Isabel dos Santos and Her Words of Wisdom

Isabel dos Santos doesn’t see her success as measured in billions of dollars. She looks at her status as measured by independence. Many First-World nations may find it difficult when empathizing with this narrative. In her Angolan heritage, it is the cultural standard for women to rely solely on men. Wealth and a world-class status often aren’t enough to change this dependence.

You see, it’s not the money that gives Isabel dos Santos her sense of freedom. Wealth doesn’t give her a voice. According to Isabel, the richest woman in Africa, it was the words of her father that had set her free. His words were spoken over the entire course of Isabel’s life. They were whispered, spoken plainly and revealed in his actions.

The words her father said would come to her memories in adulthood. His words moved her to be and to do things that, then, “weren’t done by women.” It was in a moment of reflection as a grown woman that Isabel realized what her father’s ambitions really were. Though she is renowned in the world and rich, Isabel’s passion is to share her father’s words of wisdom.

Where Business Analysis Redefined Her Success

Isabel also inspires us through her business ventures and her drive for success. She developed a knack for examining the values of supply and demand early on. These factors, as she had learned from her experience and failure, were the core concepts to measure before investing into a business. There’s a product in this world that people either do or do not want.

Measuring both the usefulness of something and its public demand became formidable skills as held by Isabel. Her businesses would grow into a large collection of enterprises, which covered many services, industries and nations over the years. From nightclubs to telecommunications, she has left no venture unexposed and no opportunity to waste.

Here’s a look at some of the businesses that Isabel dos Santos started and grew:

Miami Nightclubs

  • Miami Nightclubs

Financial Investments

  • Financial Investments


  • Telecommunications


  • Trucking

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