The Art of Financial Investments for Current Market Trends: Mike Nierenberg

Mike Nierenberg has advised countless clients on finical decisions. Fortress has also advised countless clients regarding financial decisions. Many new and cautious investors save their funds. Saving funds can be helpful for small enterprises. If a new investor wants to ensure a return of their funds, they choose to invest sparingly. Infrequent investments are common for new investors. Many banks such as Wells Fargo, TD Bank and Bank of America encourage individuals to save their funds. Saving one’s funds is important for success in the event of an account decrease. If one’s account dramatically decreases in value, their savings account will keep them stable.

Mike Nierenberg works with hundreds of individuals over the course of a year. Many individuals have concerns about their funds. Finances can be an intimidating industry to get involved in. Financial terminology can also make the process confusing. Certain financial terms such as liability, debt-service, credit limit and gross profit are commonly use throughout the industry. Liability is when an individual assumes responsibility for a certain event or service. For example, financial liability can assist investors when they make an investment. Past market trends can determine liability as well.

When an agreement is completed, many investors file the paperwork associated with the deal. Paperwork is commonly saved for referral purposes. If the investor decides to work with the same corporation in the future, they can refer to their invoice and financial statements as reference. Credit limit is the highest limit placed on a financial deal.

If an investor gives a line of credit to an enterprise, they are expected to stay within the allowed limits. If the credit limit is reached, funds may be discontinued. In some cases, the credit limit is exceeded, therefore placing the enterprise into debt. This is where debt-service comes into play. If an individual, entity or cooperation gets themselves into debt, they must engage in a system known as debt-service. Debt-service can differ depending upon the company. Each company sets their rules, regulations and terms for debt-service completion. Mike Nierenberg is aware of the finical aspects needed to facilitate ultimate success.

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How HGGC Scored Touchdown with Integrity Marketing Group

There are a number of private equity firms looking to make a big score in the current boom market. One of those private equity firms has been able to take a Life and Health Insurance Marketing firm to new heights in the span of a couple of years. That firm, HGGC, is realizing big profits thanks to their investment in Integrity Marketing Group.

HGGC is known as a top mid-market private equity group based in Palo Alto, California. The firm has 60 companies in their portfolio with a total investment of $4.2 billion. Companies in the HGGC portfolio include AutoAlert, Serena, IDERA, Aventri, FPX, Integrity, Davies Group, Pearl and MyWebGrocer.

The current star of the firm’s portfolio is Integrity Marketing Group. Specializing in marketing Life and Health Insurance to the senior market, Integrity has seen revenue triple since HGGC’s initial investment two years ago. According to Integrity’s CEO and Founder, Bryan W. Adams, “The firm now has over 130,000 and over $850 million in a realized annual premiums.” The company markets specialized Life and Health Insurance products such as Medicare Supplement and Long-Term Care.

Founded in 2007, HGGC has executed over $60 billion dollars in transactions. Capital for these investments were made possible by three funds raised by the firm over the pasted decade. The first fund, known as “Fund 1,” raised $1.1 billion dollars in 2008. In 2014, the firm opened “Fund 2” and raised $1.3 billion dollars before closing in 2015. Soon afterward, the firm created “Fund 3.” This flagship fund raised $1.8 billion dollars.

Capital for these three funds were raised from a number of pension funds and international insurance agencies. Investors include Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS), CNP Assurances, Brederode SA, and The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS).

Key personal at the firm include Leslie M. Brown, Gregory M. Benson, Jr., Richard F. Lawson, Jr., Neil H. White, and Hall of Farm winning quarterback Steven Young. Since its inception, the firm has won a number of awards including 2014 M&A Mid-Market Private Equity Firm of the Year by Mergers & Acquisitions magazine. As the company enters its next decade, HGGC will seek to further boost the revenues and profits of their portfolio companies.