Jeffry SchneiderTrust and Priority Equals Success

Jeffry Schneider, the founder of Ascendant Capital, an alternative investment company is today considered to be one of the most successful and revered businessmen in Austin, Texas. Schneider received his education from the University of Massachusetts Amhurst and would later go on to work for various investment companies as a financial advisor. Schneider’s primary focus throughout his career specifically dealt with private companies and alternative forms of investments. Today, Jeffry Schneider utilizes much of his financial success by providing financial aid to various non-profit organizations across the city of Austin. We recently sat down with Mr.Schneider to learn a little more about his company and some of the ways he’s been able to make it a success.

Where did the idea for Ascendant Capital Come From?

Jeffry Schneider states that the idea for his company came from the lack of connection between advisors and their businesses. Ascendant Captial provides advisors that ability to find accurate and useful information as well as the building of communication bridges with other consultants. Furthermore, this type of service allows clients to see better and more substantial returns on their investments.

How Did You Deal With The Self-Doubt When You First Started The Company?

Mr.Schneider comments that with any new venture in life, the beginning is always very frightening, however, when one concentrates all their resources into providing and delivering the best service possible to a client, then all those worries tend to disappear. He concludes by saying that when you serve the client, you benefit as well.

What Is your Marketing Strategy?

Internal training says, Jeffry Schneider. Mr.Schneider states that much of his success comes from the fact that his team can function and execute the workload even when he’s not there. He goes on to say that because he has so much trust in the knowledge and skills of his staff, he can concentrate on the bigger issues at hand.