Jason Hope: The Future is Going to Be All About IoT

What is the most interesting piece of technology that you have seen in the news today? I am sure that there are a variety of options that you have flooded through your head, but one thing you can count on is that it is probably IoT enabled. We live in a time, where many objects are doing things through automation or with the click of a button. We can order meals without ever talking to anyone, and even pay for them with little credit card kiosks placed on tables. There is a lot to be intrigued by when it comes to new technologies. Even drones are flooding the market in the business, military, and private sector. There is no doubt that there are a lot of interesting things out there.

Futurist Jason Hope wants to talk to you about these new objects in his e-book “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era”, available at Amazon.com. While the technology is beneficial, he believes that some introductions are necessary to ensure reader’s success in the new IoT era. The first question that many people have is, what is the IoT? The IoT, or Internet-of-Things, is the network or items that communicate with each other all over the web. Let’s say that you are viewing this article on your computer, it was presented to you from another computer or server. That is part of the IoT. Another example is smart homes, let’s say that you turn down your thermostat with your phone. That was an interaction between two IoT enabled objects.

These objects are set to explode in coming years. There are going to be more connects and more devices that are equipped with the technology to access the internet. The market value of the IoT is set to increase to 7.1 trillion by the year 2020. Hope explains that this is one of the reasons that you should become better informed about these devices. His e-book is an invaluable tool for that, as it covers history, concerns, security, and usage of IoT objects.

Hope is an expert on IoT because he has been a powerhouse in the tech industry since starting his very own communications business at a young age. Not only did he succeed, but he has acquired other businesses and developed quite a diverse and profitable portfolio. Since graduating from college, he has been dedicated to advancing the tech industry. Hope sees the future and it is screaming IoT.

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Why Jason Hope is Passionate on the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and an investor who is passionate about advancing technology. Jason is a graduate of Arizona State University where he specialized in finance. He later joined W.P Carey School of business receiving his MBA. Due to his passion for Tech, Jason started a mobile communication company. The firm inspired him as it would benefit many people and bring a lot of changes. Hope started selling premium text messages and later grew to be his foundation for his career. Jason earns a lot from his portfolio of technology companies which include Jawa, Computer and business information systems.

Jason has been in the forefront in initiating new trends in technology through his various writing to inform people about the advancements in the field. Jason believes in the internet of things, which is the latest trend in the tech industry. Internet of Things allows different devices we use in the daily lives to connect with the same network and increase efficiency in their operations. According to hope, this new trend will bring great changes in businesses as it reduces waste. Jason believes in the advancement in technology and its future use in the largest investments in the World. The smart technology will be the only option in future with each person embracing it and many companies competing in excellent apps they produce.

Internet of Things comes with many benefits to its consumers in different sectors. With this trend, public transport will be safer as it monitors any maintenance issue for trains and mapping public bus routes to evade dangerous conditions on the road. These improvements will ensure faster means of transport encouraging many people to opt for public means instead of private vehicles thus reducing pollution. Sometimes when an accident happens in the rural area, it takes a long time for a response. The new trend will ensure GPS tracking, providing information on a crash day and night.

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