The Importance of Mentorship by Sandy Chin

Who is Sandy Chin?

Sandy Chin is an investment management professional currently based in New York. Sandy has over 20 years of experience in the field of investment management making her one of the sort-after professionals in her field. Sandy Chin earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Barnard College back in 1996. She later received her MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business in the year 2007.

As of now, Sandy Chin is the portfolio manager at Tidal Bore Capital, which is a hedge fund she founded with the help of her mentor and friend William Leach. Sandy has and still is a big advocate for women in finance something evident in her continuous support for women starting in the world of finance. When Sandy is not mentoring young women trying to find their way in the world of finance, she is always fully engaged at StreetSquash, which is a nonprofit organization that aims to support, schools, families, and kids in the city of Harlem and Newark.

Bein an expert in the finance industry, Sandy Chin understands that young individuals entering the field are always overwhelmed by everything they need to learn about the industry as its ever changing and also very competitive. The lack of professional contacts makes it even harder for you people in the finance industry to have a fair shot at success. For these reasons and more, Sandy Chin understands the value of mentoring young professionals in the finance industry, and below, we take a look at her successful mentorship guide.

Mentors can impart valuable lessons.

In a highly dynamic and fast-paced industry such as finance, recent college graduates and individuals new in the field can find navigating the new career daunting. It is therefore essential to find experienced individuals to teach them the ropes while also giving them valuable insight.

Mentors can contribute knowledge and skills crucial to career advancement.

Having an experienced and skilled individual in your corner is essential as you start your career. The reason for this is that these individuals can pass you the relevant skills and knowledge which will provide you with a deeper understanding of your field.

Mentors can help you meet other contacts and professionals thereby creating more opportunities.

When you are new in a particular industry, the last thing you expect to have is a long list of business contacts and relevant connections that can help you get more opportunities. Here is where having a mentor becomes rewarding. Experienced Mentors have always spent considerable time in the industry; this means that they have several contacts and associates they have worked with over the years. These contacts can be crucial to your career’s advancement.