Important Steps To Hiring An Event Planner

There are many event planners NYC has to offer, but before you start making phone calls, it’s important to know a few things first. The right event planner will translate your vision perfectly and use their expertise to make tough decisions. They will also be able to coordinate all the components of your event perfectly to ensure a seamless experience.


With all the event planning companies NYC has available, it can be an overwhelming task trying to pick the right one for your event. If you have never held an event before, you may not even know exactly what an event planner is supposed to do. That’s why we have compiled a list of some important tips that will help you pick the right one for the job.



Know What Type of Planner You Need


Some event planners will take over all decision-making responsibilities while using your budget as their guide. Others will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss the details and show up on the day of your event to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Some event planning companies provide event services as well. Twenty Three Layers in New York City is a full-service event planning company that handles events of all sizes and kinds. This company also provides every service you could possibly need whether it be full catering or photography.



Ask Around


In addition to searching on the internet for event planners in your area, ask around at local catering halls and other venues for references.



Interview Event Planners in Person


Since you will be trusting your event planner with your vision, your time and your money, try to meet potential candidates in person so that you can feel them out and decide if your chemistry is right before signing any contracts.



Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate


When it comes to the event industry, negotiation is everything. Don’t be afraid to ask your event planner for a better price. In many cases, event planners will cut you a deal if you advertise their services during your event.





Hopefully, these tips have taken some of the headache out of choosing an event planner. An event planner is supposed to do much of the hard work that comes with running an event in order to relieve you of stress. By hiring the right event planner, your event will be a success.