Marc Beer is now the chairman of the Board at LumeNXT

Marc Beer has been appointed the chairman of the board of LumeNXT, a privately held company that is developing medical products. LumeNXT is creating an illumination product line that will make easy to perform surgical operations that need minimal invasive procedures. The addition of Beer into the leadership of this company is a great decision since he brings more than 25 years of experience in this industry. He has been in the industry long enough to understand what makes a medical startup successful. He has experience in the commercialization and development of technology that is in line with the needs of today’s market. He has also been in the pharmaceuticals and diagnostics departments where his leadership skills have been sharpened.


After his appointment by LumeNXT, Marc Beer praised the company for coming up with advanced technology in surgical illumination. This proprietary technology will come in handy in making safe surgical procedures. He believes that with this technology, it will now be possible to conduct numerous surgeries with minimally invasive methods. The advantages of this new technology from LumeNXT include better visualization, better flexibility, and precision as compared to other methods. These are some of the characteristics that the traditional illumination products lack. Learn more:


Marc Beer has performed very well with other companies where he has been in charge. He has worked with several startups before and has helped them to grow into reputable business organizations in the healthcare industry. His ability to start and help organizations to get a global presence as well as get into the path of profitability in the short term are some of the attributes that make Beer the best-suited person for the job at LumeNXT. His experience will ensure that the company performs better going forward.


Marc Beer has become a notable name in the healthcare industry due to his ability to create and guide startups. In a field where startups struggle to make a mark in the market, Beer has enabled all the startups he has initiated to perform far much better. In 2016, he started Renovia Inc., a startup based in Boston and which is producing diagnosis and treatment solutions for pelvic floor disorders.


Through Renovia Inc. Marc Beer targets to address a challenge that affects millions of women around the world. Pelvic floor disorders have been a huge challenge since no one has ever come up with a solution that will collect the most vital data needed to strengthen the muscles. Now, Renovia has created a product known as Leva digital health system that has been approved by the FDA. In just two years, this is now one of the best performing startups in the country. The performance is a confirmation of the strength that Marc Beer has as a business leader.

Guilherme Paulus: Brazil’s Finest Hotelier

Guilherme Paulus is one of Brazil’s most prominent hoteliers and global entrepreneurs. Guilherme manages and takes the lead role of the Board of Advisors of the CVC Brasil and GJP Hotels and Resorts. Guilherme’s company operates over 20 establishments scattered in Brazil. They also house about 5,000 employees and have catered about one million customers in their establishments. Guilherme Paulus has definitely proven himself to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs of Brazil and his success in the business of hotel management serves as a textbook definition of how to run a business.

Guilherme Paulus punctuates that being truly and genuinely passionate and in love with your craft is one of the most important driving factors on the success of any business. You must truly love everything about what you do to become truly successful. You must start with an idea that you love and that you are passionate about before you start to work on it. If you work on something that you are not passionate about initially – it will only be an upward hill struggle from there, and it would most likely head towards frustrations that will end your attempt very early. When you start with something that you are already passionate about, then you have already won half the battle. Guilherme puts a lot of time, energy and effort into attending to the needs of his clients. Guilherme makes sure that he understands the needs and wants of his clients and his market so that he can adjust the services that his establishments offer. Guilherme also keeps a keen eye on the changes in behavior and consumption of his clients so that he can also adapt to these factors.

Guilherme Paulus punctuates on the importance of making investments – no matter how small. He believes in the saying “Save a penny to have a million.” – and Guilherme believes that investing is always the best way to spend money. Money put into investments will pay you back thousand folds in the future and you can utilize these fully ripened investments for whatever you may deem it necessarily spent on. ADVB/RS traz Guilherme Paulus, um dos maiores empresários do turismo, para participar do Você com o Presidente


“The Solution for Pelvic Floor Disorder is Accessible and Simple “

There is a disease that haunts many women around the world and around the United States as well. “Pelvic Floor Disorder,” as the name suggests, is a dysfunction occurred in the muscles of the pelvic area that causes a series of complications on women who have this dysfunction. It can be painful, and it can lead to social embarrassment, so it is crucially important to treat and take care of before it escalates to something worse.


Renovia, a company created by Marc Beer, the current Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, noticed that many women were not seeking professional help. They felt embarrassed. However, Renovia sought to develop and provide solutions to these women in order for them to start treating themselves at the comfort of their homes. Marc Beer helped develop the “Leva.”


Leva was created by Renovia as a tech solution, a device that helps a victim of pelvic floor disorder strengthen their muscles in the area. It is done by easy and simple exercises while also having the regular overview of professionals. It has a comprehensive session of FAQ and an extensive guideline, so users feel comfortable and in charge of these exercises.


