Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers’ Expand Their Audience

Alex Pall was in a DJ duo called The Chainsmokers, but when the 2nd half of the duo left the group, Pall was left seeking a replacement member. Pall’s manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart, as they both had similar music styles, been djing through college years and were looking to take their music careers to a higher level. Right upon meeting each other, Pall and Taggart’s style and personality intertwined seamlessly and they began working on music to embark on their career together. Very quickly, the new duo realized their matched passion for the potential of their career and worked tirelessly to perfect their craft and stand-out uniquely.


The duo, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, made sure to pay close attention to artists in the space of the same industry and take note of what techniques and methods were most effective. This gives them both a reason to push each other to go further. Their hard work was starting to pay off when the duo realized that their music was touching lives as more and more people are able to relate to it on a much deeper level.


About the difficulty of building a strong identity in the electronic dance genre, Taggart admitted that it is difficult, which is why the duo made the decision to not limit themselves and their music to only electronic dance. As in their most recent album, they incorporated better relatable lyrics and reflect more of their overall taste in music. With the transition from dance music to lyrical, the group discusses the difficulty of finding content to write about, but with incorporating their own personal experiences and help of writers, they are able to accomplish this goal and alter their path.


A now better relatable music means a larger audience, which creates a pressure that the duo is not used to. The Chainsmoker’s music has significantly grown and now transcending age groups from under 15 to over 30 years old, which affects their performance style and need to reach and connect between these groups and give them a worthwhile show.

The Chainsmokers and Why Their Dedication To Ingenious Lyrics Makes Their Music An Art

We hear about new artists today that try to redefine music or revolutionize the craft of creation, but most of them are just trying, and not achieving their goal. Most of these production groups don’t get the traction, support, and success that they seem to aim for, and it’s something that many people should be aware of for them to avoid being put into a risky position. However, there are also music production crew today like The Chainsmokers whose success in music makes for an inspiring story of triumph.

The Focus On Lyrics

It could be said that the passion for lyrics that springs out of the hearts of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the men behind The Chainsmokers, is the reason why they are still in the game. Gone are the days when EDM is just about the bass, the hit and the elevation one sings to when dancing to its beat. It’s now a platform for more serious and evocative art form that previously had just been reserved to fiction.

The Chainsmokers seems to be revolutionizing the work they do and is doing the right way in reaching that scenario. One of these songs that capture the new mission of the group in creating powerful music is encapsulated in their new song, Sick Boy, a song with the most provocative melody that makes you wonder into the deeper tone of what the music is about. The music production crew’s power to make their ingenious lyrics strike the cord of every listener is stuff that not many can replicate. This could explain their success.

Most of the musicians today often underbid their talent and don’t go beyond the norm. They don’t challenge themselves. They stay complacent and stuck, sticking to regular modes and basic tones and tepid attitude towards their craft. We learned from the LA News Watch article that what The Chainsmokers does is beyond that. They attack music in ways that only serious but fun artists try to do. They stick to the fun side of creating music but make sure that they are pushing the envelope of making the music industry even stronger and more vibrant.

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The contribution of Clay Hutson in the Music Industry

Clay Hutson is a production designer, production manager, show producer, stage manager any other rolls in the music Industry. He started having passion and interest for music since his childhood. As result, he has been able to turn this passion into a career through hard work and consistency.

Before he started his own company, he had gone through a lot of ups and downs by working in other companies in the music industry. He gained experience and skills that enabled him to have ideas on how he could start and run his company successfully. The company that he worked for before he started his company started going through financial breakdowns and it was finally dissolved. He saw that starting his own venture in the music industry was the right thing to do instead of looking for some other companies for employment.

One of the most important things to do the music industry is to check thoroughly through your work to make sure that there is nothing wrong. Clay Hutson double checks his work and the plants that he lays down before going for performances. He believes that a very small mistake can make everything a mess. He works hard to be accurate and ensure the highest level of satisfaction to his clients.

Clay Hutson has been in a position to be a tour manager for some of the most famous music stars in the world. His reputation in the music Industry makes them give him their trust in receiving the best services ever and make their live performances most sizzling. This is because he has the ability to organize his crew and give them clear intuitions on what they are supposed to do.

His company had a lot of ups and downs before its success. For instance, there was a time that it was faced with serious financial breakdown and it almost got closed but due to Clay Hutson hard work and his reputation in the music industry, he has managed to get good clients within a very short period of time and this helped to lift his company and became profitable within a considerably short period of time. Learn more:

He has been putting more efforts to boost the growth and development of his company through social networking in the social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and live interviews on the televisions and radios. It is possible that in the coming few years, his company will have grown to a significant level.