Human Rights Foundation Founder Thor Halverson Believes Venezuela’s Government Is A Dictatorship

For the last 11 years, Thor Halverson, the 39-year-old freedom fighter, and founder of the Human Rights Foundation, has been on a quest to expose the corruption and the human rights violations that keep millions of people prisoners in their own country. Halverson’s life story is filled with proactive family members that have felt the wrath of government intolerance and dictatorial practices. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Thor’s dad, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was a drug czar in Venezuela. He was tortured in a Caracas prison for promoting democracy while Hugo Chavez was president. His father is of royal Norwegian descent, but he played an important role in the movement to stop Chavez from turning the Venezuela into a dictatorship. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Huffington Post

Halverson’s mother, Hilda Mendoza, has royal, political blood running through her veins. She is related to the first two presidents of Venezuela. But that didn’t matter when she protested against the Chavez government. She was shot during an anti-Chavez demonstration, but she survived.

The situation in Venezuela has deteriorated since Chavez death. Today, Venezuela is on the verge of a complete meltdown. The hand-picked predecessor of Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, has taken complete control of the country. Thor Halverson believes Maduro has crossed the line of no return. Maduro shut down the referendum to call for a recall vote to remove him from office.

The former bus driver put the military in charge of food rationing and port control. The people of Venezuela are starving, and Maduro refuses to ask for help. The country’s oil business is not producing the revenue the country needs to pay its bills and medical supplies and basic essentials are scarce.

Venezuela has the highest inflation rate in the world. Thousands of Venezuelans are leaving the country and seeking refuge in Colombia and Brazil.

Halverson’s Human Rights Foundation is doing its part to help the people in Venezuela. Thor has been in some difficult situations for his anti-communism and dictatorship approach in countries like Russia, China, and Vietnam. He was beaten black and blue by Vietnamese authorities for doing an interview with a government banned Buddhist church.

According to BizJournal, Thor Halvorssen doesn’t just talk about the indecencies that occur around the world. He jumps in and tries to make a difference any way he can.