Hussain Sajwani’s Thrust Into Modern Development

Hussain Sajwani is the most influential real estate developer in all of Dubai. His work has come to be known for being an unbelievable boost to the tourist industry going as far as to create a bump in the economy and establish a large influx of money from outside president’s work has left a huge positive mark on Canada creating a sense of celebrity for Sajwani that has gotten him invites to prestigious parties full of celebrities and business moguls. This success has allowed him to network and meet some unbelievable people. One of his most influential deals came under the leadership of President of the United States Donald Trump.

Deal With Donald Trump

Sajwani’s deal with Donald trump allowed him to entertain his first large-scale development deal with a Western property developer. This was finally one of the most influential parts of Sajwani’s career as it would position Sajwani to be able to bridge the gap between Dubai business practices and that of the west and eventually strengthen their relationship as Donald Trump would go on to become president. Hussain Sajwani has since gone on to say that he would love to establish further deals and projects with trump in order to achieve greater success.

Sajwani’s Ground Breaking Deal With Donald Trump

Sajwani’s deal with Donald Trump allowed Sajwani to be able to establish a presidence with real estate developers from the United States, thus allowing him to create pieces of property conducive to the philosophies of Dubai that are favored by the culture and people. Since Dubai is a very conservative country in its policies and public practices, its incredibly important for Sajwani and his partner in order completely understand the cultural mores of the area. This has been well established by the real estate community in Dubai, and great awareness has been established with the ground-breaking deal.

Hussain Sajwani Continues to Be a pioneer in the middle-east within the real estate development industry. His time there has allowed him to expand globally and create relationships that would otherwise not be possible. Having a largely multicultural background has allowed Sajwani to increase his presence and establish himself as one of the most leading figures in modern development history.

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Susan McGalla: Becoming A Corporate Figure in Business

Statistics indicate that companies that hire equal numbers of female and male workers are 13 percent more likely to register better performance than their competitors. Companies with an ethnically diverse workforce are also 30 percent more likely to register better performance compared to competitors with some diversity in the organization. Experts have said that being open to emerging ideas is a significant component of an organization’s success. With a diverse spectrum of employers on board, it’s possible to get more perspectives from various workers including different age-sets, age groups, and ethnic backgrounds. Even though statistics indicate that there’s progress when it comes to hiring such individuals, it’s also clear that women constitute a few C-level positions in Fortune 500 Companies.

Many women struggle to join the C-level position. For Susan McGalla, breaking common barriers has never been an issue since she is a living example of proven success. Her story is inspirational to emerging women entrepreneurs who have committed most of their time to develop careers in the executive level. McGalla has been a significant trendsetter in the business since she was a young girl in college. With her father being a football coach, she learned how to be a leader from a tender age. Susan McGalla had several brothers, but she didn’t receive special treatment since when she needed something, she was tasked with working hard to have it. She attributes her success to that upbringing.

McGalla continued to put in a lot of effort in pursuing what she wanted. She became an executive leader for companies that she perpetually led. She established American Eagle Outfitters when only men were allowed to serve as executives. She also became an executive at the firm before she resigned to create other ventures. Today, she oversees business strategy at Pittsburg Steelers even though men mostly man the sports fraternity. While many organizations are implementing initiatives to boost female leadership, some women are still experiencing difficulties in joining the C-level executive category in their industries. But the glass ceiling exists. Therefore, Susan McGalla’s career is a perfect example of the possibilities of initiating changes in the corporate world.

David McDonald Continues to Make OSI Group One of the Greatest Food Companies in the World

OSI Group is a global food company that has been enjoying a large growth spurt over the last decade. David McDonald OSI Group president and chief operating officer, has been a large part of the reason why. He has been with OSI for more than thirty years and started with the company as soon as he graduated from college. OSI began as a small deli and meat market, which was founded by the German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. Now, many years later, it has found the right man to lead the way into the future.

David McDonald was raised on a farm in Iowa and received his bachelor’s degree in animal science at Iowa State University. He was honored with the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award and continues to support the college through its Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. McDonald has connected many outgoing students with OSI Group through internships and has continued to donate money to the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund.

Recently, David McDonald has been a large part of many different acquisitions and purchases by OSI. His hard work helped in the company’s acquisition of the Dutch food company, Baho Food. He was also an integral part of the purchase of Flagship Europe, which has been renamed Creative Foods Europe. It has been his experience with every aspect of the food distribution chain that has allowed him to be the kind of leader that the company needs.

David McDonald recently commented that some of the best decisions made by the management of OSI have been when they were made with their customers in mind. While the company always puts its customers first, it goes a step further by working with locals in every region it has facilities in. McDonald has also been working to improve the sustainability of OSI Group as well as how it handles its environmental practices. He admits that when he got started with the company that it was focused on growth. He loves that this is still its mission, and he expects to continue to be a large part of making it one of the best food companies in the world.


