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Oncology is one of the most critical partitions of medicine, as it deals with one of the most dangerous diseases in human history: Cancer.Oncology directly studies tumors, cancers, as well as other researching topics like aging, cells, and other subjects.Because of the importance of this part of the medical industry, many types of research around the world rely on newsletters and magazines to stay up to date to the latest discoveries in that front, and Oncotarget is one of them.In the online atmosphere, Oncotarget is the number 1 choice among doctors and scientists in Oncology as the primary online newsletter to keep them updated on what is happening around the globe and what are the latest cancer news regarding different fronts.

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Many companies and researchers are turning to the Oncotarget website to directly ask publishers to submit their researches, studies, discoveries, news, and observations. IntegraGen, the company that studies the transformation of genomic information and data in order to be investigated by oncology in general, is turning to Oncotarget to post their latest news and updates because of its reach and influence among oncologists. IntegraGen will be covering their results analysis of the famous miR-31-3p expression in many tumor samples that were obtained from patients who experienced them and were able to overcome the expression or show different reaction signs.If you want to be updated on that research, make sure to visit Oncotarget and find out more about the subject.

A Look At How Dr. Clay Siegall Is Changing The Field Of Cancer Therapy

Dr. Clay Siegall, Ph.D., co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. His quest at Seattle Genetics is to develop antibody-drug conjugates that treat many different forms of cancer. His roles at Seattle Genetics are Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, and President.

Dr. Seigall has always been passionate about helping those who are suffering from cancer. He has used his intelligence, education, and experience in order to find drugs that will provide a cure for their cancer. He is a graduate of George Washington University which is where he earned his Ph.D. in Genetics.

Dr. Siegall started his professional career at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute where he was hired as a Senior Research Investigator. He has also done research and development at the National Cancer Institute as a Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow. The skills and knowledge that he gained from these experiences led to him co-founding Seattle Genetics.

Due to the hard work and dedication that Dr. Siegall has exhibited throughout his career, he is responsible for Seattle Genetics first FDA approved cancer drug, ADCETRIS. ADCETRIS was approved in 2011 and is now being used in over 60 countries across the globe. ADCETRIS treats two forms of lymphoma better than any drug has before, and Dr. Siegall continues to research the drug in order to see what other forms of cancer it can possibly treat.

Dr. Siegall has also shown that he is an excellent business leader. As the leader at Seattle Genetics, he has raised more than $1.2 billion that supports the company’s expansion and research efforts. It’s also allowed him to fill his company’s labs with the most advanced types of technology in order to create further medical breakthroughs. His visionary and strategic leadership has enabled Seattle Genetics to be one of the foremost cancer research companies in the world.

Dr. Clay Seigall is also involved in the broader medical community. He is the Director of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical where he provides his medical and business insights. He is also on the board of two other biotechnology companies, Mirna Therapeutics and Alder Biopharmaceuticals.