Carsten Thiel and The Success of Xenical

Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin, Germany. He studied in Marburg for chemistry. He increased his knowledge by studying at Bristol University, United Kingdom, for organic chemistry. He later majored in biochemistry. His PhD in molecular biology is accredited to Max Planck Institute of Biophysical chemistry. After completion of his education, he was employed as the manager of communications and product at Hoffman La-Roche.

He utilized his knowledge education to increase his position in the company. Later he was placed with the responsibility of scientific marketing. His role in the new position was to offer good customer service and introduce products, from testing, to potential market. It was also expected of Carsten Thiel to maintain his personal integrity within the pharmaceutical department.

Thiel moved on to manage the launch of Xenical, a brand weight loss product. With great care, he built an authentic communication channel for customers with prescription. He protected the public and private reputation of the product. His choice in the design of launching Xenical was genuinely advantageous to the customers and increased the sell-out margin of the product.

Traditionally, marketing of weight loss products was done on the basis of promises, large-scaled. Initial sales, during the initial lunch of the products, increased substantially. Some of the customers came back for more with the desire to extend their results, though they were not willing to follow the life style changes that went hand in hand with the products.

Weigh loss products require one to adhere to the proper life style recommended and manage a healthy diet. Thiel launched Xenical with the correct product stakeholders, and the customers willing to change their life style in conjunction with Xenical. In Xenical’s initial launch year, Thiel bagged the company profits worth one billion Swedish currency that surpassed any standardized success ever noted.

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