Neurocor Helping Patients With Mental Problems

Neurocore is a mental health clinic which mainly focuses on the training of the brain and providing data-driven trainings and treatments which help children and adults suffering from mental disorders. The health facility was established in the year 2004 by a famous neuropsychologist in the United States known as Timothy S.Royer. The practice is headquartered in Grandville, West Michigan but it has nine centers across the country. The clinic aims at improving the mental health of individuals having mental illnesses. Neurocore is a highly prolific facility with its core investors being Madam Bestys Devos, Donald Trump’s secretary of education and his husband who is an Amway heir known as Mr. Dick.

The centers are equipped with highly professional staffs that are also talented and devoted to providing maximum care and services to the patients. The quality services offered by the practice make it a highly reputable mental health center. Services offered at Neurocore centers includes biofeedback training, autonomic regulation ad diagnosis of the nervous system, conducting tests of the patients’ attention, neurofeedback training among other services. The clinic uses non-invasive and drug-free management approach in treating the mental disorders. Its services are relatively cheap hence affordable.

There two treatment programmes which are used in treating and managing the mental conditions. These two programmes are the neurofeedback programme and the biofeedback programme. The neurofeedback programme helps the patient to improve his or her brain activity. It is an elaborate programme used in the treatment of conditions such as stress and depression, insomnia (lack of sleep), ADHD, traumatic brain injury, anxiety, and other related conditions. On the other hand, the biofeedback programme helps in managing and controlling the signs and symptoms of mental illnesses. It uses medical devices to provide feedback, and it helps in boosting concentration and brain activity. Neurocore uses the two programmes together.