Richard Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Are At InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health Services was created in 1998 by Dr. Richard Shinto, the self-named President and Chief Executive Officer of the managed care provider and insurer. Eight other executives lead the company from the C-suite:

  • CIO – S. Bhasker
  • Chief Experience Officer – Nicole Cable
  • COO – Michael Holohan
  • Chief Actuary Officer – Meyers
  • Chief Administrative Officer – Penelope Kokkinides
  • Chief Accounting Officer – Michael Sortino
  • Chief Innovation Officer – Mony Weschler
  • CFO –Douglas Malton

Penelope Kokkindies, one of few to work for InnovaCare Health two times

Ms. Penelope Kokkindies was first at InnovaCare Health in 2006. Penelope stayed six years – until 2012. She came back in 2015 and has been on a 40-odd-month tear, equivalent to three-and-a-half years.

Kokkindies is currently InnovaCare Health’s Chief Administration Officer, similar to the responsibilities of COO, a position she held from 2006 to 2012.

Penelope has also served Aveta Inc. as its Chief Operating Officer. Before that, she was the Vice President of Clinical Operations. Throughout her career, Ms. Kokkindies has spent more than 25 years in the field of healthcare.

Some more of her most recent, noteworthy jobs were at Centerlight HealthCare, where he doubled as its Executive Vice President and COO. Touchstone Health and UnitedHealth Group’s AmeriChoice had also hosted Ms. Penelope Kokkinides as their COOs. She has one undergraduate degree, but took up two separate master’s degrees and took a post-master’s program to complete her fourth college certificate.

There are two parts of InnovaCare Health’s revenue stream. Both are in the United States, though one-half of its operations are based in Puerto Rico. MMM Holdings has about five to 10 subsidiaries under its belt.

Shinto has worked more places than most people could imagine. He’s been the NAMM of California’s CEO, the same position for Aveta, Inc. MEdical Pathways Management Company had Dr. Richard Shinto as their COO and Chief Medical Officer. He later moved on to be a corporate vice president of MedPartners between 1995 and 1997. Afterward, he ventured off to Cal Optima Health Plan.

Dr. Shinto’s experience and expertise have won him spots on the board of AHIP, America’s Health Insurance Plans, and on a board within the California Department of Managed Care. He’s got both a master’s in business administration and a license to practice medicine.

Career achievements of Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre is one of the most respected innovators in the healthcare industry. Currently, she serves as the Principal of Bundled Payments Practice, and she had a chance to testify before the Congress on the efficacy of bundled payments.

Deirdre Baggot is a prominent health business strategist and payment professional who resided in the Denver. She joined the University of Southern Illinois where she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in nursing. She went to Loyola University in the Quinlan School of Business where she got her MBA and later enrolled at Colorado University to get her Ph.D. Visit to learn more

Deirdre started her profession in 1997 when she began serving at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She worked as a resource coordinator and nurse and also the manager of the administration group in the hospital. She worked at the facility for six years before she moved to Michigan and started working at the University of Michigan Health System. She served as a business analyst for the company while working as an administration manager too. During her tenure at the company, she managed to scope an award for exceptional leadership in safety. She also earned a certification in Lean/Six Sigma.

In 2006, Deirdre Baggot relocated to Denver, Colorado where she was appointed as the head administrator of the cardiac and vascular Institute, which is a subsidiary of SCL health. She supervised almost 450 individuals in the company and was accountable for departments like acquisitions, business development, payer contracting, marketing, recruiting among others. She worked for the institution for four years, and during her tenure, she established 11 clinic locations. She also hired talents that brought a significant contribution to the management. Her vast experience helped her get a slot at GE Healthcare Partners in Los Angeles. She served as the senior duty president where she specialized on payment systems in the healthcare sector. She established a payment consulting agency that recorded revenue of $6.6 million per year.

Deirdre Baggot has been acknowledged on various NPR shows during her profession. At one point, she was persuaded to be the chairperson of the national bundled payment summit whose aim was to get a solution for issues that surrounded payments in the healthcare sector.

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David McDonald’s Global Leadership Position

Graduating from Lowa State University with a Bachelor’s degree in animal science, David McDonald holds the position of president in one of the most successful privately held companies. OSI Group being a global enterprise, it is widely diversified in its operations around the world. For many years now, he has played a very significant role in OSI’s general expansion worldwide, simply because he is an expert in food production logistics with wide experience working with government agencies, suppliers and retailers.

