Wengie Shows off her Creative Side with Edible School Supplies

When it’s time to go back to school one thing that children need are supplies. YouTube video star, Wengie, knows that teens and kids need these items to complete school work. She also understands that they are necessary for treats and good eats.


Well, most people would not eat their school supplies but if they had the type that Wengie makes, they can easily gobble them. In her video, DIY Edible School Supplies – 8 Pranks for Back to School, Wengie reveals how people can make their own tasty, sweet and colorful school supplies.


Once a person watches this video presentation by Wengie they will know how to make some really great looking and tasting school supply treats. Her edible crayons look colorful and fun. They are made out of candy and wrapped with a Crayola covering. She makes erasers out of gum and she even has rainbow colored glue sticks that she makes with Starburst candies.


Wengie makes edible markers that have a sweet aroma and flavor. She makes tasty glue that kids can really eat without the fear of getting sick. Wengie even shows teens and children how to make pencil shaving treats from Brazil nuts.


The talented Wengie originally made these edible school treats to be used as a prank. However, her edible supplies can also be used as a special reward for good behavior or as a gift on a birthday.


Wengie just knows how to turn ordinary things into something very special. That is one reason why so many people like tuning in to her YouTube channel. Remember to click on the link above to learn how to make these amazing edible school supplies by Wengie.

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