White Shark Media gets some complaints, but quickly rectifies.

White Shark Media are an AdWords campaign consultant company, they have received numerous compliments, but more recently they have received some complaints from clients, like any good business however, they have made a few changes to rectify the situation.

There were about eight complaints in total ranging from inadequate reporting procedures, poor communication, lack of a ‘better’ campaign, No SEO services, unprofessional and bland consultants, poor performance tracking, to a lack of customer call tracking, thus many changes to what clients receive when they hire the services of White Shark Media are being implemented, such as…

  • More thorough explanations to clients pertaining to the ins and outs of their new campaigns.
  • Monthly status calls and direct extensions.
  • Verification that existing campaigns are in use.
  • New and improved expert supervisory management.
  • Senior SEM consultants who provide a personal touch.
  • Newly-created accounts for each new campaign, preventing redundancy.
  • Improved AdWords performance tracking and comprehensive reporting and
  • A new, and greatly enhanced call tracking provider and system.

“Throughout the years we’ve had Clients reaching out to us with a lot of compliments, but we’ve had our share of complaints too. It takes time to build up a company from scratch that will produce the lowest amount of complaints.

We’ve eventually reached a point where we believe we’ve made our share of mistakes and paid for them, but we have also come out with a better service in the end.

This post is about letting potential Clients and other agencies know about the process we’ve undertaken in White Shark Media. You can trust us to use your compliments and complaints to constructively move forward.” – Andrew Lolk – Consulting/Agency

To read further and in greater detail as to what White Shark media is doing to improve, follow the link Here.

In summary, White Shark media is a solid company with a great reputation, they strive to provide the best possible options and expertise for each and every client’s AdWords campaigning needs.

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Darius Fisher: Who is he, really?

Who is Darius Fisher? Many people don’t know the name. Now if you said something about Louis Armstrong or Kenny Rogers or someone else, you would know who I’m talking about. Who is Darius Fisher?

Well, it depends. Darius Fisher is the co-founder and president of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm. They specialize in digital crisis management and their clients are some of the very most well known Fortune 500 companies.

Most people want to know how Darius Fisher ticks. He was interviewed by a man named Rieva Lesonsky. One of the first questions about Darius was what he wanted to be when he grew up. He said he wanted to be a baseball player. If he had wanted to be a baseball player, why did he start his own business? That was the next question for the co-founder. He wanted to travel and to work for himself.

Lesonsky also learned that Fisher had a pivotal moment when he was on the road to success. He learned that he had worked as a copywriter but then quit his job. Fisher also said that there was a best piece of advice he got is to start selling yourself rather than the ‘other nonsense’ that doesn’t contribute to your growth.

One of the things Lesonsky also learned was that Fisher’s favorite book was How to Win People and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This book is really well known self help book and has sold quite a few copies. Find Darius on Facebook to keep up with news and other information about his life.

More information for Darius:

Twitter: @fisherdarius