The Neurocore Approach: Toward Treating ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most diagnosed brain disorders in children. It’s also the fastest growing mental illness in America since kids aren’t the only demographically affected. ADHD affects approximately 4% of adults in America. Women between the ages of 20 and 30 are the fastest developing population of individuals seeking treatment in ADHD. As the epidemic progresses, the treatment options available for those suffering continue to grow. Traditional options for treatment including medications as well as a talk therapy are also avenues of treatment.

One great burgeoning treatment methods for ADHD is the application of brain mapping, as well as Neurofeedback, treat the disorder. Of all the available clinical applications for the disorders, Neurofeedback is the most researched. The noted developments in Neuro feedback technology of applied neuroscience have marked the beginning of a high momentum toward the medical community. Researchers, scientists, and doctors are realizing the immense benefits of applied neuroscience.

Employees who serve in various organizations such as brain performance centers such as Neurocore have discovered useful career opportunities in Neurotherapy. Finding an employment opportunity is easy. Moreover, finding a rewarding career is daunting. Therefore, if you’re job seeking in the departments of biology, cutting edge technologies, or bringing relief in mental capabilities, you may have stumbled on luck. Neurocore is providing such chances to talented individuals that have vast experience in the sector.


Neurocor Helping Patients With Mental Problems

Neurocore is a mental health clinic which mainly focuses on the training of the brain and providing data-driven trainings and treatments which help children and adults suffering from mental disorders. The health facility was established in the year 2004 by a famous neuropsychologist in the United States known as Timothy S.Royer. The practice is headquartered in Grandville, West Michigan but it has nine centers across the country. The clinic aims at improving the mental health of individuals having mental illnesses. Neurocore is a highly prolific facility with its core investors being Madam Bestys Devos, Donald Trump’s secretary of education and his husband who is an Amway heir known as Mr. Dick.

The centers are equipped with highly professional staffs that are also talented and devoted to providing maximum care and services to the patients. The quality services offered by the practice make it a highly reputable mental health center. Services offered at Neurocore centers includes biofeedback training, autonomic regulation ad diagnosis of the nervous system, conducting tests of the patients’ attention, neurofeedback training among other services. The clinic uses non-invasive and drug-free management approach in treating the mental disorders. Its services are relatively cheap hence affordable.

There two treatment programmes which are used in treating and managing the mental conditions. These two programmes are the neurofeedback programme and the biofeedback programme. The neurofeedback programme helps the patient to improve his or her brain activity. It is an elaborate programme used in the treatment of conditions such as stress and depression, insomnia (lack of sleep), ADHD, traumatic brain injury, anxiety, and other related conditions. On the other hand, the biofeedback programme helps in managing and controlling the signs and symptoms of mental illnesses. It uses medical devices to provide feedback, and it helps in boosting concentration and brain activity. Neurocore uses the two programmes together.

Dr Jennifer Walden giving hope to people with body complication

 About Dr Jennifer Walden

Dr Jennifer Walden is a qualified plastic surgeon who is registered by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and also an cosmetics surgery expert. She is a dynamic associate of the American Society for Aesthetic plastic operations. In 2016, Dr Jennifer Walden was humbled to be chosen as a member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons. Her main aim in society is to promote health through a personalised approach to the cosmetic surgical procedure.

A recap of Dr Jennifer Walden blog

Dr Jennifer Walden is a blogger who writes articles concerning his occupation. Her blog articles majorly base on cosmetics and generally the human’s body. It is through her blog that people can learn and know better what she deals with.

Tummy tucks Surgery

According to Walden, they do not consider how the process can be stressful, what they focus on is the end product. Jennifer together with her team are always grateful after helping a patient gain their ideal shape.

Tips to make sure recovery doesn’t feel stressful.

After surgery there is a healing period, Jennifer health tips to the clients so that they do not find the transition a bit hard or them. The suggestions are discussed below;

  • Take proper upkeep of your body before the operation.

Tummy Tuck procedure is less like Liposuction performed on an ‘icing on the top’ cure keeping the concluding touches on a physique that is already maintained. Weight loss should be expected after the process. Before the procedures, patients should do themselves the favour of being on a balanced diet and exercise before the operation.

  • Listen to your doctor’s advice.

Dr Jennifer Walden has been in the field for years, and she recommends that patient should follow whatever they are told by their doctors regarding nutrition, pain medication, recovery process and most importantly avoid things that can cause stress to you.

  • Get Assistance

After Tummy tuck it is essential to have physical and emotional support this is because the excess skin might be reduced through the surgery process. Help is needed as you can’t stand straight some days after the operation.


Self-Esteem, Genucel, Chamonix, & Emotional Therapy


Physical violence is an ongoing issue in today’s society no matter the age, race or religion. Self-esteem translates into self-worth, and if you suffer from low self-esteem, then your self-worth will drastically decrease. In the United States alone, 25 percent of women have experienced some form of domestic abuse. On the other hand, one of out every seven men have experienced domestic abuse at one time or another. Self-care programs have been put in place, but all self-care programs aren’t the same. Self-affirmations play a crucial role in rehabilitating the mind. These self-care routines are designed to remind abuse sufferers that they are loved and valued.


