Sheldon Lavin And The OSI Group: Successful Global Expansion Throughful Practices

When people see the explosive international growth of American food processing company the OSI Group, they think it must be led by a win-at-all-costs boss who is focused only on the bottom line. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of the OSI Group, is a warm, loving, caring human being who is committed to excellent environmental stewardship and food and worker safety and whose proudest achievement is the family atmosphere and the generous benefits package he has created at the company. However, he is also a visionary with a passion for innovation.

Building a company into a global leader in the food production industry is a complex task. It requires a deep understanding of business and finance and the ability to work with a variety of foreign governments and a wide array of local suppliers while meeting the dietary preferences of millions of people from diverse cultures. Sheldon Lavin is the perfect person for the job. A affable husband, father and grandfather, Lavin has degrees in business, accounting and finance, a background in banking and several decades of management experience. Plus, he loves people and enjoys making them happy.

When he is not busy leading his global food processing juggernaut, Sheldon Lavin serves as the director of the U.S. Fish And Wildlife Foundation, is a Rush University Medical Center general trustee and a committed philanthropist. Sheldon Lavin has spent decades working with the Ronald McDonald House Charities, the United Negro College Fund, the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, the Sheba Foundation family charity and a host of other charitable and philanthropic causes and organizations. The now 86 year old Lavin seems to derive joy from improving the quality of life of others.

That attitude has gained not only the undying love and support of his family, friends and employees, it has garnered him countless awards and accolades. His company has won the Globe of Honor given for excellence in environmental management by the British safety Council thrice, Lavin has numerous awards for his ‘green’ business practices and in 2016, the Vision World Academy choose Sheldon Lavin for Global Visionary award. His has been a career marked by one success after another and Lavin is always willing to share his joy and his largess with the people around him. Many people have said that Sheldon Lavin is the ideal role model for modern business leaders.


OSI Industries increases production in Spain

OSI Industries expanded themselves in the summer of 2017 by purchasing a high-capacity production line for their existing facility in Toledo, Spain. According to OSI Industries the new line can produce 2,400 tons of chicken products a year, whereas before it was only 1,200 tons per year. Doubling the amount checking produced per year. Over the last several years there’s been a 6% increase in demand for chicken with in Portugal and Spain, with another 8% increase over three years. This high capacity production line makes it possible for OSI Industries to meet the growing demand.

According to Chief Operating Officer and president of OSI Industries, David McDonald, Spain’s expansion gives them the ability to grow with the clients for the long term and add more jobs to their already 140 Workforce in Spain.

Around about 6 months before the expansion in Spain, OSI Industries was awarded a globe of honour. OSI Industries has received this globe of honour in 2013, 2015 and 2016 from the British Safety Council. This award is for ideal management and environmental risks. Only those that reach a five-star score in in the British safety council’s audit between August of 2015 and July of 2016 were eligible for the award. As well as passing the audit each organization also has to go in front of a panel or independent experts showing their Environmental Management skills throughout the entire organization.

OSI Industries is also considered to be in the top 100 food companies of America. Having a Workforce of over 200,000 workers in 17 countries and owning 65 facilities is one of the ways they became one of the top 100.

Their promise to process and make deliveries without fail, and being so vigilant in caring for their customers is another reason they are part of the top 100 in America, and many believe around the world.

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It’s No Wonder That OSI Group Is Recieving Awards And Honors All Over The World

OSI Group is a global leader in the food industry that offers custom food solutions. The company was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky; a German immigrant who decided to open up a meat market in Illinois. Eventually, he expanded the business and moved it closer to Chicago where he renamed it Otto & Sons. In 1975, the company changed name to OSI Industries, which is now also known as OSI Group. At this time, OSI started supplying McDonalds with its meat, and the company grew and grew as McDonalds also did.

By the year 2016, OSI Group was named as the #58 largest private company in the United States and was valued at $6.1 billion. This, of course, has brought the company plenty of positive attention and has allowed many to take a closer look at the growing food service giant. During the same year, in the UK, OSI Group, also known as OSI Food Solutions UK, was given the highly valued Globe of Honour Award by the British Safety Council. This award recognizes OSI Group as a company that manages its environmental risks extremely well. Something to note is that for a company to even be considered for this award they must already have been given five stars by the British Safety Council through an auditing scheme that happens months earlier. It also has to be determined that each company that gets considered for the award manages their environmental risks throughout the entire company; not just in one area.

Anyone who has done their homework will know that winning this award comes as no surprise to OSI Group. Not only is their management of environmental risks a top priority, but the company is also a global leader in keeping its operations as sustainable and harmless to the local communities it works in as possible. OSI keeps close tabs on and manages its waste activities, the water it uses, its energy usage, animal welfare, sound agricultural and other farming practices, and the health and safety of its own workers and the environments they work in. On top of this, the company treats its employees like they are part of a larger family, and as an equal opportunity employer, OSI Group does not discriminate when hiring workers. The company always has plenty of jobs available to contribute to the local economy where its plants and facilities are based, and it plans on continuing the same trend as it expands all over the world.


OSI Industries Achievements in Food Industries

OSI Group keeps being the main organization in the nourishment business with its expanded productivity. The organization has reached out to buying other nourishment organizations that associate with their objectives and qualities. OSI Group conveys top of the line items for retail brands and nourishment benefits universally.

David McDonald who fills in as the organization’s President clarified that its item advancement offers more to customers. Other than its ability, he additionally acknowledges the organization’s requirement for development. OSI Group predominantly bands together with firms that give items which will help expand their deals.

OSI Group has done a great deal to grow their business. The organization paid over seven million for a previous Tyson Food plant. The 200,000 square foot generation office was advantageous in light of the fact that it was close to the organization’s fundamental offices. This progression expanded their business as their meat items, for example, pork, hamburger patties, sandwiches, bacon among others were sold in substantial numbers.

Additionally, OSI Group reached out to Europe with the buy of Flagship Europe giving new assets to the market. Lead Europe basically gives poultry items, marinades, sandwich fillings, sauces, plunges, and dressings. Likewise in the Europe showcase, OSI Group gained sustenance items in 2016 from Baho Food which essentially works in Netherlands and Germany serving eighteen nations. Baho Food gave OSI Group a more extensive nearness in Europe.

On the worldwide market, OSI Group has endeavored to supply nourishment items to retail marks around the world. As indicated by David McDonald, OSI Industries sees itself as the pioneer of sustenance businesses since it comprehends the way of life and tastes of all customers universally. OSI Group is driven by an effective individual called Sheldon Lavin who fills in as the CEO. He is all around in view of fund and bookkeeping learning which encourages him to direct the organization professionally. Sheldon Lavin worked with the Otto and his children, the essential organizers of the organization that he claims now.

Toward the finish of the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin worked together with the two Otto’s children bringing more prominent accomplishments than some time recently. In 1975, its name was changed to OSI Group. One Otto child sold his advantage, and the other resigned, in this manner, making Sheldon Lavin as the essential proprietor. The organization home office is situated in Aurora, Illinois and has developed to have more than 65 branches working in 17 nations. OSI Group is continually attempting to fulfill their customers by giving quality nourishment items.

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