How Talkspace is Changing the Concept of Therapy for the Better

Digital health has been on the rise since the past few years, with various apps and solutions coming to the surface to help with an array of health conditions. One such app that is built along the lines of digital health but which still stands out from the crowd is Talkspace.

Unlike most digital health solutions which are built to manage the symptoms of physical conditions, Talkspace focuses on helping those who struggle with mental health issues. As a text-based therapy app, Talkspace connects people with licensed therapists through their digital devices – all for a nominal fee.

Due to advantages that this model of therapy brings to the table, Talkspace has garnered countless voices of support across various sectors. Michael Phelps, a 23-time Olympic gold medalist, is one of those voices. Check out to read more reviews on talkspace.

As someone who has struggled with mental health himself, the cause is very close to Phelps’ heart. And through his partnership with Talkspace, the swimmer aims to raise awareness for mental health, the importance of therapy, and the way how easy it is to reach help with the solutions that Talkspace brings to the table.

Talkspace doesn’t just deliver therapy solutions regardless of time or distance, but it also dedicates its team’s time to help talk about difficult topics related to mental health. For this purpose, the company maintains a blog page which remains open to the general public. The page allows people to share their experiences with different mental health issues, the way that they influence their lives, and how therapy seems to be helping them.

This makes Talkspace not only a service that is centered around digital therapy, but which is dedicated to overall mental health awareness, including the removal of stigma around the conditions as well as letting people know how easy it is to get help to make their lives better.

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