Doe Deere and Lime Crime Featured in Inspirey

One of the most interesting cosmetic brands – perhaps overall brands – I’ve come across lately is Lime Crime. The makeup line was founded by Doe Deere in 2008 and has gone from a tiny eBay store to a massive global company with over three million Instagram followers. Doe Deere is as creative as her makeup line. She is known for rocking brightly colored hair and her creative line of Lime Crime makeup.


Lime Crime is an incredible company. When it first started the company offered a line of lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters and a few accessories. When she initially started the company she was studying fashion and initially wanted to be a fashion designer. She had hand made her own clothes since she was young and wanted to share that talent with others. She kept having the feeling that she wasn’t on the perfect path for the rest of her life. After much consideration, she decided that making cosmetics was her true calling in life. She had originally registered the domain name of Lime Crime for her fashion line. However, when she decided that cosmetics were the true gold at the end of her rainbow, she immediately switched her domain name over to become a cosmetics line. Thus, Lime Crime got its start to what it became today.


According to a recent article, Doe Deere says that after she transitioned her company to a cosmetics line, and built a website instead of an eBay store, the company gained its first clients within just one year. Soon after, it became a profitable entity. The company continued to grow at a rapid pace until Doe started to hire more staff and do more social media marketing. She accelerated the growth of the business through a series of online videos where she hosted makeup tutorials. She also received thousands of referrals where fans of Lime Crime shared images of themselves wearing the brightly colored shades.


The company prides itself in putting out highly creative products and especially creating products that appeal to Generation Z. The mascot of Lime Crime is a beautiful unicorn. Doe Deere herself is referred to as the Queen of the Unicorns. She chose the mascot because a unicorn is a brightly painted creature in a world that is full of plain, regular horses. She wanted Lime Crime fans to not be afraid to stand out in a crowd and to express themselves with the company’s bright, bold shades.


Lime Crime’s current products vary wildly. The lipsticks have become the company’s most popular item. The shades come in every color imaginable and are all made to be animal friendly and are all certified by PETA. The makeup is all also friendly to vegans and made from the purest ingredients.


Included in the company’s creative products are eyeshadow palettes that come in a bright shell casing that was designed to look like the ’90s toy favorite, Polly Pocket toys. This is just one example of how Doe Deere is utilizing her and her team’s creative skills to help women express themselves. Learn more:


Baby Pageants To Drama TV: Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt was born in Clearwater, Florida 1985, and started her career at the ripe young age of 6 months old and rocketed off through many childhood pageants where her talent was acting. She became very well known considering her young age as she won pageants and went on to take roles in television commercials including for Walt Disney’s 25th anniversary celebration and anti-drug adds.

Throughout her childhood she took singing and acting lessons and aspired to be a star. While she never made it to Hollywood superstardom, the angelic starlet has made an impact in daytime TV. She is most well known for her role as Lizzie Spalding in the CBS soap opera Guiding Light. This was a role that she would hold for 3 years from 2003 to 2006 and received a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

This would not be her only Daytime TV performance though, as she’d take another 3 year contract with the show One Life to Live, where she played the role of Stacy Morasco.

Hunt as also made it onto the big screen in a few movies such as The Derby Stallion starring Zach Efron, Sydney White, 23 Blast as Molly, N.Y.C. Underground as Hannah, and Magic Mike XXL as Lauren. She has also been a star on the reality TV drama Queens of Drama along with a other retired soap opera stars.

Beyond being a Starlet, IMDb tells us Crystal Hunt has produced her own movie Talbot Country. Crystal Hunt has been running her own high end Pet Boutique back in her hometown known as My Pets Dream Boutique.

Brian Bonar Has Been Successful Both In The Corporate World and Restaurant Business

Brian Bonar is a man with a great deal of business expertise. Now, he is going into the restaurant business. He’s doing quite well with it too. He’s the owner of the renowned restaurant Bellamy’s, in San Diego. Bellamy’s is one of the restaurants in Escondido. Escondido has a reputation of being different from many other areas of San Diego. Escondido has a very quaint quality about it, and it also has a reputation of being an upscale part of the city. Brian Bonar’s restaurant, Bellamy’s, attracts a very upscale crowd. It’s seen by many as one of the city’s culinary gems.
Brian Bonar did not start out in the restaurant business. Instead, he got his start in the corporate world. While he originally went to school for engineering, he got a graduate degree in international business development studies. He completed a doctorate in this field. This doctorate comes from Stafford University. Stafford has an outstanding reputation. Ultimately, Brian Bonar became the chief executive officer of a company called Trucept.

