Bhanu Choudhrie: The Proficient Leader At C&C Alpha Group

Bhanu Choudhrie is someone who is incredibly well known within the financial industry and has gained prominence for the role that he has played in several well-known investment deals. He is a British Indian businessman who belongs to the famous Choudhrie family, one of the richest families in India. With the success that his family has seen, it was but natural that Choudhry would also follow in their footsteps and become a successful businessman himself.

Currently, Choudhrie stands at the position of CEO for the company founded by his family. He is the director of C&C Alpha Group, one of the more well-known endeavors that the family has taken on. The investment company has worked with a number of well-known names across a variety of sectors. They have also helped the growth of several well-known names, and have offered a number of good investment potentials to the clients that they have worked with.

Bhanu Choudhrie has played a significant role in the growth that the company has seen over the past few years. He has always been proficient with the business strategies that offer and has helped guide the company in a positive direction. Having worked in the company for so long has also helped Bhanu Choudhrie understand the finer intricacies of investments and the potential routes that the company can take to succeed.

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There are six main sectors that Choudhrie focuses his efforts on. These are with regards to the field of real estate, aviation, healthcare, hospitality, agriculture and utilities. Bhanu Choudhrie has worked with a number of companies across these sectors and has a good amount of experience with clients belonging to this field.

In a recent interview with ArabianBusiness, Choudhrie stated that a significant number of his business practices and policies are modeled after the work of Warren Buffet, and the investments that he has done through the course of his career. He stated that he learned to take more chances with his investments after watching Buffet and the practices that he partook in. Implementing this has been incredibly beneficial and is something that helped Bhanu Choudhrie grow not only as an investor but also as a leader to the company. Visit: