Hope Has Made Efforts To Influence His Community In Positive Ways

Jason Hope is a successful businessman who has made efforts to influence his community in a number of ways. Jason is known as a futurist, philanthropist, investor and entrepreneur. He had great success with his own business.

Jason launched a communications company that did tremendously well. He has since gone on to create opportunities for others and mentor them in the process of seeking financial freedom. Jason Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University. He achieved his Masters in Business Administration from the WP Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope is heavily involved in the scientific process of healthcare. He is a noted donor to the SENS Foundation. Jason gave $500,000 to scientists at the organization in order to assist them with their efforts in conducting research in anti-aging Health Care. The scientist at SENS are dedicated to researching ways to combat illnesses that affect the elderly.

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Jason Hope supports his anti-aging beliefs with time and finances. Hope is convinced that scientists currently have the technology to heavily influence anti-aging. There are specific diseases that attack people of old age such as osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer and heart disease. Hope is attempting to initiate a new mindset that motivates the healthcare industry to prevent these diseases before they start, as opposed to treating them once they are diagnosed. Such efforts will greatly improve quality of life as people get up in years.

Jason Hope speaks regularly about the concept of The Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is an idea that basically states that all man-made devices will eventually be linked together. There will be hundreds of billions of dollars spent on the Internet of Things over the coming years according to Hope. He intends to be in an advantageous position when this evolution occurs by creating IT Security and Block-chain Technology.

The Contribution Of Anthony Petrello Towards Philanthropy

Tony Petrello has a humbled background yet he among the wealthiest persons in the United States. He holds the topmost position of the Nabors Industries where he is the CEO of the company. Mr. Tony is a person that is much dedicated to his works and believes that a person can only enjoy the fruits of his hard work. Through that, Anthony Petrello ensures that every responsibility that he takes in the industry succeed so that he can reap the best fruits out of it.

Tony organized a welcoming party for the celebrity Tommy Tune to ensure that he is having a warm welcome. For the party to be memorable, Tony ensures that the party was of its kind and 50 honored guests were invited for the part so that the homecoming of the Tommy Tune the Broadway star would feel the appreciation and good will of his hometown people. Therefore, on that day of the party, Mr. Anthony Petrello was able to have great socialization with the fans that were presented and more so had an opportunity to enjoy the local meals that were prepared.

Read more: The Real Story Behind Anthony Petrello’s Success as CEO of Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello is more concerned with education, and with that, he has gone ahead to ensure that there is a Yale scholarship since it was through the scholarship that he was able to go to school. Therefore, the Yale scholarship ensures that all the students that are passionate towards education and cannot be able to raise the amount can have access to better colleges.

Through the philanthropic works that he together with his wife, Cynthia does have seen a lot of people surviving the hard times. The victims that were affected during the times of hurricane Harvey were given the necessary assistance. Most of them were the employees of the Nabors Industry and so that they can be able to recover from that tragedy the company offered the employees paid time off. During that time they had enough time to heal from that loss and bring their families together. Even other people that were not employees had meals offered to them.

However, despite the fact that Anthony Petrello was a happy man, his daughter Carena was suffering from PVL. It is a deadly disease since it affected his brain and speaking as well as walking was a challenge. The suffering of Carena has made Tony and Cynthia to generously contribute towards the Texas children’s hospital and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

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Least Known Facts about Jason Hope

The worldwide scientific group is significantly recognizing the importance of rejuvenating various biotechnologies aimed at addressing age-related ailments. SENS foundation core mission is fighting age-related ailments. Recently, Jason hope made a donation of $500,000 to SENS foundation. SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization located in California. It works to promote, develop, and make certain that there is an easy access to rejuvenation technologies.Jason Hope attests that he has had a great interest in what DR. Aubrey de Grey’s does and also what SENS foundation does as a whole. Jason hope believes that what SENS foundation does is fundamental to the progression of human medicine.

Moreover, Jason Hope is certain that SENS’s Foundation approach to the anti-aging problem and other associated ailments is the best way to approach the problems. Mr. Hope says that SENS foundation work will come in handy in reshaping the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and biotech sectors. Mr. Hope is certain that the progression of rejuvenation technologies is not only fundamental but is certainly the future. Hence, for Jason, supporting SENS Foundation is one way of progressing great results for the entire humanity.Aubrey de grey, CSO SENS Foundation, announced candidly the use to which Jason’s foundations will be utilized. The donation will be widely used to fund the work of restoring the elasticity of extracellular body matrix and breaking any unwanted molecular bond.

