The Executives of HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors is a financial services and wealth management firm based in Los Angeles, California. The firm specializes in providing financial advice and investment management services to individuals and entities. During its history, the firm has been known among its clients as providing the superior customer service to its clients. In other words, the firm allows clients to make their own investment decisions and avoid being sold unnecessary investment options. There are two individuals who have contributed to making HCR Wealth Advisors a successful investment firm. These individuals are the founder and chief executive officer Greg Heller and Senior Managing Director Steve Weinberger.

Greg Heller founded HCR Wealth Advisors 30 years ago. As of today, he is personally responsible for managing $375 million in client assets. Heller began his career working at a brokerage firm and then decided to start up his own wealth management firm. When he founded HCR Wealth Advisors (@HCRwealth), Heller looked to make his firm one that focused on the welfare of the client and which always made them the top priority. Greg also looked to provide clients with objective and unbiased advice as well.  One of the core aspects of the firm’s philosophy is to establish lifelong relationships with clients and help to ensure that they get what they need out of their investment endeavors. Over the years, Greg Heller has grown the firm from a small boutique firm into an SEC-registered financial advisory and asset management company.

Another key executive of HCR Wealth Advisors is Steve Weinberger. He completed a MBA from Pepperdine University with an emphasis in Finance. Steve joined the firm in 1998 and has served for 20 years. Today, he personally manages $175 million in assets for clients. When he first joined the firm, it was a small boutique establishment. However, under his leadership, Steve helped grow the firm into one that currently manages over $1 billion worth of investor assets.  Weinberger specializes in helping clients put together investment portfolio strategies that are highly personalized. This has enabled many clients to earn steady returns on the assets they invest in.

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Brain Bonar Receives Recognition As Executive of The Year

Brian Bonar, the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, was recently named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance. Mr. Bonar received the award for a combination of reasons that highlight his success in the financial sector.

The winners of the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance are chosen by a committee that considers a variety of aspects that makeup the selection process. Some of these aspects include important considerations such as professional accomplishments, leadership abilities, and academic achievements.

The winners of a Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year award come from many different backgrounds. However, winning the award tells a lot about each individual. It is not easy to be selected as a Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year. The competition is tough and plentiful. All the winners are to be congratulated.

The Cambridge Who’s Who committee selects people who have demonstrated through professional success a track record that demonstrates qualities that place the winners apart for their peers.

Brian Bonar has shown through a very successful career that he is worthy of the Executive of The Year award presented to him by the Cambridge Who’s Who organization.

Mr. Brian Bonar has close to 30 years of experience in the financial industry. He has a combination of education, hard work, and proven leadership capabilities that have provided him with the opportunity to display his talents in executive positions within the companies where he has served.

Currently Brian Bonar is the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. As the Chairman and CEO, Brian Bonar handles many key executive responsibilities. These responsibilities cover a wide array of employer and employee benefits and products.

Dalrada Financial Corporation offers services and products to PEO businesses. The company offers numerous employee programs that help improve business efficiency. The programs include products and services concerning risk management insurance, financial administration, employee benefits and business management services.

Brian Bonar holds other key positions beyond being the Charmin and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Mr. Bonar is also the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service and the Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services.

Mr. Bonar has a combination of education, leadership, and professional success that has provided him with many professional opportunities. Brian Bonar holds a Ph.D. and is affiliated professionally with the American Finance Association.

The hard work and dedication that Brian Bonar has shown over the past several decades has placed him in a position to be honored by the Cambridge Who’s Who organization as the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance. The award is a testament to his successful career.