Political Victories of Fransisco Demenech in Puerto Rico

Fransisco Domenech is not only a passionate philanthropist, but is also considered a power-house in Puerto Rica politics. He believes in the power of women in politics as seen through his support and campaigns that have seen two women make history in Puerto Rico.

His political Journey

Mr. Demenech gained political experience from his participation in activities like fundraising, canvassing and voter registration, and development of new policies. These saw him earn an array of prestigious titles.

He served as Director of the Office of Legislative Assembly between 2005-2008, an equivalent of United States Congress for Research Service. He made tremendous contributions among which he; Managed a staff of 130 employees, extended the services of the library to include blind and the handicapped, considered over 800 legislative pieces and managed up to $12 million budget annually that resulted to surpluses. Visit Francisco Domenech at SlideShare.

2008 Presidential Campaign for Hillary Clinton

As an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton, Mr. Domenech became the national co-chair for Hillblazers, a movement that provided a platform for the young professionals, students, as well as first-time voters that supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in 2008.

He was also very instrumental in coordinating fundraisers to support the campaign through the famous Ready for Hillary movement, which he co-chaired. As the deputy campaign manager, Mr. Demenech can be credited for Clinton’s historic win in Puerto Rico with a margin of 68-32% against Sen. Obama.

2016 Presidential Campaign for Hillary

Fast-forward 2016, Mr. Domenech was back in the picture to campaign for Clinton. He raised close to $200,000. He was also part of the National Finance Committee that organized her political trip to Puerto Rico.

As a deputy campaign chief for Clinton, Demenech, for the second time, managed a win. This time against Sanders, by a margin of 61-37%.

Campaign Manager for Hon. Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon

Although Clinton did not ultimately become the first woman president of USA, back home, Hon. Jenniffer was successfully elected as the representative of Puerto Rico in the US Congress, making history as the first woman ever to occupy such a position, thanks to campaign skills of Francisco Domenech.

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Expert Brenda Wadle Weighs In An Educated Opinion On The Oscar Pistorius Trial

The trial of Oscar Pistorius, has dominated world wide attention due to him being a known para-athlete in South Africa. He competed in many events including the 2012 Olympics. He thought that there was an intruder and ended up being accused of shooting and killing his long time girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. It garnered international attention and was all over the news. They ruled it to be culpable homicide and he was eventually sentenced to five years. It will however be tried in an effort to get it overturned. The proceedings will start in April of 2016. He is currently free on bail and it is not known what will happen in the future. It was quite a lengthy yet interesting battle.

Brenda Wardle is a legal analyst who was involved in giving her interpretations of issues revolving around the case including his legal supervision. She reported on the subject from around the world. She is a very knowledgeable legal person who holds numerous great degrees in the field. She is also a published author who has written in various law journals. She was also on many of the news shows due to her in depth coverage of the historic trial.

Miss Wardle also has been on her own YouTube channel in which she speaks about the case. She graduated with many degrees graduating at the top of her class. She is able to deliver information very well when it comes to information especially legal information. She talks about the various trials prior to Oscar Pistorius which, have a great affect on the case at hand. It is mentioned that it was done a dramatic way to perhaps give more credit to the defendant. Information that was not as important can easily get into peoples heads such as the person screaming like a girl instead of acting like a man. It was also the first time that the world was a tune to the case ever told in the country of South Africa.

Brenda speaks with grace and dignity when including everything that was taken into account when it comes to the trial. She also mentions that the man did not need to testify in his own defense. She speaks of him being sick during the trial from that he had to relive in regards to his girlfriend. It is quite an important part now cemented in history.

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