Michael Nierenberg Nudges You to look at Mortgage REITs

Mortgage REITs certainly sound interesting but what are they? Well, for starters, they are one way have exposure to real estate assets and cash flow without actually holding any physical properties. Mortgage REITs are all about the securitization of various properties. See, when you invest in Mortgage REITs, you are investing in securitization or to put it more simply, the financing and packing up of real estate properties.

These mortgage REITs that Michael Nierenberg and real estate company specializes in, go a different way, they do not simply look for good performing real estate assets and hold it to realize the appreciation in value and the necessary income flows, they are looking primarily at how the numbers will work in the back-end to make deals flow in a smooth manner. In this regard, they are looking at all aspects of the financial nature of these different deals. They are looking at different derivatives, hedge tools, and other financial instruments to capture interest portions of each deal on a consistent and constant basis.

Michael Nierenberg and Team Understand the Power of Mortgage REITs

Investors in mortgage REITs will be glad to know that they will be able to gain from strong dividends in great times and decent dividends in times of economic downturn. Proper mortgage REITs, Michael Nierenberg knows, will have a specific concentration in a field. This means that individuals who are managing and operating a mortgage REIT will need to be proficient in what they are doing and will want to start off in a simple manner and build up from there. Investors should look into the backgrounds of the partners and executives that are running the firm to see what they have done in the past, how their performance was, and how deep their concentration is, within their specific field. Individuals like Michael Nierenberg have been in the mortgage backed securities field for their whole career, this is essentially what he does for a living.

Michael Nierenberg and New Residential Investment Corporation Deals with MSR’s

Michael Nierenberg and his current company are focused on making sure to have stability in this volatile economic environment.

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The Executives of HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is a financial services and wealth management firm based in Los Angeles, California. The firm specializes in providing financial advice and investment management services to individuals and entities. During its history, the firm has been known among its clients as providing the superior customer service to its clients. In other words, the firm allows clients to make their own investment decisions and avoid being sold unnecessary investment options. There are two individuals who have contributed to making HCR Wealth Advisors a successful investment firm. These individuals are the founder and chief executive officer Greg Heller and Senior Managing Director Steve Weinberger.

Greg Heller founded HCR Wealth Advisors 30 years ago. As of today, he is personally responsible for managing $375 million in client assets. Heller began his career working at a brokerage firm and then decided to start up his own wealth management firm. When he founded HCR Wealth Advisors (@HCRwealth), Heller looked to make his firm one that focused on the welfare of the client and which always made them the top priority. Greg also looked to provide clients with objective and unbiased advice as well.  One of the core aspects of the firm’s philosophy is to establish lifelong relationships with clients and help to ensure that they get what they need out of their investment endeavors. Over the years, Greg Heller has grown the firm from a small boutique firm into an SEC-registered financial advisory and asset management company.

Another key executive of HCR Wealth Advisors is Steve Weinberger. He completed a MBA from Pepperdine University with an emphasis in Finance. Steve joined the firm in 1998 and has served for 20 years. Today, he personally manages $175 million in assets for clients. When he first joined the firm, it was a small boutique establishment. However, under his leadership, Steve helped grow the firm into one that currently manages over $1 billion worth of investor assets.  Weinberger specializes in helping clients put together investment portfolio strategies that are highly personalized. This has enabled many clients to earn steady returns on the assets they invest in.

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Paul Mampilly Explains the Relationship between Electronic Pill Usage and Blockchain Technology

In recent days, there are many discussions about blockchain, and Paul Mampilly has taken part. The technology of keeping records digitally which has existed since 2008. The techniques allow people to record and can trace every transaction they have made. Additionally, Blockchain will enable people to make entries chronologically in such a way that public members can easily have access to the data. Nowadays, many people think digital privacy is a significant concern for many people. However, unlike other insecure channels, which are prone to hackers, blockchain has a watertight security feature where hackers are kept out of bound. The system allows you to customize it in such a way that one can access your data only under your authority.

Additionally, the system gives room for you to protect your data by setting standards of your information retrieval by other users. Blockchain is used in reducing fraud in the medical fraternity. In matters regarding health, Paul Mampilly explains how blockchain can help a patient know if the medication prescriptions one is following are correctly working through the E-pill. Paul Mampilly continues to demonstrate that it would involve taking a pill with digital sensors. The capsule would communicate with an app installed on the patient’s phone. The information relayed to the app from the capsule by the sensor indicates the results of chemical reactions which are happening in the stomach. The app would tell the patient if the pill went well with the body and if it went wrong, the patient would request the doctor for a substitute.

