A Befitting List of Commitments Fill Jon Urbana’s Life

Jon Urbana has a long list of accomplishments and the continue to keep getting longer. He recently attained his certification to become a certified pilot and was recognized by the FAA. To become certified, the pilot must meet or exceed the necessary medical and safety measure, and Jon Urbana by far exceeded them. He takes being a pilot very seriously and ensures that anyone that is flying with him is safe and secure at all times.

Jon grew up in Colorado, and has always enjoyed the scenery of the beautiful state. He has enjoyed the outdoors for as long as he can remember, and valued the environment and how it’s cared for. He has recently started a GoFundMe for Earth Force to help raise money for the organization. It is geared towards education the youth and giving them the necessary tools to understand how to care for the environment. Not only does he have a love for animals, but he goes above and beyond to help facilities care for them. Right now he is focusing on a charity fundraising online even that helps raise money for a cat shelter that does not kill cats. They simply look for permanent homes for them, but need help with food and supplies to care for them while they are there.

Urbana is a lacrosse player that used to play professionally. He has since retired, but decided to open up a camp for the youth called Next Level Lacrosse. Jon Urbana opened the camp in 2011 with his friend and they focus on helping the younger kids learn how to play the sport. Registration is currently open and they can’t wait to get started training the kids of tomorrow’s lacrosse world.

Ellipse USA is a laser treatment center that actually has offices all over the United States. Jon Urbana is currently head of the office located in Denver, Colorado. The treat patients all over the area for their skin care needs and skin care problems such as scarring and wrinkles. They treat other issues too. Jon takes care of the every day operations and functions.

It’s All About the Drama: The Queens of Drama

Soap operas are well liked show for many housewives? Why? Because soaps are filled with drama and drama is what daytime television watchers like to see. Soap opera fans can now experience all the excitement they desire on the reality-based show Queens of Drama.

Former soap opera stars Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, Donna Mills, Crystal Hunt and Vanessa Marcil co-star on the program. All six of these ladies were extremely popular soap opera stars back in their day. Now, they all appear as business partners and friends in this drama about them owning a production company together.

All six of these soap stars ban together to start a production company that produces soap operas. They not only play themselves in the program they also play alternate versions of themselves on the show. While the six ladies are coming together to operate and manage their company they also have problems with each other. Hence, the drama. Yes, the ladies love to fight, argue and get into all sorts of trouble with men. This is especially true for Crystal Hunt as she makes evident on Facebook.

Most soap opera fans on Instagram remember Crystal Hunt as Lizzie Spaulding from her role on the Guiding Light during the early 2000s. She also appeared on One Life to Live between 2009 and 2012 as Stacy Morasco. Hunt has been busy with her life after her time on the soaps.

She not only does Queens of Drama; she also appeared in movies such as Magic Mike XXL and the new horror movie Talbot County. She actually co-produced this movie with her good friend and fellow actress Dania Ramirez. Hunt is trying to stay busy producing and with acting.

Donna Mills is also on the show and this veteran actress has been around for decades. She appears on the show as the leader of the ladies. She and Hunt are constantly at each others throats over decisions that they make together and the best course of action to take to run the business. The show also features special guests stars such as Joan Collins.

The Queens of Drama is featured on the POP network. It debuted in April of 2015 and the second season is scheduled for April of 2016. The show had garnered over 100,000 viewers during its first season and is expected to do much during its second season. The Queens of Drama is the type of show that will keep soap opera fans caught up in the action and excitement.