According to alivenewspaper, building the individual’s confidence is the key to success. By amplifying personal worth, the mind and body will heal over time. Unfortunately, there are many abuse victims who doesn’t seem to believe in this concept. This is why having a strong support system is so important in achieving the goal. Channeling negative energy into creative expression is the name of the game, and Genucel has been pushing this awareness for many years. Genucel has done a great job of supporting women and children throughout the years, and this organization has partnered with Women Aware for providing beneficial support. Women Aware is a nonprofit organization that’s based in New Jersey, and it has effectively changed the lives of many individuals. This equals to more than 30 years of providing food, shelter and emotional support.


In addition to that, Genucel offers health & wellness products to fight stress and the signs of aging. Physical and emotional abuse can cause a wide range of issues such as depression, sleeplessness and premature aging. These two amazing organization have also incorporated an abundance of activities that improve self-healing. Looking your best tends to bleed over into feeling your best, and these progressive organizations have set new trends while changing the status quo.


Richard Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Are At InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health Services was created in 1998 by Dr. Richard Shinto, the self-named President and Chief Executive Officer of the managed care provider and insurer. Eight other executives lead the company from the C-suite:

  • CIO – S. Bhasker
  • Chief Experience Officer – Nicole Cable
  • COO – Michael Holohan
  • Chief Actuary Officer – Meyers
  • Chief Administrative Officer – Penelope Kokkinides
  • Chief Accounting Officer – Michael Sortino
  • Chief Innovation Officer – Mony Weschler
  • CFO –Douglas Malton

Penelope Kokkindies, one of few to work for InnovaCare Health two times

Ms. Penelope Kokkindies was first at InnovaCare Health in 2006. Penelope stayed six years – until 2012. She came back in 2015 and has been on a 40-odd-month tear, equivalent to three-and-a-half years.

Kokkindies is currently InnovaCare Health’s Chief Administration Officer, similar to the responsibilities of COO, a position she held from 2006 to 2012.

Penelope has also served Aveta Inc. as its Chief Operating Officer. Before that, she was the Vice President of Clinical Operations. Throughout her career, Ms. Kokkindies has spent more than 25 years in the field of healthcare.

Some more of her most recent, noteworthy jobs were at Centerlight HealthCare, where he doubled as its Executive Vice President and COO. Touchstone Health and UnitedHealth Group’s AmeriChoice had also hosted Ms. Penelope Kokkinides as their COOs. She has one undergraduate degree, but took up two separate master’s degrees and took a post-master’s program to complete her fourth college certificate.

There are two parts of InnovaCare Health’s revenue stream. Both are in the United States, though one-half of its operations are based in Puerto Rico. MMM Holdings has about five to 10 subsidiaries under its belt.

Shinto has worked more places than most people could imagine. He’s been the NAMM of California’s CEO, the same position for Aveta, Inc. MEdical Pathways Management Company had Dr. Richard Shinto as their COO and Chief Medical Officer. He later moved on to be a corporate vice president of MedPartners between 1995 and 1997. Afterward, he ventured off to Cal Optima Health Plan.

Dr. Shinto’s experience and expertise have won him spots on the board of AHIP, America’s Health Insurance Plans, and on a board within the California Department of Managed Care. He’s got both a master’s in business administration and a license to practice medicine.

Neurocore Applies Cutting Edge Neuroscience in the Quest for Mental Health

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are the top echelon of practical neuroscience. Founded fourteen years ago in the heady days of 2004, Neurocore has become a top authority in the most recent innovations of neural care. Basically, they take the latest innovations provided by current scientific study and apply it to real patients suffering from a variety of mental disorders. These disorders can be as mild as general stress, or as serious as a stroke. The methods used are tested and approved for therapeutic application. The most common mental disorders Neurocore treats are ADHD anxiety, depression and ASD.

The brain remains one of the most fascinating and elusive natural contraptions out there. Containing billions of microscopic neurons, the mind controls thoughts, behavior and emotions through a series of chemical signals. These signals influence electrical impulses that allow everything from cogitation to motor function to occur simultaneously. It is amazing and confusing all at the same time. Technology has allowed science to foster some understanding, and that understanding has greatly benefitted the lives of many. But there is still more to know. When recent innovations like EEG technology, brain mapping, and neurofeedback push knowledge further application is required. Neurocore provides that application, allowing such technology to honed and perfected.

Patients of Neurocore get top-level treatment for their various disorders, while provide the data necessary to perfect such treatment. For example, individuals suffering from sleep disorders create benefit for both themselves and the technology. They receive much needed attention and the specific treatment used for this disorder gets practical application. If a cure is generated, then the patient also enriches the lives of all who come after them. In addition to treatment Neurocore also uses innovations to boost mental acuity. Improving the sharpness of the mind is beneficial for memory, concentration, understanding, and focus. Not only does it enrich the quality of life, it also serves to prevent future disorders.

Neurocore is on the frontlines of war for mental health. As it continues to focus on practical use of innovation, it enriches the lives of those it services. Each patient pushing the border of human understanding that much further.