As Paul Mampilly continues to explain, the E-pill would also inform the doctor if the patient were following the prescription as required as per the schedule and those who skip medicines. Another advantage of E-pill usage is that the manufactures would be able to gather information concerning certain drugs and come up with ways of maintaining or improving them. An electronic pill called AbilityMyCite is used in the treatment of mental illnesses like schizophrenia and was approved in 2017 by FDA. Many drug-making companies are employing this technology to come up with new drugs because it is easy to gather the relevant data during their research. A former hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly, is a university graduate in the business administration whose experience lies mostly in the banking sector. Having worked in big banks like Deutsche Bank and Bank of Scotland, Paul has a talent for studying new investments, and that is the reason why he is following closely following blockchain and medicine.

Anil Chaturvedi and Fintech

Financial technology precisely referred to as fintech, and its impacts on the banking department turned into a great discussion in the past few years. Many financial experts are however already familiar with disruptive technology and how it makes financial services more suitable and convenient. Anil Chaturvedi has been able to develop an incredibly successful career in the banking department all across the three continents over the past 40 years. His input and activities have enabled the banking industry through a dramatic transformation. It is due to his experience and extensive knowledge that fintech trend has recently been put into context. It can also instill some valuable perspective to the fresh graduates in the banking industry.


As Hinduja Bank Managing Director, Anil Chaturvedi joined the State Bank of India in the early seventies, most of the banks were attempting to enhance and upgrade their services for their clients by imparting technology in their services. Banks were the first to come up with the idea of credit cards in the fifties. The banks are also responsible for internet leverage in the nineties when they became widespread and wanted to develop online banking services to its clients. Anil Chaturvedi professionalism helps us to clearly and exhaustively outline the impact and effects of fintech on the banking industry.


As per Google Trends, the fintech discussion reached its climax in late 2017. In this discussion, the more significant percentage was speaking of how the new competitors would interfere with banking industry where much of the debate was about how the big and well-established banks would be beaten by many of the small and weak, consumer-focused startups. However, this has not imparted high expenditure to the industrial leaders despite that most of the financial technology startups have experienced tremendous and incredible success. Unlike many, the expectations of many people, the banks that were established by the renowned banker Anil Chaturvedi ion the early 70s and 80s are still active and intact. Their success is grounded in the fact that these banks have partnered with the fintech startup instead of fighting and negating them. This partnership has resulted in the survival of these banks. Thanks to Anil Chaturvedi for his unique strategies and techniques in the financial industry.


Richard Dwayne Blair Speaks Of Three Pillars

Some of the great religions of the world speak of pillars of the faith. Richard Dwayne Blair has his own version of this as it relates to financial planning. He firmly believes that those who follow the principles that he teaches in the pillar system can end up with better financial health at the end of the day.

Pillar 1: Roadmap

Do you know what you want out of your financial life? If not, it is okay. There are a lot of people who are drifting through their life without much thought about what they really want to do with money. Luckily, it is not necessary to have all of the answers figured out right now. Instead, try to think of a few concrete things that you really want to do and take those ideas to Richard Dwayne Blair. He can then take you on to the second pillar.

Pillar 2: Investment Plan

So you have thought of at least a few things that you would like to do with your money. That is a great first step towards actually making some of the necessary changes. Next, you need to come up with an investment plan or strategy to actually make it realistically happen.

Richard Dwayne Blair has drafted more than a few of these plans before and can definitely help you come up with your own as well. He can prescribe some investments that make sense for your particular set of needs in life. You just might find this helpful if you are the kind of person who needs a little help understanding your investment choices in the first place.

Pillar 3: Putting It Into Practice

All the planning in the world doesn’t do you a lot of good if you don’t ever put the plan into practice. Luckily, it is at this pillar that you do just that. You have creating your roadmap and your investment plan to get to where you want to go. Now all that is left is that you actually do it. That is when you know you are on the right track with financial planning.


GreenSky Credit’s David Zalik willing to takes risks of IPO

Although he’s not a household name, GreenSky Credit founder and CEO David Zalik is a living legend among the financial technology sector. Having been at the helm of GreenSky Credit for more than 12 years makes Zalik one of the most experienced players in the sector. And over that time, he has been able to bootstrap his firm from absolute zero to a company valued at more than $4.5 billion.