Being flexible with the solutions they offer is the reason why OSI group continues to grow while establishing good relations with its clients.

Receiving awards over the years with OSI group has been a career achievement for David McDonald, including the award for management of health and safety risks and environmental management.

The constant desire of growth and improvement is visibly seen with David McDonald’s OSI group by having over 20,000 employees in more than 65 facilities worldwide, consequently being named as among the largest private U.S companies with an estimation of 6.1 billion by Forbes.

Scaling OSI group globally has been a success by the ability to make different and successful partnerships. Their newest facility in China is a proof of their ability to understand the cultural marketplace.

Being the chairman of North American Meat institute, David McDonald also thrives to deliver helpful solutions to customers.

Operation management, quality assurance and food safety are some of the skills David McDonald possess which has enabled him to keep OSI group’s standards so high with the aid of innovated customers.

Meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations of customers is the target of all employees working at OSI group. Their foundational value never changes but their solutions, products and success are constantly changing.

As they never tout their success, OSI group is solely in business to help customers, this makes OSI group stay at the top. With their continuing adaptation to changes they continue to succeed.

From the farm fields of Lowa to being at the center of success, the OSI president will continue to be an example worthwhile.

How HGGC Scored Touchdown with Integrity Marketing Group

There are a number of private equity firms looking to make a big score in the current boom market. One of those private equity firms has been able to take a Life and Health Insurance Marketing firm to new heights in the span of a couple of years. That firm, HGGC, is realizing big profits thanks to their investment in Integrity Marketing Group.

HGGC is known as a top mid-market private equity group based in Palo Alto, California. The firm has 60 companies in their portfolio with a total investment of $4.2 billion. Companies in the HGGC portfolio include AutoAlert, Serena, IDERA, Aventri, FPX, Integrity, Davies Group, Pearl and MyWebGrocer.

The current star of the firm’s portfolio is Integrity Marketing Group. Specializing in marketing Life and Health Insurance to the senior market, Integrity has seen revenue triple since HGGC’s initial investment two years ago. According to Integrity’s CEO and Founder, Bryan W. Adams, “The firm now has over 130,000 and over $850 million in a realized annual premiums.” The company markets specialized Life and Health Insurance products such as Medicare Supplement and Long-Term Care.

Founded in 2007, HGGC has executed over $60 billion dollars in transactions. Capital for these investments were made possible by three funds raised by the firm over the pasted decade. The first fund, known as “Fund 1,” raised $1.1 billion dollars in 2008. In 2014, the firm opened “Fund 2” and raised $1.3 billion dollars before closing in 2015. Soon afterward, the firm created “Fund 3.” This flagship fund raised $1.8 billion dollars.

Capital for these three funds were raised from a number of pension funds and international insurance agencies. Investors include Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS), CNP Assurances, Brederode SA, and The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS).

Key personal at the firm include Leslie M. Brown, Gregory M. Benson, Jr., Richard F. Lawson, Jr., Neil H. White, and Hall of Farm winning quarterback Steven Young. Since its inception, the firm has won a number of awards including 2014 M&A Mid-Market Private Equity Firm of the Year by Mergers & Acquisitions magazine. As the company enters its next decade, HGGC will seek to further boost the revenues and profits of their portfolio companies.


Gareth Henry is the investor known globally by various United States investment managers. He is an experienced investment manager. He went to the University of Edinburgh located in Scotland. There he studied actuarial mathematics.

He graduated later in the year 2000. He went and joined an investment organization called Schroders. At Schroders, he was the director of Strategic Solutions for Schroders. He worked for several years and moved to the United States of America. He joined an investment firm called the Fortress Investment Group. He worked there as a Global Head of Investor Relations.

His major works were to analyze wealth and pension funds and insurance relations. The company had an objective of acquiring capital with other organizations all over the world. He focused on the sales of the company to help the firm grow day by day. He has moved into the private credit and equity in the inventory sector. Read the article at

Gareth Henry mentioned the direct deal and single asset investments concerning the private credit and private equity. He has built himself with excellent knowledge of mathematics p form many sales strategies in addressing institutional and fixed income product lines for firm’s funds, income, credit, and private equity.

Gareth Henry has handled pension funds, wealth funds, insurance companies, and other capital investments. He believes his clients should grow with which he makes calls eight to ten times per day to his clients.

