How to safeguard your credit after the Equifax breach and information about Freedom Financial Asset Management

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There has been a security breach at Equifax. Equifax is a credit monitoring bureaus. Some private information which includes birth dates addressed was accessed. This is some news that many people were not even aware of.

Given this security nightmare, a person can take several steps to ensure that they are safeguarded. First, one needs to find out whether they were affected by the breach. If they were, they are advised to register credit monitoring and protection. This service is free. With this service, one can limit creditors from accessing their credit information. One should also review the credit reports that have been issued. A person can receive one free credit report per year.

One should ensure that their accounts for any activities that are not authorized. If there is any activity that is suspicious, a person should report to the relevant authorities. To ensure that a personal account is safe, one should use strong passwords that are strong. One should change the passwords once in awhile.

A person should be careful of people who are scammers. Scammers ask for personal details either through calls or emails. Also, ensure that the children are not affected. It’s easy to steal information from children since they do not use credit.

One should also ensure that they file their tax returns on time since some thieves wait until the New Year to use the social security numbers. Filing early ensures that a person’s report reaches the IRS ahead of the one from the scammers.

One should be careful of identity theft. However, the government has come up with measures that will ensure that one can recover a stolen identity.

Freedom Financial Asset Management

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