Enjoy the Benefits of These Varieties of Beneful Dog Food

Beneful dog food is a brand of Purina, a company that has provided quality dog food for over eighty years. With a team of nutrition researchers and quality assurance managers, Beneful dog food is a brand you can trust. The following is only a few of the varieties that make Beneful great.
Beneful dog food is available on Wal-Mart in many wholesome and nutritious varieties. One type is their chopped blends. The chopped blends come in a can with chunks of real food the dog-lover will recognize. With ingredients like real beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice dog owners can feel confident that their dog is receiving only the best. The chopped blends are also available with chicken, turkey, salmon and lamb, plus a wide variety of carbohydrates and vegetables.

Another excellent variety of canned Beneful dog food is the medleys. The medleys include real meat, vegetables and grains with a liberal sauce that makes them the perfect mix-in for your favorite variety of Beneful dry dog food. The medleys come in Tuscan style with beef, carrots, rice and spinach, Romana style with chicken, carrots, pasta and spinach, and Mediterranean style with lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach.

Beneful stews are yet another way a dog can enjoy his nutritious Beneful dog food. Available online via Amazon in a resealable tub, these stews contain large chunks of meat and nutritious grains. The stews come in beef and chicken, also containing peas, carrots, rice and barley.

One can’t forget what made Beneful great to begin with: Beneful dry food originals. Made with real farm raised meat, these are blended with whole grains and vegetables into a crunchy nugget that is good for a dog’s teeth. The dry dog food is available in beef, chicken and salmon.

Many dogs have allergies to rice or chicken, which is a component in many dog foods. With the myriad of choices of meats and grain, chances are you’ll find a Beneful dog food that will suit your dog. Regardless of your dog’s individual needs, Beneful dog food’s many varieties are made with the most wholesome ingredients and will satisfy any dog.

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The Perfect Beneful Food For Every Stage Of Life

Delicious, nutritious, and offering a large variety of choices is what Beneful foods brings to pet owners. Loving your dog is one thing, but loving them through a nutritious diet will keep them around longer, and keep them healthy and active.
Beneful foods offer many different options to the pet owner from dry kibbles, to wet moist options, and delicioud treats that will leave your dog clammoring for more. When choosing the right Beneful food for your beloved pet, be sure to get the formula for his or her stage of life and activity level.
Dogs in their prime of life will love Beneful Originals line of dry kibble. These three unique formulas are made with chicken, beef, or salmon. They are formulated to support a strong immune system, healthy teeth and bones, and a shiny coat. The Originals line will add a plentitude of energy and help your dog stay active and fit.
Healthy Puppy
The Beneful Healthy Puppy formula helps give the new addition to your family plenty of nutrients to help them grow up big and strong. Easy to chew in smaller bite sizes, puppies love the real chicken in this food. Plenty of grains and fresh vegetables are the key ingredients to help your puppy be strong and healthy throughout its younger years. Playful Life
As the dog continues to grow, their body will need special nutrients and proteins to generate energy and help them play. Playful Life dry kibble from Beneful is made with real beef and fresh eggs. These offer the proteins their bodies need to make energy, develop lean muscle, and stay active. Formulated for dogs in their later puppy and early adult stages playful is perfect for most dogs.
Finally we must consider the smaller dog breeds. Incredibites by Beneful is made with the toy and small breeds in mind. These two formulas on Amazon are made with beef and with chicken. They are smaller in size making them easier to chew, swallow and digest. Perfect for toy and small breeds Incredibites will be your dogs new favorite food.