Back then when he was working as the head of International Investor Relations, he engaged himself with investors across the United States, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

When he worked at the Fortress Investment Group, he controlled the investor relations of the company’s $4 billion hedge fund. Living in New York City, United States of America, he is the Global Head of Investor Relations for Angelo, Gordon, and Co. He raises some capital for credits and real estates.

He has significant experience in building the wealth of companies. Gareth Henry is a great investor and is known across many countries in the world. He is one who should be emulated by many investors in the world. Read more:



The History of the OSI Group McDonalds Relationship…

It Goes all the way back to the Beginning…

The OSI Group McDonalds relationship goes back to almost the beginning for both entities. The OSI Group McDonalds introduction are almost not necessary. OSI group is one of the largest firms in industrialized foods and McDonald’s is, perhaps, the largest quick service food provider on the entire planet. OSI supplies McDonald’s their beef, that’s the simple version of the story. Did you know that it’s always been that way, however? These two histories began mingling on each other’s time lines from the very start…

David McDonald brought his Skill into what started as an Iowa Farm!

David McDonald, current leader of OSI is no stranger to farms. He split his education at the University of Iowa between agricultural sciences and business ones! It was probably this guys’ dream to run OSI since he was in school, working on his undergraduate degree. OSI began as humbly as David…also on a farm. Now David uses the business portion of his degree to oversee a large farming operation, with factories all over the Midwest.

First OSI led them, now McDonald’s assists OSI in China…

The thing about the OSI Group McDonalds relationship is that it started with a handshake agreement between two growing companies. One needed beef and the other was looking to supply it. While OSI originally led McDonald’s corp. to larger opportunities, remember that McDonald’s is currently assisting OSI by allowing them to increase production in new countries such as China. Countries where OSI Group McDonalds never had operations before. One hand really does wash the other with this business arrangement. To know more about the company click here.

They were the First to Invest in Freezing Technology…

While called Otto & Sons, the original OSI had already invested in important freezing technology related to meat. Ray Kroc knew that his stores needed that technology to function as a supply chain. Perhaps it was this fact combined with both entities having experienced humble beginnings that got the ball rolling? Whatever the reason, the two entities have seemed to function in perfect harmony ever since. One assisting the other through doors of growth in a never-ending chain type of effect.

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Doe Deere: America has always been great

The American dream has resonated all over the world, placing hope into the hearts of those wanting to be part of the American journey. It was no different for a young Russian name Doe Deere. Doe recalls admiring America through her experience watching American movies, listening to music and the English language. America was the land of opportunity and her sights were set on living that dream. Doe Deere would get that chance at the age of 17 when her mother decided to move her and her sister to New York City. She states that her immediate thought went to a quote she had seen somewhere, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”, and Doe was set to accomplish her American dream.

It did not, however, go as planned. Her first years in America where a struggle to say the least, not only where her mother’s accounting credentials from Russia not applicable here due to an issue with processing, but they were running out of money fast. It wasn’t long till Doe Deere and her family under pressures of money resort to living out of a homeless shelter. It was, for a time, a great moment of hopelessness, and it seemed that her American dream would not come true.

Fast forward to 1999, a social worker seeking to help immigrant families who’ve fallen on hard times entered her life. Dorchen Leidholdt would aid her mother in finding a stable accounting job, her sister a scholarship to Columbia University and for Doe, her dream of pursuing her career in fashion. In 2008, all her hard work had paid off, Doe Deere would open her company, “Grime Crime” and employing over 35 people to spread the message to women that they can be whoever they want. Doe attributes her success to America, she comments that some of the people who will make America great may not start off as Americans.

OSI Industries: A Century Of Continuous Progress

The story of OSI Industries is remarkable. It started in 1909 as a small butcher business. Otto Kolschowsky is the founder and he was a German immigrant to the U.S.

Over a century down the line, the company is in its rightful position, the 58th largest private company in the world, according to Forbes. OSI Industries ventured into the food industry while the industry was still struggling to get to its feet around the world. It grew significantly over time alongside the industry. Currently, it prides itself of more than 20,000 employees working around the clock at 65 facilities across 17 countries.

Its humble beginnings dates more than a century back with Otto Kolschowsky and his sons at the helm of its leadership. A decade after it was founded, it became a meat wholesaler and moved its operations to Maywood. In 1928, it was rebranded Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons established a good business relationship with McDonalds, an endeavor that was a fateful development. As McDonalds grew, it increased its demand for fresh meat products and since Otto & Sons was their best shot to get consistent and quality products, it made Otto & Sons its main supplier.