Trucept helps other companies be more effectively run. It helps them to get the right staff for the job. In addition, Trucept helps companies to effectively manage their team of staff. While Brian Bonar has been successful in working with multinational level corporations, he’s become involved with the restaurant business. Even though these are two very different areas of business, Brian Bonar’s extensive business experience makes his restaurants more successful.

Bellamy’s has a very large menu. However, patrons to the restaurant will enjoy any of the choices. The food at Bellamy’s is cooked by the best chefs that Brian Bonar could find. Brian Bonar was familiar with another widely renowned restaurant. He brought workers at this restaurant on to his staff at Bellamy’s. This plan worked out quite well, because Bellamy’s cooks are extremely skilled.

There is an eclectic variety of food options at Bellamy’s. It is a bistro restaurant, but there are some selections you wouldn’t usually see at that type of restaurant. For instance, you can order mille-feuille. Exotic dishes are available, including eel. If you are more interested in typical types of cuisine, there is a very wide selection. They also make excellent salads, for any vegetable lovers. Bellamy’s also has some great desserts. One that is a favorite of many patrons is their panna cotta.

Bellamy’s really has reached a high level of recognition, and it is getting a lot of business. However, Brian Bonar has plans to reach even greater levels of success in the restaurant business. He already owns a 144 acre parcel of the area’s land. On this parcel, he has plans to launch another premier restaurant. In addition to this restaurant, he hopes that events are going to be hosted on this property.

Doe, a Deere, an Ultra-Female Deere

Self-made business woman and color enthusiast, Doe Deere lives to break the mold. Every aspect of her make-up brand, Lime Crime, is built on exploring new possibilities and taking risks others would never dream of taking. The company is primarily on-line based, which was heavily doubted when Doe first started it in 2008, and is now successful and far reaching. This bold brand of cosmetics tests the limits of color with vibrant palettes. Doe encourages everyone to experiment and follow their impulse when it comes to colors and life.

Some anti-rules that Doe urges anyone who wants to shine follows are almost directly counter to those that most women are taught to strictly adhere to their whole lives. Advice for women who have the urge to break the typical rules of fashion and style from Doe is listed to that urge and go with it. As an entrepreneur, Doe uses a combination of facts and information to make business decisions, but heavily relies on intuition as well. If something in her gut tells her a deal is wrong, she honors that feeling, and says that her brand should inspire the same level of confidence in her costumers intuition.

When choosing outfits, make-up, shoe, or accessories, Doe’s simple trick to being what has been called risky boils down to an essential mind set. Doe advocates that if someone wants to where something, they should; easy as that. Whether it is pairing different patterns or adding new and exciting color combinations to an outfit, Doe claims that following the generally accepted rules is never a must. Anything worn should be an expression of how a person feels at that time, whether it is fun and vibrant or business professional. Do not be afraid to wear clothes or make-up that is different from the norm. Doe spent most of her younger years experimenting wildly, and often with unexpected results, which eventually led to her current style and brand.

From this experimentation and unique new look, Doe created the successful line of cosmetics now known as Lime Crime. The name alone creates an imagine of daring creativity and strong individuality, and the products deliver on that promise thanks to Doe’s direct involvement with every marketable item. Doe Deere’s personal investment in her business and flare for vibrant colors has made her brand an international success.

Doe Deere’s Fashion Sense

Thousands think of Doe Deere as the unicorn queen. This unicorn queen is also the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She thinks of her cosmetic customers as unicorn queens too. They are the type of people that like her whimsical makeup line. They realize that it is a unique makeup line that welcomes self expression. Doe Deere is one beauty expert that knows breaking fashion and beauty rules takes guts. However, Deere is able to break those fashion and beauty rules with great fashion sense. The pastel haired beauty has quite a few rules that she likes to break. Her number one rule is to break at least one of the traditional fashion rules every chance that you get.

Traditional Rules
The traditional rules are very outdated. The traditional rules try to create a uniform look for every woman. However, Doe Deere believes that women should learn to use their creativity to create an individual look. For example, one day they might feel young and fabulous, although they are forty something. Create an outfit and makeup look to suit the mood. For example, mix several patterns and fun colors together. Go wild. The next day, one might feel like a kid. Create an outfit and makeup to match that mood. Doe believes in mixing wild pastels and bold fun colors to create a youthful look. Clearly, Doe Deere believes in dressing the way that you feel at the moment.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere’s whimsical makeup line has created a lot of interest. Her fans would like to know a little bit more about her origins. Doe Deere was born in Russia. However, Deere grew up in New York City. Her great fashion and beauty sense started very young. This was due to the exposure to fashion and beauty in New York. Doe Deere looked for a makeup line that allowed her to show her creative side. She came up empty handed. This led to her creating Lime Crime, her own cosmetic line.

