OSI Food Solutions is Committed to Giving the World What it Wants

As one of the biggest food product suppliers in the US, OSI Food Solutions has worked hard to earn a reputation that makes them the envy of the industry. With customers across industries, in various parts of the world, they recently expanded to meet that demand, growing their workforce to 20,000 and increasing their presence to 17 countries.

Big retailers and restaurant chains continue to partner with OSI Food Solutions to access good prices and products held to high standards to serve to their own customers. In maintaining this level of integrity, this large corporation allows smaller businesses to keep functioning without interruption of unnecessary prep time before the point of sale.

Toledo, Spain is just one such site that was part of the expansion effort. With the construction and restructuring complete, the facility doubled its output and increased its staff to meet the needs of Spanish businesses. Now there’s 24,000 tons of chicken being processed at this site, and the new facilities made it made possible to process 21,000 tons of pork and beef for the first time. With a new staff of 140 employees, businesses served by the Toledo site were able to satisfy an increased demand from customers for more of these products.

Part of the expansion at Toledo was a reduction in energy consumption, by about 20%. This is part of meeting the regulatory standards set by the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme and other safety organizations in Europe and Spain.

Meeting these standards of safety and keeping the public health in mind has been a relatively smooth process for OSI Food Solutions thanks to Dr. Kenneth Petersen. With a background in public health and veterinary medicine, the public and private sector, Dr. Petersen has experience from organizations like the USDA to know what it takes to make sure these animal byproducts are packaged and reach their destination in pristine condition.

For OSI Food Solutions, each customer is a business partner. That means forgoing catalogs that offers the same products and services regardless of the market and creating profiles for each customer so that they meet individual needs. That attention to detail means the company needs to stay abreast of research and development and emerging trends all over the world.