This incredible growth can be attributed to the simple yet value-adding business model of GreenSky Credit. The company has focused for its entire existence on creating seamless pairings between prime-credit borrowers and lenders looking to expand their rosters of good loans. It has focused on big-ticket point-of-sale purchases, such as home remodeling projects and solar energy installations, as an area where previous frictions of the lending p rocess could be streamlined through technology.

Specifically, GreenSky Credit has been able to devise a system that matches some of the top lenders in the country with customers who need lending instantly. In many cases, merchants are able to present borrowers with instant approval for loans with astonishingly good terms, such as zero down, zero interest and no payments for an entire year. Because the average borrow with whom GreenSky Credit transacts has a FICO score of 760, these loans are almost always paid back in full before the higher rates kick in.

At the same time, lenders like Fifth Third Bancorp, Sun Trust and Region’s Bank have been supplied with a steady stream of high-quality new loans that would otherwise never have been originated.

Now, Zalik is looking to take his company public in what will almost certainly amount to one of the largest IPOs in the fintech space’s history. Zalik has stated that his company has reached a phase of maturity where he feels that the short-term thinking and pressure to post solid quarterly growth that often comes with going public is something that GreenSky can handle at this point.

For investors, the IPO may provide one of the strongest opportunities that have come along in a space that has been wracked by underperformance.


Connecticut’s Southridge Capital

Since it was founded and began operating in 1996, Southridge Capital has made direct investments amounting to approximately 1.8 billion dollars. These investments have been made towards more than 250 public companies with the intention of helping them grow. Through all these, Southridge Capital has been able to acquire a deep understanding of the corporate world, the dos and don’ts, the ups and downs. Therefore, Southridge Capital is in a position to offer advice to other establishments on how best to survive in the corporate world.

Southridge Capital offers a wide range of services ranging from financial advisory to structuring services. Some of these services include economic analysis through which they give their client detailed information of their findings on the client’s company or business that could be useful in making improvements within their companies. Southridge Capital Firm also provides balance sheet optimization services aimed at helping clients maintain the balance between the equity and debt levels within their establishments. The firm offers a wide range of services when it comes to mergers and acquisition. Southridge helps its clients analyze and pick a candidate to merge with or acquire or sell to.

For organizations going through bankruptcy, Southridge Capital offers advice on how to beat this challenge, restructure and make it in the business once more. Legal affairs are also a forte for Southridge Capital. The firm employs experts who help their clients settle lawsuits most inexpensively and move on from the challenge while avoiding such situations. Other services provided by Southridge Capital include loans, convertible debentures, convertible and most preferred stocks, securitization and a wide range of credit-enhancing solutions and services.

Southridge Capital, under the leadership of Stephen Hicks, its Chief Executive Officer, is dedicated to helping the society. Stephen and his wife Mary Hicks launched a foundation called Daystar that works closely with Southridge. The Foundation provides financial support to charitable organizations. So far Daystar has helped organizations like the Walnut Community Hill Church, Ridge Sunrise Cottage, the Save a Child’s Heart Foundation and the Ridgefield Community Center among many more. Southridge has its headquarters at Ridgefield, Connecticut in the United States. You can visit their website southridge.com

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Details Concerning Wealth Solutions, Inc.

Wealth Solutions, Inc. is an investment advisory enterprise providing services to a broad range of clients. Some of them include the wealthy individuals, families, as well as small business owners operating within Austin area and its outskirts. In their operations, they are always keen in market analysis. They have to assess the current state of affairs, considering that the financial markets keep on experiencing changes. It is from the company that the clients experience effective banking remedies. As per WSI, the organizations must be ready to adapt to the changes made to the financial markets. As you invest with them, they also ensure plans that mitigate the levels of probable risks. Most people want to age gracefully, having the assurance of preserved wealth to service their latter days. As such, WSI protects their clients by promising steady retirement returns. In such a case they are also able to leave behind wealth for their heirs.



Essential Information About the Leadership of Wealth Solutions, Inc.



Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, Inc., and his knowledge of the financial markets is to die for. Richard is a duly registered financial advisor. He possesses experience of over two decades in the financial services. In his initiatives, Richard inclines his knowledge towards education. The greatest drive that burns within him is to transform the lives of individuals, families, as well as enterprise owners. As for him, education goes a long way in impacting the confidence of an individual. Probably it happens because he has grown in a family of teachers. His mother, wife, and grandmothers were professional teachers.



