Securus Technologies Secures Another Company

Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Bob Pickens, announced on January 4th that the prison technology company has reached a deal to acquire payment processing company, GovPayNet. The terms of the deal were not disclosed but it combines one of the largest processors of payments for government agencies with the nation’s largest prison technology company. GovPayNet will continue to operate under its current name and will maintain its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company processes credit and debit payments made to over 1,200 government agencies across the country including cash bail payments, traffic and safety fine payments, tax payments, and more. The company has been in operation since 1997.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, TX and has three regional offices in the United States. It was founded in 1986 and currently provides biometric analysis, payment processing, inmate self-services, and other technology-based services to over 3,500 facilities in the United States. The company provides phone services to over 1.2 million inmates in correction facilities and with this move, the company will be capable of processing over 4 million payments annually. The acquisition of GovPayNet is the latest in over 20 different acquisitions of smaller companies that the tech giant has made in the past several years, as they have positioned themselves as the leader in the industry. They have over 1,000 full-time employees spread across their four locations.


Why We Use Securus Technologies to Keep Drugs Out Of Prison

One of the things that my team of corrections officers has to do on a daily basis is work to keep drugs from getting into the hands of the inmates. These inmates are dangerous enough without having to feel invincible under the influence. Not only are me and my officers in danger, but so are other inmates staff, and even the visitors. That is why we spend so much time each day trying to keep the drugs out of the hands of these inmates.


Securus Technologies is a company we trust because they are responsible for setting up the inmate call monitoring systems in over 2,600 prisons all around this country. The CEO, Richard Smith, says that his entire Dallas-based team of employees share the same dedication to making the world safer for us all. When you have a team behind you like that, you can accomplish big things in the jail. Our goal was to not only identify the sources of the drugs in our jail, but to clamp them down and stop this issue once and for all.


Soon after my team was taught how the LBS software worked, we set up the alerts to notify us if any chatter was talking place concerning drugs. What we discovered was that almost instantly, the call monitoring system was able to identify conversations by inmates talking about drugs in various degrees.


We heard one inmate tell his brother the way drugs were smuggled into the jail. We learned about one inmate who was selling his prescription drugs to feed a heroin addiction. We were even able to discover how one inmate was hiding his drugs inside the cell right under our noses. The Securus Technologies system has been key in helping us to really make the entire prison safer for each of us.


Securus Technologies – A Pioneer in Jail and Correctional Facilities Technology

Securus Technologies offer superior and revolutionary solutions to its clients that are relevant and evolving to meet the needs of today’s world. The prison and correctional facilities rely heavily on technology to make their premises secured. Securus Technologies help them by giving them relevant software and tools that are easy to use and reliable. Securus technologies have customer service system that is available to its customers 24 hours and 365 days a year. All of their technicians are skilled and knowledgeable and can solve any issues that their customer might have within a matter of minutes.


The growing customer base of Securus Technologies is a proof of the service that they are offering and how people are recognizing the importance of adapting technology to the prisons and correctional facilities for better management of the premises. These tools and software also work towards catching criminals and preventing money laundering that has been increasing in many jails because of corrupt officials. Securus Technologies make it easier for these corrupt officials to be caught and also make prisons crime free area. The company also have around 150 service team members who are always ready to solve any issues that their customers might have. These are located nearby to their client’s location so that they are easily reachable.


There was once instance in our jail when their software was down due to heavy rains and after repeated trying I was not able to solve it myself. It was during this time that I called their customer support. I was stunned to see their service members arrive within a few minutes and brought back the software up. If there would have been a delay, there might be a big problem in the premise. But the problem was dealt professionally by the Securus Technologies team, and I would be heavily debt to them for this.



Securus Technologies Emerges the Winner at the Gold Stevie Award – Sales and Customer Service Awards

Securus Technologies is one of the market leaders in the provision of products and services aimed at making the world a lot safer to live in. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serves more than 1.2 million North America’s inmates, and over 3450 agencies operating within the public safety, correction facilities, and law enforcement. The company is committed to serving and connecting through the provision of services inclined to emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, incident management, monitoring products, and services, as well as inmate self-service among numerous others.



According to an article published on PR Newswire on March 2017, Securus Technologies was among the winners at the 11th annual Stevie Awards – in the category of sales and customer service. The 2017 win speaks volumes about the level and nature of customer service offered by Securus Technologies because the Stevie Awards competitions usually receive annual entries more than 10,000 from organizations located in more than 60 countries. The technological firm is among the few that appears to have recognized the importance of customer service in driving business success.



Three things stood out from the judges’ comments while announcing this win. They include:

Securus Technologies plays an important role in the society, and that it is a good thing that the company has exhibited its commitment to provide exemplary service to those who are in need of it.

Securus Technologies enjoys a compelling story of improvement in a tough environment

Securus Technologies has consistently shown a strong recognition of the problem, as well as the commitment of its training team to assist the associates to enhance outcomes.


Michael Gallagher, the founder and president of the Goldie Stevie Awards describes the Stevie Awards for sales and customer service as among the most competitive, as well as the fastest growing compared to all the other categories of the awards. He further added that the growth of the program indicates the importance of the functions associated with the award, namely, sales, customer service and business development – in the success of all types of enterprises.


Securus Changes Department of Corrections Communication

Securus has become a valuable resource for anyone that is trying to communicate with family that is locked away. There are so many different resources on the market, but Securus has blown me away by creating one if the best possible apps for keeping in touch with family.


I have used the Securus app to start some video visitations, and I think that it was good to have this alternative to communication. I visit the prison sometime, but I love the ability to get access to this remote visit.


It is easy to see how people could move from physical visits at the prison to a point where they can visit from their homes. I admit that this is a comfortable because it gives me the ability to do other things while I am having a conversation with friends that are locked up. I have been able to save a lot of money now that I don’t have to travel to the prison. I never liked going and now that I have access to the Securus app I do not need to go anymore.


I think that prisoners on the inside are going to be motivated when they can see people that would never visit them at the prison. I have grandparents that cannot get out to the prison, but they love the app. This is where the app shines. I know people that just cannot physically make it to the prison, but they can use the Securus app to communicate.


The only thing that I regret is that this is not something that is available in all prisons just yet. Some of my friends have access to this type of communication. There are others that do not have this type of system yet, but this is coming soon.



You Can Save Money On Inmate Calling With Securus Technologies

There are several communication providers for inmates, but a number of them are regulated by Securus. In fact, Securus works closely with the Public Utility Commission to ensure ethics policies are being met and quality control mandates are in place. The government requires that all inmate calls go through proper monitoring and surveillance to safeguard the public. Securus Technologies has been proudly serving the public for over 50 years. They have listened to the customers you bring inmates and their families cost effective inmate communications. Securus Technologies continues to be one of the top inmate regulators in the industry.

Securus Technologies has teamed up with Vimeo to offer reliable services that guarantee to every minute that you pay for. You get all the benefits of your contract and knowing they are regulated with complete compliance and control. There is the need for you to save money and get cost effective phone services for a fraction of the cost of traditional inmate calls. Many families complain about inmate calling costing a fortune and Securus Technologies can help. You will love the benefit of being able to visit your loved ones over the internet.

Securus Technologies has teamed up with Vimeo to offer video chat features that allows you to talk over the internet. It is much cheaper than a traditional operator assisted call. You can control the video with zoom in and out features that truly work to give you a clear visual of your family member that is incarcerated. Video chat features became popular when the courts wanted to reduce the cost of transporting an inmate to their court hearing. Securus Technologies continues to be the leaders in correctional communications regulators. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details and service program options today and save money versus the cost of their competitors.

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