White Shark Media Accounts for Phone Customers


In the every changing digital world, the way to access companies has evolved. Originally, people only accessed online companies through the Internet. However, some companies offer people to contact them through the phone. White Shark Media has effectively increased the visits for many companies. However, one issue that companies have to face is tracking and analysis. The technology needed to track visits and inquiries over the website is different from the technology that could track phone calls. White Shark Media was faced with this review when customers have told them that they can’t track the customers that visit them through the phone.

White Shark Media has looked for ways to solve this issue. One solution that they settled on is joining up with Marchex in order to offer call tracking for each and every client. They understand the importance of tracking phone calls so that they can get a better analysis of the business they are getting. Now, it is mandatory for every client signed up under them to have call tracking. It is also include as a free feature under Youtube AdWords management. This makes it easier for clients to find ways to improve their business so that it could continue to grow.

White Shark Media shows that it values its customer and takes every feedback and review into consideration for updating the way it does business. While there are businesses that ignores customer feedback, White Shark Media is not one of them. However, it wouldn’t be wise to adjust business according to everything customers say. White Shark Media makes sure that the feedback is something that would actually improve their services to their clients and not alienate their clients. They try not to be one of the businesses that take away something that worked so well for the company.