Details Concerning Wealth Solutions, Inc.

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is an investment advisory enterprise providing services to a broad range of clients. Some of them include the wealthy individuals, families, as well as small business owners operating within Austin area and its outskirts. In their operations, they are always keen in market analysis. They have to assess the current state of affairs, considering that the financial markets keep on experiencing changes. It is from the company that the clients experience effective banking remedies. As per WSI, the organizations must be ready to adapt to the changes made to the financial markets. As you invest with them, they also ensure plans that mitigate the levels of probable risks. Most people want to age gracefully, having the assurance of preserved wealth to service their latter days. As such, WSI protects their clients by promising steady retirement returns. In such a case they are also able to leave behind wealth for their heirs.



Essential Information About the Leadership of Wealth Solutions, Inc.



Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc., and his knowledge of the financial markets is to die for. Richard is a duly registered financial advisor. He possesses experience of over two decades in the financial services. In his initiatives, Richard inclines his knowledge towards education. The greatest drive that burns within him is to transform the lives of individuals, families, as well as enterprise owners. As for him, education goes a long way in impacting the confidence of an individual. Probably it happens because he has grown in a family of teachers. His mother, wife, and grandmothers were professional teachers.



Richard Blair’s Career Background



Richard is naturally gifted in providing financial assistance. Upon graduating from college, Blair concentrated on honing his skills in the financial sector. That was in 1993, and it did not take him long before founding Wealth Solutions in 1994. His devotion to the economic causes is unmatched. His clients know him as a selfless man. Richard Blair understands that there is a significant gap between retirement planning and implementation. As such, he commits to helping such people bridge the gap. When it comes to the area of retirement planning, Blair’s skills are perfectly honed.






Most people are skeptical about performing what they desire. In old age especially, one might not have an idea whether or not to opt for the plan. There are so many pitfalls to avoid while at it. Richard Blair is an ideal professional to guide you through.

College Savings Bank Gets a Shot in the Arm

College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey, has received the much-needed shot in the arm in the name of NexBank SSB. Although the New Jersey-based bank will keep its name, it will maintain its operations as a division of NexBank. College Savings Bank has been focusing its efforts on college savings since its inception in 1987. NexBank SSB, on the other hand, is a highly diversified financial business that serves customers across the country. Its three core businesses are investment banking, mortgage banking, and commercial banking.
Several factors have contributed to the growing success of NexBank. One such factor lies in its mission that concentrates on industry leadership and commitment to its clients. Consequently, the bank takes pride in providing unrivaled custom-tailored financial services to its customers. Experienced professional are at hand to deliver high-class services to customers. At NexBank, quality is assured through a proven track record of success.
NexBank has been riding on a wave of success through the years. Reports indicate that the Dallas-based bank has recorded high profits for four years running. Net income increased from $25.6 million in 2014 to $53.2 million in 2015. Also, total assets went up by 48 percent to hit $2.72 billion this year. Pundits attribute the sustained rate of growth to the role played by NexBank SSB.
The Chief Operating Officer, Matt Siekielski, threw his weight into the bank’s astounding success by pointing out their unfailing focus on institutional client base. The bank has strategically positioned itself to take up any opportunity that would strengthen and expand their ability to offer better services.
NexBank SSB is an integral part of NexBank Capital Inc., a hugely successful financial institution aiming to provide unparalleled services to clients across the country. The basis of the bank’s operations is its three core businesses: mortgage banking, investment banking, and commercial banking.