David McDonald Continues to Make OSI Group One of the Greatest Food Companies in the World

OSI Group is a global food company that has been enjoying a large growth spurt over the last decade. David McDonald OSI Group president and chief operating officer, has been a large part of the reason why. He has been with OSI for more than thirty years and started with the company as soon as he graduated from college. OSI began as a small deli and meat market, which was founded by the German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. Now, many years later, it has found the right man to lead the way into the future.

David McDonald was raised on a farm in Iowa and received his bachelor’s degree in animal science at Iowa State University. He was honored with the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award and continues to support the college through its Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. McDonald has connected many outgoing students with OSI Group through internships and has continued to donate money to the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund.

Recently, David McDonald has been a large part of many different acquisitions and purchases by OSI. His hard work helped in the company’s acquisition of the Dutch food company, Baho Food. He was also an integral part of the purchase of Flagship Europe, which has been renamed Creative Foods Europe. It has been his experience with every aspect of the food distribution chain that has allowed him to be the kind of leader that the company needs.

David McDonald recently commented that some of the best decisions made by the management of OSI have been when they were made with their customers in mind. While the company always puts its customers first, it goes a step further by working with locals in every region it has facilities in. McDonald has also been working to improve the sustainability of OSI Group as well as how it handles its environmental practices. He admits that when he got started with the company that it was focused on growth. He loves that this is still its mission, and he expects to continue to be a large part of making it one of the best food companies in the world.

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The History of the OSI Group McDonalds Relationship…

It Goes all the way back to the Beginning…

The OSI Group McDonalds relationship goes back to almost the beginning for both entities. The OSI Group McDonalds introduction are almost not necessary. OSI group is one of the largest firms in industrialized foods and McDonald’s is, perhaps, the largest quick service food provider on the entire planet. OSI supplies McDonald’s their beef, that’s the simple version of the story. Did you know that it’s always been that way, however? These two histories began mingling on each other’s time lines from the very start…

David McDonald brought his Skill into what started as an Iowa Farm!

David McDonald, current leader of OSI is no stranger to farms. He split his education at the University of Iowa between agricultural sciences and business ones! It was probably this guys’ dream to run OSI since he was in school, working on his undergraduate degree. OSI began as humbly as David…also on a farm. Now David uses the business portion of his degree to oversee a large farming operation, with factories all over the Midwest.

First OSI led them, now McDonald’s assists OSI in China…

The thing about the OSI Group McDonalds relationship is that it started with a handshake agreement between two growing companies. One needed beef and the other was looking to supply it. While OSI originally led McDonald’s corp. to larger opportunities, remember that McDonald’s is currently assisting OSI by allowing them to increase production in new countries such as China. Countries where OSI Group McDonalds never had operations before. One hand really does wash the other with this business arrangement. To know more about the company click here.

They were the First to Invest in Freezing Technology…

While called Otto & Sons, the original OSI had already invested in important freezing technology related to meat. Ray Kroc knew that his stores needed that technology to function as a supply chain. Perhaps it was this fact combined with both entities having experienced humble beginnings that got the ball rolling? Whatever the reason, the two entities have seemed to function in perfect harmony ever since. One assisting the other through doors of growth in a never-ending chain type of effect.

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OSI Industries increases production in Spain

OSI Industries expanded themselves in the summer of 2017 by purchasing a high-capacity production line for their existing facility in Toledo, Spain. According to OSI Industries the new line can produce 2,400 tons of chicken products a year, whereas before it was only 1,200 tons per year. Doubling the amount checking produced per year. Over the last several years there’s been a 6% increase in demand for chicken with in Portugal and Spain, with another 8% increase over three years. This high capacity production line makes it possible for OSI Industries to meet the growing demand.

According to Chief Operating Officer and president of OSI Industries, David McDonald, Spain’s expansion gives them the ability to grow with the clients for the long term and add more jobs to their already 140 Workforce in Spain.

Around about 6 months before the expansion in Spain, OSI Industries was awarded a globe of honour. OSI Industries has received this globe of honour in 2013, 2015 and 2016 from the British Safety Council. This award is for ideal management and environmental risks. Only those that reach a five-star score in in the British safety council’s audit between August of 2015 and July of 2016 were eligible for the award. As well as passing the audit each organization also has to go in front of a panel or independent experts showing their Environmental Management skills throughout the entire organization.

OSI Industries is also considered to be in the top 100 food companies of America. Having a Workforce of over 200,000 workers in 17 countries and owning 65 facilities is one of the ways they became one of the top 100.

Their promise to process and make deliveries without fail, and being so vigilant in caring for their customers is another reason they are part of the top 100 in America, and many believe around the world.

