Allied Wallet Lends a Helping Hand to Philippine E-Commerce

Allied Wallet is a company that provides online payment processing services to businesses around the globe. Allied Wallet has and will continue to contribute to the revolutionizing the e-commerce industry with the introduction of more new and innovative payment processing solutions so that online merchants may be enabled to receive and send payments anywhere in the world.

Allied Wallet provides its PCI compliant merchant services to businesses of every size. Further, Allied Wallet’s payment gateway are state-of-the-art and designed to optimize online transactions. Moreover, Allied is the most reliable plattform for online payment processing services that are compatible with the vast majority of online payment options, if not all. In sum, Allied Wallet facilitates online transactions by further connecting online buyers and sellers, with the result that more options are made available for online businesses to complete their transactions with buyers.

Recently, Allied Wallet helped to bring the Philippines to a greater extent into the age of digital payments. This, by providing the country with new integrated alternative payment methods. The Philippines is a country with a population of more than 105 million and relatively low rates of e-commerce adoption. Even though the e-commerce adoption rates were low, Philippine e-commerce had, in 2018, a market revenue of roughly €742 million. Further, the country’s projected annual growth rate in terms of market volume is expected to be approximately €1168 million by the year of 2022. Moreover, the Philippines is in greater need of alternative payment options for their e-commerce community given the fact that only 3% of the country’s population has a credit card. As such, the Philippines has a huge upside in terms of e-commerce growth.

According to Allied Wallet’s chief executive officer, Mr. Andy Khawaja, “Internet usage has grown more than 500% in the Philippines since 2011. This is the fastest rate in southeast Asia, and we want to support this growth.” Allied Wallet supports this growth by being compatible with Dragonpay, BancNet, and PayCash, some of the cash-based solutions used by the Filipino population to pay for online goods/services and by facilitating the Filipino population’s online purchases through connectivity with online merchants.

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H&M And Reputation

Reputation is very important for people. Businesses of all sizes need to make sure that their online reputation is good so that they can continue to attract the customers that they need in order to not only succeed but also expand. If one does not have their reputation on their mind, they are sure going to be vulnerable to a lot of attacks on their reputation. Not only are the attacks vicious, but they can last a long time. One example of a company that has been faced with an attack on its reputation is H&M.

H&M is a fashion retailer that offers plenty of unique clothes for men and women. H&M has been discovered to be shredding the clothes that have been returned instead of donating them. This has brought in a lot of attacks and loss of revenue. H&M has been spending the next period of time taking on the different negativity that comes from the press. For one thing, they have had tons of other accusations thrown their way that they have been trying to shake off. While they are still rising in stocks, they are still faced with that dark cloud. As a result, they are very limited in their ability to attract customers.

H&M is only one example of a business that has been hit with a lot of attacks to their online reputation which seems to have started from somewhere. One thing that could be said is that this might have been prevented if companies like H&M thought about reputation a lot earlier than when they have been faced with an attack to their reputation. If they would’ve found an online reputation management company to handle their campaigns, then they might have been able to prevent some of the attacks, because the online reputation management firm could’ve advised them on what they can do to secure their reputation.