Richard Blair’s Career Background



Richard is naturally gifted in providing financial assistance. Upon graduating from college, Blair concentrated on honing his skills in the financial sector. That was in 1993, and it did not take him long before founding Wealth Solutions in 1994. His devotion to the economic causes is unmatched. His clients know him as a selfless man. Richard Blair understands that there is a significant gap between retirement planning and implementation. As such, he commits to helping such people bridge the gap. When it comes to the area of retirement planning, Blair’s skills are perfectly honed.






Most people are skeptical about performing what they desire. In old age especially, one might not have an idea whether or not to opt for the plan. There are so many pitfalls to avoid while at it. Richard Blair is an ideal professional to guide you through.

Choosing A Top Notch Course For Financial Success: The Way Jim Hunt has Designed VTA Publications

Are you an investor seeking to make incredible fortunes in the stock market? Seeking a very good business opportunity to accumulate huge amounts of money in your own business? Probably you are aware that VTA Publications and Jim Hunt have expert resources and training products that help individuals achieve their goals.

Jim Hunt is a reliable stock trader and he is famous for helping ambitious people attain amazing results in their investments. Jim Hunt announced that he show his mother, step by step, how to become a millionaire simply by using his stock trading strategies. And Jim Hunt VTA Publications promised to put the step-by-step process on YouTube, for others to see and follow along.

VTA Publications is a well established company that teaches wealth management and investment advisory. This reputable firm on Huffington Post has been providing exceptional services for many years and thousands of men and women have benefited enormously from their products. They have numerous satisfied customers from all walks of life, signifying that the company is highly regarded in the industry.

Stock trading is an amazing way to create vast fortunes and many people across the globe are attracted to this highly lucrative field. Fortunes have been made by individuals from all walks of life, who master the secrets to success in the stock trading arena at http://www.vtapublications.co.uk/about-us/.

New investors should take the time to learn what works in the stock trading field before they get started. There are a lot of materials for acquiring the knowledge you need to succeed, such as those published by VTA Publications on Ideamensch. Keep in mind, if you keep learning and moving forward, you will eventually attain success.

When trying to begin a new venture or investment, it is important to have access to a tested program produced by a renowned professional.

Jim’s course, Wealth Wave, is designed to help people make money and achieve success in the stock trading arena and is being utilized by countless men and women. Wealth Wave is a top quality course and is comprised of strategies that work in stock trading and lots of individuals are delighted with the knowledge they have obtained from this insider secrets course.

George Soros and the Trade of the Century

It was a gamble that not many people saw coming and of those who did, there were few who were willing to make the kind of gamble that George Soros made about the value of the British Pound. A great recap of this gamble was recently published on ValueWalk recently that tells the tale completely and reveals some interesting insights into the trading prowess of Soros and the results of this dynamic gamble. It was referred to as “Black Wednesday” in Britain and it happened on September 17th, 1992. That is the day that the pound fell because Great Britain floated its currency. It was now worth significantly less in relation to other currencies. Some lost a bundle and very few speculators like George Soros created a fortune.

Soros had built a Quantum Fund which he used to bet nearly $15 million that this very thing would occur. He was totally accurate in his prediction which made the billions he had to borrow to make the trade well worth it. They created a value of their fund which was measured between the value of the pound. This increase was instant and fantastic. This hedge fund and the investors immediately received a $7 billion increase on their investment. This is the manner in which George Soros became a billionaire and a very successful entrepreneur. It became known as the trade of the century and has made Soros one of the most sought after voices when it comes to stating opinions in financial matters.

The result of the bet for Great Britain’s economic system was devastating. In fact it brought the entire financial sector of the country to its knees. In any gamble there are winners and losers and the British taxpayers and others who believed in the currency were the losers. It takes a lot of knowledge of the markets, currency values and macroeconomics to be able to create the type of process that caused this phenomenon. Like him or not, you have to have a lot of respect for the knowledge that George Soros possesses in order to understand the factors at play and to act on them so effectively. It is also important to remember that at the time, the hedge fund was not something that the public was really aware of, and the restrictions that limited the flow of capital from one country to another had just been eliminated. It was unchartered territory and George Soros was the right navigator.

Read this article at Washington Times.

George Soros has used his platform to help create a better world. He speaks out on human rights issues because he feels like he should. George Soros is behind a movement called the Open Societies which looks to create transparency in government and to provide educational opportunities to people. He believes it is through education that people can be uplifted. He was intricate in bringing hope to many Eastern Europeans during the Cold War by sponsoring cultural exchanges. He also was a major force in establishing universities on www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros that taught critical thinking after the fall of communism. George Soros took the greatest gamble in history and turned it into a win for the people of the world.