Victoria Doramus: Breaking Down the Life and Contributions of The Consumer Trends Expert

Vitoria Duramus has made a name for herself in the world of digital where she is considered an expert identification, evaluation, and documentation of consumer trends. Her innovative approach to marketing makes her the go-to person for brands seeking to identify and correct flaws with their existing campaigns or launch new ones altogether. It, therefore, would be interesting to understand her background and the inspiration behind her success as well unmatched dedication to charity.

Getting into the marketing scene

The long and illustrious career in the marketing and media industry started in 2006 when she served as an assistant media planner for Los Angele’s Mindshare. She would then graduate into different roles within the industry like Youth Market trend analyze in 2007 and Lifestyle trend editor in 2010. She also developed interest and creative and copywriting as well as research and she worked as a ghostwriter for different authors and freelance sites. Fusing her trend analysis and creative content creation would eventually profess her a consumer trends expert.

Involvement in charity

Army Winehouse foundation

This London based foundation was is named after pop legend wine house and is dedicated to helping individuals fight addiction. Victoria Doramus is a volunteer to the foundation where she offers her skills in addiction and recovery. She is also constantly witting and publishing different articles about the foundation and this goes a long way in attracting support to the institution.

Room To Read

Victoria Doramus is also appreciative of the privileged lives most people in the developed world live and the dire situation in the rest of the world. She, therefore, joined the Room To Read not-for-profit organization that helps children in developing countries gain access to education. The movement achieves by providing scholarships to bright students, especially girls, in these countries.

To date, the Room To Read movement has helped build over 1500 schools in ten developing African and Asian countries. Additionally, the movement has set up over 15,000 libraries that have over the years helped over 12 million students gain access to educational materials. She has also written and published extensively about the movement and their role in the advancement of global education.

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