The Skills Of Brian Bonar Make Him An Accomplished Finance Executive

Most of the finance executives have the requisite skills and knowledge. But there are only a few who are as accomplished as Brian Bonar. This is because he has the right combination of hard skills, ample experience as well as an impressive portfolio.

These are the skills that are required by finance professional for leading any company in the right direction so that it remains stable and can sustain itself. A finance executive needs to be versatile too as each company will have a different kind of company culture. This can lead to a mutually beneficial arrangement. In fact, companies are looking ahead at conducting personality tests before appointing them in order to assess their personality traits better.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar fits well in all these aspects. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the financial sector. Currently, he is serving as the Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corp.

Brian Bonar is exclusively supervising various activities of the company. These include several employer and employee benefits along with aftermarket goods.

Dalrada Financial Corp offers a wide variety of employee products to its clients. These can help to enhance business productivity. The services here would include financial management, besides business management services for promotional activities. Next is risk management insurance besides various employee benefits.

Brian Bonar is also the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation. This company is a market leader in developing color management software. It is also providing service for digital imaging hardware. Brian Bonar has made use of his leadership skills to transform his company from being a developer and turning it into a marketing organization. He has made use of strategic acquisition to expand the market for his company as it is now offering products as well as services too. Today ITEC is offering specific administrative services to its clients.

Brian Bonar has a finance leadership background. This is the solid foundation that has led to his formidable and exclusive career. There are certain personal traits as well as personal ideologies that have helped him to reach where he is today. He has flexibility in his leadership style. This is why he has been greatly successful in all the firms that he has headed till now.

Prior to ITEC, Brian Bonar was the CEO, CFO, as well as Treasurer, Secretary along with the Director of Trucept Inc. He is known to have made major changes here during his leadership. Before this, he was working with Adaptec Inc. in San Jose. This is a company that deals with laser printers. He was serving as the Vice President – Sales and Marketing with Rastek Corporation. Brian Bonar has also worked as the Executive Director of Engineering. This was for QMS.