Wen Is Right for Your Hair

All About Women’s Hair

Throughout a woman’s life she may do various things to her hair. She may cut her hair, perm it, straighten it, or color it. Hair can come in different lengths, shapes, and colors, but in reality, all hair is made up of the same components. All hair needs to be cleaned, moisturized and occasionally cut. Even though there are different protocols when it comes to hair that is thick, thin, curly or straight. The hair care industry is a huge business. Women spend millions of dollars every year with the hopes of having hair that is beautiful, bouncy and shiny. The truth is, women are paying big bucks for products that may not be necessary. Women are paying big bucks for products that may not even be necessary.

The Difference with Wen
Wen is a unique conditioning cleanser that was created by Chaz Dean. According to wiktionary.org, Dean worked in the photography industry, and he later decided to move into hair care. He wanted to create a hair cleanser that could also condition. The man behind Wen was dissatisfied with the cleansers that he found on the market, so he decided to create his own formula. This is a unique formula that is able to take the place of shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in-conditioner. This cleansing conditioner leaves hair feeling manageable and moisturized.

Why Women Love Wen by Chaz
Women all around the world have been using Wen conditioning cleanser. They have noticed that their hair feels softer, manageable, and it looks shiny. This is a cleanser that is good for any hair type, and it is made without any harsh chemicals or parabens. All women deserve to have beautiful hair, and there is no need to spend a full paycheck on hair care products. Wen is able to offer everything that hair needs in one bottle. Try Wen today. Visit the wen.com website to order and use discount codes from retailmenot.com upon your purchase.

Jeunesse Strikes Gold with Youth Enhancement System

Jeunesse offers a range of products known as the Youth Enhancement System. What sets Jeunesse apart from other skin care companies offering a host of products is that the Youth Enhancement System was designed to take care of your comprehensive skincare needs. It is rare that a skincare line curates so many products that work in tandem as Jeunesse has.

Reserve is one of the top-rated and most popular dietary supplement products offered by Jeunesse. It is designed to deliver a powerful punch of antioxidants to stave off free radicals and help you feel as energized as possible throughout your day. It is best consumed in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Athletes and working adults alike find that Reserve offers a much-needed boost of energy without the unpleasant side effect of feeling jittery that often comes with consuming too much caffeine. The strongest active ingredient in Reserve is Resveratrol, which has been shown to promote heart health and circulation. It is also a boost for your immune system and has been linked to improved eye health. Reserve also consists of other antioxidants, including dark sweet cheery, blueberry, Concord grape, pomegranate and acai. Along with providing nutritional benefits, Reserve is also delicious.

Jeunesse was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis with the mission of providing innovative youth enhancement products to as many people as possible. The founders of Jeunesse wanted to share their passion for healthy living all around the world. They assembled a dedicated team of scientists and other professionals to develop products that would make consumers look and feel better. Thousands of customers enjoy the benefits of Jeunesse products and rely on these supplements, vitamins and other products to retain their youthful vigor. Jeunesse continues to spread its mission across the globe and sends out positive vibes wherever it is marketed. Although consumers tend to look better and more refreshed after using Jeunesse products, the most important change that they experience is increased energy levels and a boost in overall health. The natural ingredients in Jeunesse products make them a popular choice for health-conscious consumers.


EOS Tells How They Became One of the Most Popular Brands in Just Seven Years in Exclusive Fast Company Interview

Everyone is familiar with lip balm, and most of the large brands are household names. Chapstick is practically synonymous with lip balm. But a few years back, a new brand burst onto the scene: EOS, or Evolution of Smooth as they are properly called.

In a new interview with Fast Company (here), EOS reveals information previously kept quiet about their success story in a century-old industry that has remained mostly unchanged since its inception.

Knowing that the lip balm industry was a prime candidate for a shakeup product, the EOS team set out to design something unique to hit the market with, and thus, the iconic EOS lip balm was born. Designed to stimulate all five senses (note the funky shape, unusual colors, and uncommon scents and flavors), the new lip balms have become the second most popular brand in the nation.

But getting them in stores in the first place proved to be challenging to the EOS team. At first, no one wanted to take the risk. But eventually, EOS found their break with a representative from Walgreens, and it didn’t take long for big box brands like Target and Wal-Mart to hop on board. The product quickly grew in popularity and online retailers such as eBay began to accept it.

Soon EOS would be in every drug store and beauty magazine in the country. From Kim K’s purse to beauty blogs, the lip balms have become practically an obsession for the beauty world. The company now moves 1 million units a week and is expected to continue growing.

Designing a successful and unique product was only one part of EOS’ success, though; targeting a key demographic (millennial women) was also instrumental in rocketing them to the top. While women are the primary purchasers of lip balm, most products are marketed as unisex.

To find out more about EOS, read the full interview here.

Visit the EOS Official website: https://evolutionofsmooth.com/

Bustle Looks At The Wen By Chaz Shampoo And Conditioner

Bustle and Allure looked at the new Wen shampoo and conditioner with help from one of their writers. They needed to have an intrepid person take the shampoo into the shower, and they need to get pictures that showed the results of the test.

The shampoo test started with the writer giving an overview of her own problems with the shampoos and conditioners she uses. She has had problems with her own hair shedding, but she was hoping that she was going to get around those problems with help from WEN. She also said that people use a fraction of what they would normally use with other shampoos. That made Wen by Chaz a lot more cost effective if it worked, and then she took it into the shower to see what happened.

She washed her hair with her help from Wen by Chaz Dean, and she got a lot of instant results because it creates a lot of lather. She also noticed that it was pretty easy for her to wash her hair. She did not feel like she had to be careful, and she was able to get the washing done pretty fast. The shampoo made her life easier, and she noticed that her hair felt better when she got done. She did not lose any hair in the shower, and her hair looked great.

The idea here is that the writer finally found something that was going to make her look great, and it helped her make sure that she was going to have nice and shiny hair that she could be proud of. She wanted to make sure her hair looked great, and she finally had a partner. This shampoo stopped the shedding, and it made her look like a model. The amazing results were more than enough to make her into a convert for Wen.