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OSI Industries Continues Expanding Their Business

OSI Industries knows a lot about expansion. They know what it takes to be the best and they’ll do everything they can to get to that point. Since the company started, they’ve seen continuous growth. No matter how hard they work, they need to show people they’re doing things right and they’re giving them all the right options to make their own business better. It is part of their work that has allowed them the chance to show people things will keep improving no matter how hard they have to work on their own. They also know what things will happen to them if they get everything right on their own.

As long as OSI Food Solutions is acquiring companies, they know they need to keep working hard and giving people all the things they need. When they recently took over the Tyson facility, they found they were doing things better than they ever had. Part of the hard work they did went into the double production of chicken products. Having Tyson in line with them gave them a chance to try different things. It also allowed them the ability to make sure things were going right for the business.

While they were working to ramp up their business to go along with the double chicken production, OSI Food Solutions knew they were doing everything right. They had a lot of things they needed to do to be sure their business was going to keep working in the future, but they prepared for it. They spent time showing people how things would look in the future and what it would mean for their own companies. After having a shortage of chicken for a long time, companies wouldn’t need to worry about what they were going to do.

Since OSI Food Solutions always has the answer to issues like food shortages, many businesses look up to them. In fact, many companies wouldn’t be where they are without OSI Food Solutions. Even the larger companies and international brands rely on OSI Food Solutions to come up with everything they need for food. They know people will always need food and companies will always see the positive parts of the food industry so they do what they can to help them with the options they need to see success. Everything they do gives them a chance to offer more to the clients they work with on a regular basis.

OSI Industries Buys Out Baho Food and Grows Its European Footprint

OSI Industries has come a long way from its domestic beginnings in the US and though it had already entered Europe nearly 40 years ago, it now has several new processing plants plus thousands of new customers with the acquisition of Baho Food. Baho Food is based in the Netherlands and though it has five different distribution subsidiaries all with a processing plant reaching across Europe, it had struggled some in debt and operational expenses. The new deal as an acquired partner of OSI Industries will provide more capital to grow their operations and also will mean every Baho Food employee continues with the company.

OSI Industries has always thought of itself as a family company which is why whenever they’ve added another smaller processing or farm-based company to their portfolio, they’ve considered the employees there to be part of their family. It’s in keeping with the way that Otto Kolschowsky did things as OSI’s first owner. He founded the company in 1909 as a butcher shop which later grew into a larger scale processing and meat sales market. While the company had its ups and downs during the Great Depression and into the early 1970s, he and his sons who later took over kept working hard to keep it running. Their largest partnership to date has been with McDonald’s, and it was this partnership through a series of events that led to Sheldon Lavin taking over as CEO in the late 1970s and gaining the majority ownership in the 1980s.

OSI Industries began its growth period around 1978 when it opened its first distribution facility in Germany, and in the next decade they started moving into China, India and eventually the Philippines as its sister company GenOSI was founded. OSI Industries has made its meat products the feature products with chicken processing starting to multiply even over its beef and pork products in recent days, but it has had many produce and sauce items added to its production plants. At many of its processing plants OSI Industries has some of the top flavor and food quality engineering teams, and they work with local clients in each region to create custom-made entrees and made-to-order foods. They also have brought certain equipment and advanced safety training to their facilities to minimize employee injuries and make the fast-faced environments less accident prone, and this was a key reason they won the Globe of Honour award from the British Safety Council just two years ago.

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OSI Group is Looking to Expand

The success of OSI Group has made their market one of the largest out there that anyone is currently looking at. They are the most successful food processor and that title isn’t easy to get. It took more than a century of hard work and strategy to get to this point. Even then they must work diligently to keep their position. This has meant going beyond meat to other products and seeking out new markets that they can use to produce an even larger sum of wealth. The end results are incredible and only cement their status in the world.

The array of options provided by OSI ranges from frozen meat to frozen dough. They have managed to build this impressive array of offers because they control a number of companies that can produce these goods when they need them. Others are not able to do this and they suffer in the market as a result. OSI has worked hard to maintain its reputation and it doesn’t want to see anyone do anything that might hamper that. They had to develop a reputation for quality and they have had to take the work necessary to defend that reputation as well.

OSI has so much more that it is trying to do and one of these things is sustainability. We know that the current way of doing food processing is hurting our society and ecosystem so there is a need to change things towards a more effective way of doing things. The fight to change things is very serious and it will take a long time before we finally reach the point of having a model that will last. That effort is going to take place over the course of time and will require the talents of many people to truly pull off.

OSI Group has already managed to produce so much success and it has a legacy it wants to maintain. You can’t look at their work and not notice that they’ve been at the cutting edge of everything we’ve seen since the 20th century. They have brought cryogenics into meat processing, expanded into other countries, and done so much more. The world is going to always need protein and it’s going to need someone who knows how to do their job well. That’s exactly what OSI can offer and how they will stay in business in the future to come.