Doe Deere was looking for a name to represent her unique cosmetic line. She modeled her cosmetic line after her fashion line on an auction site. Lime Crime is representative of bright, bold, and mysterious colors. In 2008, Lime Crime was launched. Doe Deere has not looked back since that starting point. She looks forward to creating more fabulous colors and products to guide women to using their creative side.

Doe Deere Inspires the Inner Child to get out and Play!

Doe Deere sparkles by her own designs and continues to inspire countless women to dismiss some of their fashion rules so they can be as colorful and original as her since her makeup line, Lime Crime was launched in 2008. Deere’s entrepreneurial and artistic successes have been celebrated by Self-Magazine illuminating to all that her strong character comes from a remarkable instinct and thought provoking morals as her make up line is produced without animal cruelty. Her passion is to impact women in positive ways that will help encourage anyone that needs to feel brighter than they could have ever imagined for themselves. After all, Doe Deere is the creative stimuli that is motivating women around the world to do it their way through unicorn imagination.

Remembering back to being a young girl playing make up and dress up and the hours of imagination that radiated out of her was intense and satisfying. This hypnotizing, CEO, Doe Deere has been able to bottle these beloved childhood experiences through her make-up line and design ideas. The inspiration that Doe Deere triggers into this world is unparalleled to the inspiration that she initiates in the human spirit.

When it comes to breaking some fashion rules and heading for new prospective Doe Deere has some great ideas. First, Bold Lips and Bold Eyes are a great match up and no longer need to be thought of as a one or the other concept it is time to make them both work for you. Next, it isn’t a crime to Mix Too Many Colors especially these days the best way pull it all together is to coordinate your colors everywhere from head to toe. Doe Deere reports that if you have Unnaturally Colored Hair put aside the Black tones and Neutrals you have been wearing and let the Color in. Some of her favorite color combinations to mix up are pinks with green and lavender.

Historically fashion rules have looked down on Mixing Too Many Patterns but Doe Deere encourages women to let the patterns out to play. By matching colors to different patterns you can put together some breathtaking combinations that really brings out that inner child. Now it’s time to play and if you really want to get crazy then it is a new rule to love wearing your favorite Socks with Open –Toed Shoes or Heels. It is obvious this rule was put in place by offenses committed by wearing socks with sandals this is not the same concept here and once you get past it you will see just how exciting and fun it is to dress up your feet. This is Deere’s way of saying if you Have to Dress Your Age you can still rock your look with all of these new methods to outdated fashion guidelines.

New Era of colors, colors and more colors!

Lime Crime is a hot new company that offers today’s makeup with a brand new spin. No more boring, drab makeup being sold with old marketing ideas. Lime Crime actually shows the makeup and the texture online with all the beautiful bursts of color and their attributes showing through. Lime Crime has makeup available for the lips, eyes, nails and hair. There is no other company that has as many shades of color and textures as Lime Crime. The company does not believe in animal cruelty, and the makeup is made to demonstrate this belief. Not only are there no animal-derived ingredients, but there is no animal testing at any point.

Personality, personality, and more personality is what the products of Lime Crime is all about. Choose lip colors from Black Velvet (Blackest Black) to Wicked (Deep Red) to Trouble (Olive)! Or if you dare experiment with our eye colors ranging from Pumpkin Spice Creamy matte to Luminous Cornflower Blue! Lime Crime has unleashed a new era of makeup, catering to an audience that simply could not find colors daring enough. Well look no further this agency has gone beyond the limits taking you exactly where you want to go. Show off your nails with Once in a Blue Mousse, or dare to make heads turn with Lime Crime’s brand line of hair dye.

Doe Deere is the owner of Lime Crime. She started her own business on Ebay, after realizing that bold makeup colors are extremely hard to find. After a successful run on Ebay Doe was prompted to start her own business. With confidence and motivation she has strived to move forward, investing time and hard work into making her company well known throughout the community.

After working on various jobs Doe knew that starting her business was something she wanted to do. As a Russian born New Yorker full of imagination and spunk, Doe Deere has inspired many makeup companies with her innovative marketing ideas. Utilizing new age online tools to demonstrate the utmost beauty of makeup color and texture. Marketing involves reaching out to the shopper, whether in an expected or unexpected way. Catching the attention of a customer is a unique quality that Doe Deere has mastered and it shows in her company.