Additionally, besides Leva, Renovia created several products for these women to use at their houses and start developing a better resistance towards the disorder. Many have reported that, just by working, exercising and putting effort, they have significantly improved their conditions.


Marc Beer oversees those products, and he is also very interested in releasing new and updated products as well throughout the years. The CEO is continuously researching new tech solutions that could potentially be used by the company for even better treatments.


Leva’s full technical name is “leva Pelvic Digital Health System,” and it even comes with an app for you to download on your smartphone to have a better experience with the device. It helps you keep track of your data and better analyze what are the muscles that need further training and where do you need to strengthen your resistance the most. It is a constructive way for women to be more self-conscious about their own specific conditions.


Marc Beer is also the developer of treatment methods for the disorder. His methods are FDA-approved, and more are being released in 2018, when he raised $42 million to help fund their new products.


The CEO spoke more about the company’s mission. According to him, research shows that there are more than 250 million women with pelvic floor disorder in the world, and there isn’t enough specialized treatment in the market for all these victims. It is Renovia’s duty to create and improve their own solutions for these women and offer them better lives and forget all about the condition. Learn more:


Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Leads in Advertising

For business, branding is an essential element. Branding defines the direction that a product will take in the industry. Branding gives business a marketing niche. There are many ways that advertising can raise the profile of business by strengthening the brand. For an individual to have a proper brand presentation, there must be a good brand manager through an advertising agency. That is where Jose Borghi comes in. Jose Borghi is an advertising mogul. He has carved a great name for himself in the advertising industry. Jose’s career currently revolves around advertising in his agency.

Mullen Lowe

One of the best ways to expose a business to the world is through finding a top ranking advertising agency. In Brazil, Mullen Lowe is a leading advertising agency thanks to the brains behind the management. Under the insightful leadership of Jose Borghi, the agency has established a firm client base because of the services it offers. From developing excellent brand names to selling the brand to the consumers, Mullen Lowe strikes out as a force to reckon with in the advertising world. The agency is prominent for providing top notch services that attract clients. With Jose Borghi as the president, Mullen Lowe has always delivered results to higher expectations than the clients. Jose has a unique way of understanding the demands of customers. He relives a customer’s expectations to reality.


One element that sets Mullen Lowe apart from the other advertising agencies is Jose’s ability to incorporate different ideas into one segment. Through this incorporation, it is easy to satisfy a client’s needs. Jose Borghi uses a diversified portfolio to meet the demands of a customer. He uses his team to identify the strengths of the brand. Through this identification, it becomes easy to brand the product. Aside from having a key attention to details, he uses foreign talent to bring out new ideas that can be used in branding.

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Meet inspirational Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is a project manager at Meriwether Group. At just 17 years old, the entrepreneur has greatly helped the Oregon based company achieve its mission. Sawyer works on changing businesses’ structure on commerce and helping the companies grow. This has enabled him develop several business skills such giving effective presentations, taking notes in important meetings and excelling spreadsheets mastery. Read This Page.

Sawyer Howitt joined the group in 2015 as a business strategy analyst. At that time, he worked with executives to enhance retail businesses of customers. In this capacity, Sawyer Howitt developed RFID, a similar technology to UPC codes, to speed up shopping checkout process. He is currently working on improving the technology to help businesses improve their operations and enhance the shopping experience of their customers.

Educational background

Sawyer Howitt studies at Lincoln High where he is also a successful racquetball player. He has membership of Portland Racquetball Club and regularly blogs about the sport and entrepreneurship. Sawyer is also a volunteer tutor in math and science. The young entrepreneur has been a director of many philanthropic companies that focus on creating opportunities for minorities. He has been a mentor of at-risk teenagers and completed many business internships.

To build his knowledge, he has enrolled for a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance at Columbia University this fall. His academic background and experience helps him understand what modern businesses need. He particularly appreciates the need for branding and marketing to build and maintain relationships with savvy consumers.


Sawyer Howitt is David Howitt’s son. The senior Howitt and Sawyer are well known entrepreneurs at the Meriwether Group. The group provides companies with services such as business acceleration, funding organizations with equity and exit strategy support. They assist the companies with branding by carrying out research to understand target markets, developing messages that will appeal to them and coming up with effective ways to deliver messages to the audiences. The organization also helps with optimization of businesses profits, development of strategies, and execution of the initiatives. Sawyer’s experience and educational background will make it easy for him to lead the company and continue his father’s legacy.