Sunday Riley Brand Formulator on Talk with The Cut

Probably you may have used or come across Sunday Riley beauty products. Definitely to those who have used them can testify to the greatness of these products. In every social media, Sunday Riley products are the main trending topics. Yes, you can now say something about Sunday Riley brands, but do you know anything about Sunday Riley, the woman? Catch up with the interview below conducted by The Cut to the Texan entrepreneur before the launch of Sunday Riley`s store pop up in Manhattan. You will get to know what`s her opinion on Good Genes skyrocketed to cult status in recent years, her personal skin care routine and how she formulate the brand`s (new foundation).

She established her company, Sunday Riley in the year 2009 with the aim of producing beauty products which fight aging in skins. She identified a gap that was existing in the market that she needed to fill. In making her products, Sunday Riley developed a complete procedure to mix botanical and active ingredients.

Sunday Riley admitted that she values all her products equally and none of them she can rate higher than the other. For the fact that Good Genes is one the product doing well in the market, if it turns out to perform dismally, she is left with no choice rather than cutting it off as she has been doing earlier to non-performing products.

She pointed out that Good Genes was doing well in the market because the product had various impacts. First the product doesn’t irritate the skin, and secondly, results are felt instantly after use. She confesses that this foundation was one of the hardest she has ever made where she made the formula in 20 shades.

The best way to maintain good looking skin is through regular washing. Sunday Riley in her skincare routine, she washes her face twice in a day. She also uses Good Genes thrice in a week. Every morning before she begins her skin care she begins with cleaning her face. She then does her daily simple skin care routine starting with C.E.O vitamin C serum.