How You Can Find And Buy Into US Oil And Energy Independent Investments Known As Freedom Checks

President Trump and many energy industry leaders want to see more mi domestic energy resources used in the US to increase fracking production, oil pipelines, and many more uses for natural resources that are being underutilized right now. As part of this push, a potential for big investments to be made is looming for what is known as freedom checks. These are true investments and are not government subsidy checks or welfare payouts. They are a way that you can get in on the push to end foreign oil dependence and pocket some of the profits that will come out of it.

The end of foreign oil constantly being brought into the US and freedom in energy is why investment expert Matt Badiali named dividends paid out by various companies freedom checks. Most people who receive dividend payments on them do so by direct deposit into a brokerage account, but you can opt to receive checks in the mail. But how do you get these checks? Badiali explained in a video that most can be found on normal stock trading platforms, but you need to know the differences between these checks and regular stocks.

Freedom checks are payouts given by companies known as master limited partnerships (MLPs). MLPs are all in the oil and natural resources sector, but what sets them apart is that they follow different regulations, including one that stipulates that they payout 90℅ of their income to their shareholders. This is especially a lot of money when you consider that the profits these MLPs are said to make will be over $34 billion in the next few years. But another part of the returns you make on these investments is that they are treated as a return on capital and not a return on income in your portfolio. As a result, you never have to pay taxes on them as long as you own them; only the lower capital gains tax if you sell them. That’s right, if you buy in while you have the chance, freedom checks can be a way to build wealth tax free. If you want to know more, sign up for Matt Badiali’s newsletters at

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Paul Mampilly Explains the Relationship between Electronic Pill Usage and Blockchain Technology

In recent days, there are many discussions about blockchain, and Paul Mampilly has taken part. The technology of keeping records digitally which has existed since 2008. The techniques allow people to record and can trace every transaction they have made. Additionally, Blockchain will enable people to make entries chronologically in such a way that public members can easily have access to the data. Nowadays, many people think digital privacy is a significant concern for many people. However, unlike other insecure channels, which are prone to hackers, blockchain has a watertight security feature where hackers are kept out of bound. The system allows you to customize it in such a way that one can access your data only under your authority.

Additionally, the system gives room for you to protect your data by setting standards of your information retrieval by other users. Blockchain is used in reducing fraud in the medical fraternity. In matters regarding health, Paul Mampilly explains how blockchain can help a patient know if the medication prescriptions one is following are correctly working through the E-pill. Paul Mampilly continues to demonstrate that it would involve taking a pill with digital sensors. The capsule would communicate with an app installed on the patient’s phone. The information relayed to the app from the capsule by the sensor indicates the results of chemical reactions which are happening in the stomach. The app would tell the patient if the pill went well with the body and if it went wrong, the patient would request the doctor for a substitute.

As Paul Mampilly continues to explain, the E-pill would also inform the doctor if the patient were following the prescription as required as per the schedule and those who skip medicines. Another advantage of E-pill usage is that the manufactures would be able to gather information concerning certain drugs and come up with ways of maintaining or improving them. An electronic pill called AbilityMyCite is used in the treatment of mental illnesses like schizophrenia and was approved in 2017 by FDA. Many drug-making companies are employing this technology to come up with new drugs because it is easy to gather the relevant data during their research. A former hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly, is a university graduate in the business administration whose experience lies mostly in the banking sector. Having worked in big banks like Deutsche Bank and Bank of Scotland, Paul has a talent for studying new investments, and that is the reason why he is following closely following blockchain and medicine.

Matt Badiali: The founder of Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is a mining and investing expert who provides average investors with valuable information on natural resources. The geologist has traveled around the world studying the global natural resources sector, and therefore his knowledge and perspective on this matter is wide. He has been to countries such as Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Hong Kong and others. Badiali realized that his passion for investing could benefit others and that is when he came up with a plan to bring investment ideas to the people. Today, many average investors are making money from natural resources courtesy of the information shared by Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali is a professional who relies on his understanding of the natural resources sector to make investment decisions. He is not influenced by what newspapers are saying, but what he can gather from raw data. His knowledge makes him independent in his decision-making.

Recently, he shared information about Freedom Checks, an investment strategy which he says will reward handsomely. The money will be coming from businesses he refers to as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Freedom Checks are like dividend checks; it is the share you get out of the profits made by business one has shares in.

There has been controversy over the legitimacy of the Freedom Checks, but Matt Badiali says this debate has been caused by people who have not taken the initiative to understand the strategy. This strategy is simply legitimate because MLPs are legitimate businesses that exist. When we say of MLPs not that they are imaginary businesses; they are companies that have ongoing operation s in the United States.

MLPS are not popular because many brokers have no idea what they are. Normally we tend to deal with what is generally sold to us instead of learning the market on ourselves. These companies operate just like the publicly traded companies in the stock market, only that there are a few exceptions in the management of MLPs which makes them unique. Freedom Checks: Are They a Scam or the Real Deal?

Matt Badiali has indicated that in the next one year, there shall be $34.6 billion which will be paid out to investors who will have investments in the MLPs in form of Freedom Checks.

Infinity Group Australia Taking a Different Approach

ng paycheck to paycheck is all too common in Australia. So are the stresses and anxieties that accompany living that way. Many people who are living paycheck to paycheck spend a good amount of their money on wants instead of the needs, they don’t have a designated budget, and suddenly their money is gone. But, according to Infinity Group Australia and the company’s co-founders Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, it doesn’t have to be that way.


Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker spent roughly six months researching the problems in the financial and mortgage markets and creating a program that would help fix those problems. Ultimately what they found was that people got a mortgage and were left hanging without continued support and guidance throughout the loan repayment process. That is wear Infinity Group Australia comes in, they are the support system that individuals and families need to get out of debt faster.


The process isn’t easy and requires a serious amount of dedication, but, if followed, it is guaranteed to work. To begin with Infinity Group takes an exhaustive look at the client’s finances, they determine where every dime of a person’s money is going. After those financial details are known, the company works with the client to develop a feasible budget; one that is challenging but, at the same time, doable. This is done on a weekly basis. At the end of each month, clients receive a report detailing how much of their goal was met. They can look at this report, with their personal banker, to determine whether or not adjustments need to be made to better meet the client’s goal.


When it comes to results, the numbers speak for themselves. One-hundred percent of customers see drastic improvements. On average, because of the processes developed by Holm and Walker, clients are able to pay off roughly $41,000 of debt in the first year. In fact, with a serious amount of dedication, one family was able to pay off nearly $100,000 of debt in just one year. Quite the accomplishment for people who were struggling to make ends meet.


From the beginning, Graeme Holm has been dedicated to creating a unique client experience, where the client is always put first. It is this unique client-based approach that earned the company the 2018 Customer Experience Management Award’s “Overall Best Organization CX.”


Before co-founding Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm spent ten years working in the Big Four Banking industry. It was during his time serving in this capacity that he realized many Australians were living in a financial crisis. Once he had this realization, he decided he could help and developed the basic idea behind Infinity Group. Learn more :

Anil Chaturvedi and Fintech

Financial technology precisely referred to as fintech, and its impacts on the banking department turned into a great discussion in the past few years. Many financial experts are however already familiar with disruptive technology and how it makes financial services more suitable and convenient. Anil Chaturvedi has been able to develop an incredibly successful career in the banking department all across the three continents over the past 40 years. His input and activities have enabled the banking industry through a dramatic transformation. It is due to his experience and extensive knowledge that fintech trend has recently been put into context. It can also instill some valuable perspective to the fresh graduates in the banking industry.


As Hinduja Bank Managing Director, Anil Chaturvedi joined the State Bank of India in the early seventies, most of the banks were attempting to enhance and upgrade their services for their clients by imparting technology in their services. Banks were the first to come up with the idea of credit cards in the fifties. The banks are also responsible for internet leverage in the nineties when they became widespread and wanted to develop online banking services to its clients. Anil Chaturvedi professionalism helps us to clearly and exhaustively outline the impact and effects of fintech on the banking industry.


As per Google Trends, the fintech discussion reached its climax in late 2017. In this discussion, the more significant percentage was speaking of how the new competitors would interfere with banking industry where much of the debate was about how the big and well-established banks would be beaten by many of the small and weak, consumer-focused startups. However, this has not imparted high expenditure to the industrial leaders despite that most of the financial technology startups have experienced tremendous and incredible success. Unlike many, the expectations of many people, the banks that were established by the renowned banker Anil Chaturvedi ion the early 70s and 80s are still active and intact. Their success is grounded in the fact that these banks have partnered with the fintech startup instead of fighting and negating them. This partnership has resulted in the survival of these banks. Thanks to Anil Chaturvedi for his unique strategies and techniques in the financial industry.


Infinity Group Australia: Leading Their Clients to Success

Debt is a growing problem in Australian culture. Over 30% of all Australian households are considered over-encumbered with debt. This means that these households have significantly more debt than they can pay off. Struggling with such levels of debt is a major cause of stress for an Individual. By occurring too much debt they are unable to live their life without the significant increase in their strain that this burden creates. In addition to being an emotional burden for Australians, this debt has other effects on their lifestyle. A person who carries too much debt will be unable to make changes or properly provide their necessities.

When it comes to financial management it’s difficult to determine what the correct move is. There are so many options for a person when it comes to organizing their finances. The typical Australian can become incredibly overwhelmed quickly when shifting through their financial options. The finance industry is constantly shifting and it takes an expert eye to offer the best solutions with minimal confusion. These experts have dedicated their lives to ensuring the financial health of their clients. They stay up to date on all things finance related and work diligently to create simple systems that help their clients manage their income intelligently. For this and many other reasons, it is an excellent idea for Australians who are confused about their finances to consult an expert on the matter. Even if a person believes that they understand their finances there is likely a lot more they can do with the aid of such an expert.

Of the financial advisory companies out there, one of the best available to Australians is Infinity group Australia. Graeme Holm has worked with his company to develop a simple and comprehensive strategy for healthy finance. One of the rules that he has developed is always used cash. In their years of experience, they have come to the conclusion that cash is king when it comes to budgeting. When they take on a new client they are quick to implement this rule. Infinity group Australia has listed over 10 reasons why this rule is so great for their clients. For the most part, cash is hailed by the company because it gives their clients a visual representation of their spending habits’. Infinity group Australia gives their clients a weekly budget in cash that covers all their necessities. Then They Advise their client that if they can’t buy it with cash not to buy it at all.

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