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Otto & Sons established a facility at West Chicago, Illinois that was dully dedicated to supplying McDonalds with meat products. To enable them go international, it rebranded to OSI Industries in 1975. At that time, the demand for a leader with Sheldon Lavin expertise increased and he was brought on board and offered the opportunity to become its partner. The company expanded to Utah and became an international active and stable business. At some point, it got a technology breakthrough that streamlined its operations and reduced costs. Consequently, they were able to offer quality and affordable products.

Since then OSI Industries embraced innovation, eco-friendly and sustainable practices. It takes the safety of its products seriously. It works around the clock to see to it that their products are safe and high quality. Currently, it is a worldwide provider of meat products and food solutions. It has gained a lot of recognition and received many accolades. It received Global Visionary Award, Globe of Honor from The British Safety Council, California Green Business Award and others. By 2016, it was estimated to be worth $6.1 billion.

Stream Energy Partners With Other Charitable Organizations in Philanthropy

Stream Energy provides direct selling companies that offer its services to its customers through associates on its behalf. The associates deliver the services including mobile phones and fixed rate energy to the customers steadily and smoothly because the company pays them on a commission basis. Besides providing these services, the company cares for the community by sponsoring many philanthropic activities within its home Dallas and beyond. Through Stream Cares, it’s recently launched charitable organization; the company has taken part in many community-based activities for the last ten years. Stream takes philanthropy as one of its brand alongside other services. The staff members teach communities they live with how to co-exist with their neighbors, which strengthens the bonds among them.

Through Stream Cares, Stream Energy works with the American Red Cross and the Habitat for Humanity to reach the affected residents. The company provided help to the Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston, America in collaboration with the American Red Cross. Many charitable organizations watched helplessly as the floods wreaked havoc leaving many people dead or displaced and property destroyed. Additionally, the company assisted the affected businesspersons back to business through funding them. Stream Care and Hope Supply Co. sponsor the Annual Splash for Hope event through sponsoring one thousand homeless kids to the event. The selection of the children takes place randomly. The beneficiaries take part in the event and in the end receive goodies and some money. Hope Supply &Co. Together with Stream Cares provides diapers, clothing, and school supplies to needy children.

Stream Energy took part in the recovery process of the 2016 Northern Texas tornado tragedy that took place just a day after Christmas. The company’s employees worked for hand in hand with the Salvation Army to assist the victims by raising thousands of dollars to help the victims. Stream Energy doubled each contribution forwarded by its more than two hundred and fifty thousand associates. The company continues to support the Northern Texas communities by looking for funds to support their children in school and helping families secure loans from banks and other organizations. The company is working hard to make the lives of Dallas and Texas people better through corporate generosity.

Southridge Capital on Why Businesses are Expanding Through Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been a popular trend now because of: 1) its potential value, 2) its stability in the market (with its potential growth) 3) its popularity because it has become viral recently. A lot of personalities have been talking about venturing in Cryptocurrencies and investing into it as well – through this its popularity skyrocketed through the roof.



Cryptocurrencies have been present for years now – but it only got the traction its getting now. Cryptocurrencies has always been known by the gener public in a nutshell, but not really in detail. The citizens of the general public are not really aware of the know how’s of how to deal with cryptocurrencies. On the other side of the table, Southridge Capital along with other top performing financial agencies, are completely informed about the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies – like where to use them, how to invest and how to watch its performance. Southridge Capital is here to help individual clients and companies to better understand cryptocurrencies and their future ventures with it.



With these changing times, businesses also have to adjust to be able to keep their providence in their industries – and so companies are actually advancing into the world of cryptocurrencies. Companies that are involved in medicine, hospitality and hotels are now dealing properties and transacting through cryptocurrencies. One of the biggest companies and one of the most notable is the family empire of the Hiltons – they are about to make the biggest sale that is transacted through cryptocurrencies.



Cryptocurrency is the future of money, marketing and economics. It has been holding its place and its stock does not experience a grave decline, it only fluctuates but the usual trend is upwards. This shows that cryptocurrencies are unshakeable and it is here to stays. You can visit their Facebook page.



Southridge Capital is still focused on helping inform their consumer base and group of companies in the know how’s of cryptocurrencies. They have assigned a dedicated pool of financial experts to further deepen their understanding on cryptocurrencies. Southridge Capital will be your partner into your future ventures with this currency – ready to propel you upwards to the top spot of the market.


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