 Jason Hope’s Bio

Jason is an entrepreneur located in Scottsdale; AZ. Jason has a passion for disease cure, focusing on education, biotechnology, and scientific research. Still, Jason is an avid supporter of his local educational programs which encourage learning within and also out his classroom. Furthermore, Jason supports organizations that hold a huge impact o disease cure, control, and prevention. Mr. Hope has also worked closely with The Tony Hawk Foundation, True Colors Fund, Family Health International, and Teach for America Phoenix among many other organizations. Jason Hope has a finance degree from Arizona State University. Also, he holds a Masters in Business Administration from W.P Carey Business School. Jason, at the start of his career, started a mobile communications company. Nowadays he focuses on biotechnology, investing in startups, and philanthropy. You can also find Mr. Hope around Scottsdale where he develops grant programs for various entrepreneurs and mentors high school students.Besides Hope’s interest in various business and philanthropic programs, Mr. Hope has a keen interest in politics related to business around Arizona and also nationally.

Rocketship Education: Propelling Student’s Strengths

The world of charter schools can be tricky and competitive. Many charter schools open and close never achieving their mission. Founded in 2006 Rocketship education is not one of these schools. This nonprofit specializes in underserved communities. It is their mission to eliminate the achievement gap between low-income communities and other communities in our lifetime. They have been successful in revisiting how children are taught and transforming that into a sustainable system that works. Currently, they operate in 3 states as well as the District of Columbia. They were even recognized as being in the top 10% of all lower income serving schools in California.

Their program’s success begins with choosing the right staff. Rocketship education chooses the best from a highly qualified applicant pool. The instructors chosen must be exceptionally capable of teaching vital STEM subjects as well as English and other humanities. From there they insist that teachers prioritize building a relationship with students. Each student has a unique set of challenges and their own way of learning. Knowing both is critical to an instructor’s success. Knowing that Rocketship makes it required for instructors to meet with parents in the students home at least once. This mandatory meeting is more important than discussing the child’s performance, it helps build a relationship between the teacher and parents. This relationship can further facilitate student success by engaging parents and help them fulfill their vital role in their child’s education. Together parent and teacher can access the student’s best way of learning and can build an educational goal around their unique strengths.

Rocketship’s dedication to the community isn’t limited to the students. The groundbreaking program understands that great students come from successful and supportive families. With that philosophy guiding them it is not surprising that when a flood threatened to destabilize families the school did not hesitate to act. Partnering with local Catholic charities the school raised over $60,000. This money was rapidly put to work stabilizing families. Many students families were able to use relief money to purchase new clothes or put a deposit on new housing allowing them to continue working and students to continue to focus on their studies.


Rick Smith CEO of Securus Helps in Serving the Correctional Industry

Rick Smith assumed the role of being a CEO in Securus Technology in 2008. Achieving this top leadership position in this reputable company might have been attributed to by his drive in serving people and experience within the field. Being a CEO in Securus Company made him an undisputed leader whose primary focus was on achieving quality services and products in the corrections industry. His background is probably one of the reasons behind the incredible performance portrayed by Rick Smith.His background has granted him an impressive record since he has worked in various organizations in different managerial positions. Previously, he has worked in various domains such as information technology, finance, business development, telecommunications and many more sectors. His professional experience in these fields has granted him unique skill sets that he continues to translate in Securus Technology.

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Under the management of Rick Smith, the company offers different services to more than 2,600 correctional facilities and more than one million inmates. Some of the services that it offers include biometric analysis, inmate self-service, emergency response, incident management, monitoring, and communications.The educational background of Rick Smith attributes to the expertise he portrays in serving the corrections industry. He earned an associate degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. He further acquired a degree in engineering from State University. He also attained a Masters in engineering from State University. Between the years 1972 and 1998, Rick Smith held various positions in a company named Global Crossing North America Inc. He served the roles of chief information officer and controller in this company. Other workplaces which added up to the experience and expertise portrayed by Rick Smith include Midwest Telephone Operations where he served as a vice president, Frontier Information Technology where he served as president and Network Plant Operations where he served as director and vice president of financial management.

One of the major success histories associated with Rick Smith is increasing the revenue of Eschelon Telecom Inc. from $30 to $350 million dollars. He made this achievement between the years 2000 to 2003 where he served as the president of the company before his promotion to being a CEO. Securus Technologies continues to make more progress under his leadership as a chief executive officer as depicted from the acquisition of JPay Inc. This is based on 2015 announcement concerning Securus Technologies signing a definitive stock purchase agreement to purchase JPay. JPay operates in more than thirty-three prisons and is leading in technological advancements in fields such as electronic payments, educational apps in prisons, emails, and host of entertainment. Rick Smith’s comments on positive emails to be an avenue of relating to hope and making safer alternatives which ensure people are left out in creating terrifying situations.