How The RealReal Can Help People Feel Special

A lot of people are faced with a dilemma when it comes to fashion. For one thing, people are often pressured to shop at second hand stores like Goodwill. On the other hand, people who dress well get a lot of praise and positive attention from people. However, they are not going to be able to get some of the most stylish offers from Goodwill or other second hand stores. Fortunately, people are going to get the best of both worlds with The RealReal. People get to feel like they are supporting a good cause while they are enjoying some of the fun designs that will actually get them feeling special.

People do want to feel like they are one of the elite who get to enjoy some of the greatest in designer fashion. The unfortunate fact they have to deal with is that most stores are limited in the type of items they offer. This is especially the case with men’s fashion. Men who want to find something that is different from the same options that are offered at 90% of the fashion stores will find what they are looking for at The RealReal. The best thing about finding something unique for men is that it can be very easy for them to stand out, and if they know how to make it work for them, then they are going to attract a lot of admirers.

One thing that people want to feel like is a trendsetter. The RealReal puts a lot of effort into bringing forth something that is unique. This can get people feeling like they are setting trends for others. The RealReal encourages customers to be authentic in the image they are presenting to others. They will attract people who respect them for who they are as opposed to someone whom they have to put up an act around.

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Women Taking Control – Whitney Wolfe’s Brilliant Dating App!

When Whitney Wolfe graduate a private college in the heart of Dallas, Southern Methodist University, and went on to create her own business at the age of 22, things were looking very good for her. Presently, her situation has never looked better as she is the CEO of her own company called “Bumble”.

Born in Utah, Whitney Wolfe is an international studies major who took the dating industry by storm. Currently, her creation Bumble has over 50,000 users daily. The innovative business model and differentiated way of operating is what made the app so popular. The bottom-line is that women have to be the ones to message first if a matching occurs.

Since her creation is one of the most pertinent inventions in world of online dating, she has already received hefty offers to let go of her business. Many resources report that she said no to a $450 million offer to sell her app to the Match Group. The fact that the offer went up so high comes as not surprise knowing how fast business is growing. With offices in Texas, Australia, London, Germany, and soon New York, the app has taken over the industry with high velocity.

As far as Whitney Wolfe refusing the offer, the valuation was not right in her eyes. The company should have been valued more, and looking at all of their financial information, she was not wrong.

Whitney Wolfe’s career however, was not always so fruitful. After she co-founded another giant in online dating world, Tinder, she soon left and sued the company. She also sued the Match group as well. Sexual harassment charges she filed were settled out of court, while another employee implicated was fired.

Nonetheless, the refusal of a $450 million offer have little to do with the history between the two. Wolfe has made her brand stand out in the market with a slight tweak that others did not think off. This has enabled her to overtake market shares from other companies which are now trying to get it back. With bright future ahead of Bumble, Wolfe is hardly wrong to decline any offers made.

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Fabletics begins To Break Amazon’s Fashion Stranglehold

It is almost impossible to avoid the Amazon brand that has taken hold of the Online shopping industry in the U.S. and around the world. A newer company is now making a major mark on the Online retail industry with the help of investor Kate Hudson, the Oscar nominated actress is one of the main faces linked to the Fabletics brand of active and leisure wear that has become a major part of the lives of U.S. women over the last three years; Fabletics is taking on Amazon by introducing a mix of Online membership programs and popup stores that have so far reached 17 states.


The arrival of Fabletics began Online with a range of active wear that was only available to those who joined the membership programs that could be found through its Web and social media presence. Unlike Amazon the executives at Fabletics have embraced the reverse showroom feature of their business that has become its calling card, physical stores are seen by the leaders of the brand as an extension of the Online presence of the brand that can be used to add new merchandise to the carts of members from across the nation. Whether members and non-members have purchased items Online or in a physical store location the leaders of Fabletics do not appear to care, but they do believe the quality of their products is high enough to keep consumers coming back for more and more clothing options.


One of the features of the Fabletics experience that often appears in many different reviews of the brand is the initial Online survey that is taken by the individual consumer to start their membership with the brand; this survey seems to be one of the most popular aspects of this Online membership retailer as the types of workouts completed by the individual and their individual style are explored to make sure the best choices are always available. The individual curator service is a major bonus for many individuals who feel they can be provided with a wide range of options they may not choose for themselves at a price around $50 per outfit.


The quality of the service and the garments purchased have been praised across a range of review sites, particularly for the pants available that are thick enough to avoid any embarrassing see through problems. Quality issues are not raised in the reviews covered and the ease of use of the Website is something that is universally praised by members and those considering joining this fast growing membership based retailer.

Fabletics Sales Strategy Threatens The Heads Of The Industry

Kate Hudson has grown Fabletics to $250 million in three years something that lots of companies in this line of industry have not done. Now she stands to compete with the heads of this industry like Amazon. Fabletics sales strategy is quite different from other brands as they sell according to the taste of their customers which they get from the subscription their clients subscribe. Big brands have in the past been defined by quality, price or the services that they offer but the economy has brought a change meaning that this combination no longer guarantees success. On the contrary, things like customer experience, last-mile service, exclusive design, gamification elements, and brand recognition are increasingly crucial determiners of what is of high-class to this age’s client.


The general manager of Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin, recently revealed his sales secret which was customer membership. He said customer subscription gave them room to provide personalized services because they already knew what the customers wanted via their registration and then sold it to them at half prices.


How FABLETIC’S do their physical stores differently from their competitors

Fabletics have grasped the concept of physically displaying the item which is digitally in the store so as not to destroy the client’s brand journey. By using the customer’s preferences, the physical stores will only stock goods which are appealing to their subscribed member’s and they can be easily be changed to suit their tastes. Fabletics stores must capture the eyes of their member-clients that is why social media sentiment, membership preferences for local members, real-time sales activity, and store heat-mapping data is taken into consideration when displaying outfits.


Fabletics practices reverse show rooming

Showrooming has destroyed many online stores as potential clients browse their online shops and then buy the same items cheaper elsewhere. Fabletics, on the other hand, have reversed this by the unique way they started out. Their current plan allows them to build relationships with their potential clients so that they can be relied on and even to know the local markets demand better via events or other public activities. As a result, 50% of the guests who walk in their physical stores are members, and the other 50% become members while trying out outfits at their stores.


Fabletics growth is because of its focus on people and culture.

This firm’s growth can is because of being data-aware and a risk-free brand who understands what the new consumer needs. Whether it is a quick purchase option, innovative membership program, a new type of showrooming or smart distribution, Fabletics is ready to shoot all its arrows on its quiver to give their clients the same experience found in their online stores, offline.


About Fabletics

Fabletics is an online subscription store that sells swimsuits, dresses, active men’s and women’s sportswear plus other accessories known as athleisure. They display their outfits based on their client’s fashion and lifestyle preferences. Fabletics was founded in July 2013 and officially launched on 1st October 2013.

They’ve repeatedly gained press exposure because of their advertising techniques which have led them to increase their revenue by 35% in three consecutive years with a valuation of $250 million.