Sussex Health Care Case Study

The Sussex healthcare services formed in 1985 is a healthcare provider which is a forerunner of care to the old. Through the years, the company has become a leader in the provision for care to adults with both physical and learning difficulties. Sussex has developed in the area of dementia, respite, and palliative care. Sussex also provides care to the neurological problems.

The organization is based in Sussex though it runs a total of 20 homes all over the United Kingdom. The care homes are located in Billingshurst, East Grinstead, and Horsham just to mention a few. The homes are under the care of qualified and dedicated specialist nurses who work around the clock to ensure that the patients are well-taken care of and provided for.

Sussex has an experience of over 25 years in the industry offering quality healthcare to the patients. The organization is dedicated to providing a serene surrounding to support the older people in the society thereby increasing their physical, emotional and intellectual capacity. Sussex offers a person-centered approach to the people living with dementia to improve their conditions.

Sussex has ultra-modern facilities which are designed with the latest technology to provide therapy services in a homelike setting. The overall quality of life in Sussex is well taken care of with quality food and a wide array of activities available to the homes. The services are not only available in the facilities, but they are there for the whole community in general according to

The inspiration of the organization has remained the same to offer the best regarding physical, emotional, spiritual and social nurture to the patients. The critical aspect of the homes is that they are structured and run in such a way that they offer a homely environment. Since it’s commence in 1985, Sussex healthcare now has over 585 beds and a leading healthcare provider in the area.

Sussex have faith in investing in individuals to maximize their true potential. They mainly focus on training and education as the key to high-quality working conditions. There is a range of benefits that come with working for Sussex ranging from pensions to double pay for bank holidays. Sussex offers training at entry level for all those joining them. Currently, they have several open positions in a wide range of disciplines right from the administrator to the weekend driver.


Lifeline Screening: Keep The Life You’ve Earned

You may have never heard of a Lifeline Screening until now. What is it you may ask. A lifeline screening is essential. As a child you would receive a full check up every year or so to make sure everything was okay and you were growing properly, you were eating well, and that nothing was abnormal.

A Lifeline Screening is basically the same thing but for adults and it goes into a lot more detail. As you get older, there are many more places on and inside your body that need to be routinely checked. It is like preventative maintenance. If you can catch a problem early, it is much easier to diagnose and treat than if it caught later on. It is in a lot of ways just like a car. If you own a car and you give it maintenance every certain amount of miles you drive it rather than just waiting until the engine light comes on or when it breaks down, you have a much greater chance of fixing it and keeping it around as long as possible. It is the same with your body. If a doctor can detect a problem early such as breast cancer, a brain tumor or a heart defect, he may be able to do something about it since it has not yet advanced to the point that it would be untreatable. That is one of the main benefits of a Lifeline screening: your life.

To prepare for a Lifeline screening, you should, above everything, relax. This is a good thing that will benefit you in the long run especially if the doctors find something abnormal in your tests. Secondly, you should wear loose-fitting clothing and you can also fast if you were told to do so beforehand. Besides this, most screenings are very uninvasive and require little to no preparation beforehand. Doctors may screen for elevated liver enzymes, abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery disease and several other things. Each requires that you only follow their instructions involving medication you may be currently taking and consumption of food beforehand. You should also expect to have your blood drawn which should only be a simple finger stick in most cases. A life screening is exactly what it sounds like: a screening of your life for your life. If you choose to receive one, you should feel confident that you have made the best decision possible for your health and ultimately, your life.


All there is to know about lifeline screening

It is important to undergo a lifeline screening. This is because many life-threatening health conditions can be identified through the screening procedure. Once a condition has been identified, prevention measures can be taken at an early stage. A wellness program can also be created for a patient to get educated, encouraged and empowered on how to have control over their health and well-being.

Each lifeline screening test requires the patient to undergo different preparations depending on the type of procedure. Some preparations require loose clothes or short sleeves. Other tests require fasting of solid food prior to the actual test. Before you can start fasting, ensure you seek medical advice on how to go about the fasting. If you happen to be on medication, you will be required to also seek medical advice prior to the fasting. Tests like the ankle-brachial index require the patient not to have any pantyhose on to enable the flow of blood to circulate the body with ease. Other tests do not have any requirements whatsoever. Once you register for any lifeline screening, you will receive specific instructions that you ought to adhere to fully. All tests have simplicity and patient comfort in mind.

An average lifeline screening procedure takes about an hour. This is inclusive of the paperwork that you will be required to sign before the beginning of the procedure. The exact duration of a screening procedure is dictated by the number of tests, disease level, vascular structure, and body type. Given that accuracy and output quality is important, the procedure must be done systematically and without any rush. The output quality is also determined by the type of machinery used. Therefore, state-of-the-art technology has to be adopted and the users ought to go through specialized training before they can be allowed to use them. For the individuals with wheelchairs, they will be assisted by the clinicians to get onto the examination table.

Before the results are shared with the patient, a team of highly trained and experienced physicians reviews the findings to ensure accuracy. Strict privacy is maintained by the medical team. The test results are treated as confidential and only yourself and the physician who is attending to you are aware.

About lifeline screening:

Andrew Rolfe Is At The Center Of Enhancing The Growth Of The Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Fund started operations in 1999. Over the years, the entity has been supporting children from the less fortunate backgrounds. To date, the Fund has supported thousands of needy children across Africa. Initially, the Fund had focused on providing the disadvantaged children with education. However, the management of the organization realized that some of the students were finding it hard to concentrate on their studies. After conducting a research to unearth the reasons thereof, they realized that some of students were facing serious problems at home. Some children were finding it hard to cope with HIV and hunger. To this end, the Fund started offering healthcare services and providing the children with food.

In the recent past, the leadership of the Fund organized a gala dinner for purposes of raising more resources in order to support more needy students. Andrew Rolfe was charged with the duty of ensuring that the guests are well entertained. To this end, he brought in a Xhosa choir. Moreover, he provided the attendees with sumptuous meals. The invitation-only event took the entire night. Besides renowned philanthropists, Jacob Lief and Sinesipho Rabidyani attended the event. Lief, who is one of the founders of the Fund, told the audience that children require virtually everything for them to grow into healthy adults.

Sinesipho moved the audience with her inspiring story. She talked of the hardships that she faced in the hands of her father, who had a drinking problem. She dreaded going home from school. However, she fixed her eyes on the price and excelled in her studies. When the management of the Ubuntu Education Fund heard her story, they deemed it fit to give her a scholarship. Sinesipho is looking forward to graduating from the university as a lawyer.

About Andrew Rolfe

As the chairman of the organization, Andrew has worked closely with other leaders to ensure that the fund raises adequate resources for the needy children. He is credited for being one of the people who helped the Ubuntu Fund raise more than $972, 960 in the recently-concluded gala dinner.

Andrew has a sound educational background and vast management experience. The executive has worked for Booker Foodservice, Pret A. Manger, PepsiCo Restaurants International and the Gap.