Richard Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Are At InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health Services was created in 1998 by Dr. Richard Shinto, the self-named President and Chief Executive Officer of the managed care provider and insurer. Eight other executives lead the company from the C-suite:

  • CIO – S. Bhasker
  • Chief Experience Officer – Nicole Cable
  • COO – Michael Holohan
  • Chief Actuary Officer – Meyers
  • Chief Administrative Officer – Penelope Kokkinides
  • Chief Accounting Officer – Michael Sortino
  • Chief Innovation Officer – Mony Weschler
  • CFO –Douglas Malton

Penelope Kokkindies, one of few to work for InnovaCare Health two times

Ms. Penelope Kokkindies was first at InnovaCare Health in 2006. Penelope stayed six years – until 2012. She came back in 2015 and has been on a 40-odd-month tear, equivalent to three-and-a-half years.

Kokkindies is currently InnovaCare Health’s Chief Administration Officer, similar to the responsibilities of COO, a position she held from 2006 to 2012.

Penelope has also served Aveta Inc. as its Chief Operating Officer. Before that, she was the Vice President of Clinical Operations. Throughout her career, Ms. Kokkindies has spent more than 25 years in the field of healthcare.

Some more of her most recent, noteworthy jobs were at Centerlight HealthCare, where he doubled as its Executive Vice President and COO. Touchstone Health and UnitedHealth Group’s AmeriChoice had also hosted Ms. Penelope Kokkinides as their COOs. She has one undergraduate degree, but took up two separate master’s degrees and took a post-master’s program to complete her fourth college certificate.

There are two parts of InnovaCare Health’s revenue stream. Both are in the United States, though one-half of its operations are based in Puerto Rico. MMM Holdings has about five to 10 subsidiaries under its belt.

Shinto has worked more places than most people could imagine. He’s been the NAMM of California’s CEO, the same position for Aveta, Inc. MEdical Pathways Management Company had Dr. Richard Shinto as their COO and Chief Medical Officer. He later moved on to be a corporate vice president of MedPartners between 1995 and 1997. Afterward, he ventured off to Cal Optima Health Plan.

Dr. Shinto’s experience and expertise have won him spots on the board of AHIP, America’s Health Insurance Plans, and on a board within the California Department of Managed Care. He’s got both a master’s in business administration and a license to practice medicine.

Career achievements of Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre is one of the most respected innovators in the healthcare industry. Currently, she serves as the Principal of Bundled Payments Practice, and she had a chance to testify before the Congress on the efficacy of bundled payments.

Deirdre Baggot is a prominent health business strategist and payment professional who resided in the Denver. She joined the University of Southern Illinois where she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in nursing. She went to Loyola University in the Quinlan School of Business where she got her MBA and later enrolled at Colorado University to get her Ph.D. Visit to learn more

Deirdre started her profession in 1997 when she began serving at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She worked as a resource coordinator and nurse and also the manager of the administration group in the hospital. She worked at the facility for six years before she moved to Michigan and started working at the University of Michigan Health System. She served as a business analyst for the company while working as an administration manager too. During her tenure at the company, she managed to scope an award for exceptional leadership in safety. She also earned a certification in Lean/Six Sigma.

In 2006, Deirdre Baggot relocated to Denver, Colorado where she was appointed as the head administrator of the cardiac and vascular Institute, which is a subsidiary of SCL health. She supervised almost 450 individuals in the company and was accountable for departments like acquisitions, business development, payer contracting, marketing, recruiting among others. She worked for the institution for four years, and during her tenure, she established 11 clinic locations. She also hired talents that brought a significant contribution to the management. Her vast experience helped her get a slot at GE Healthcare Partners in Los Angeles. She served as the senior duty president where she specialized on payment systems in the healthcare sector. She established a payment consulting agency that recorded revenue of $6.6 million per year.

Deirdre Baggot has been acknowledged on various NPR shows during her profession. At one point, she was persuaded to be the chairperson of the national bundled payment summit whose aim was to get a solution for issues that surrounded payments in the healthcare sector.

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David McDonald’s Global Leadership Position

Graduating from Lowa State University with a Bachelor’s degree in animal science, David McDonald holds the position of president in one of the most successful privately held companies. OSI Group being a global enterprise, it is widely diversified in its operations around the world. For many years now, he has played a very significant role in OSI’s general expansion worldwide, simply because he is an expert in food production logistics with wide experience working with government agencies, suppliers and retailers.

Being flexible with the solutions they offer is the reason why OSI group continues to grow while establishing good relations with its clients.

Receiving awards over the years with OSI group has been a career achievement for David McDonald, including the award for management of health and safety risks and environmental management.

The constant desire of growth and improvement is visibly seen with David McDonald’s OSI group by having over 20,000 employees in more than 65 facilities worldwide, consequently being named as among the largest private U.S companies with an estimation of 6.1 billion by Forbes.

Scaling OSI group globally has been a success by the ability to make different and successful partnerships. Their newest facility in China is a proof of their ability to understand the cultural marketplace.

Being the chairman of North American Meat institute, David McDonald also thrives to deliver helpful solutions to customers.

Operation management, quality assurance and food safety are some of the skills David McDonald possess which has enabled him to keep OSI group’s standards so high with the aid of innovated customers.

Meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations of customers is the target of all employees working at OSI group. Their foundational value never changes but their solutions, products and success are constantly changing.

As they never tout their success, OSI group is solely in business to help customers, this makes OSI group stay at the top. With their continuing adaptation to changes they continue to succeed.

From the farm fields of Lowa to being at the center of success, the OSI president will continue to be an example worthwhile.

How HGGC Scored Touchdown with Integrity Marketing Group

There are a number of private equity firms looking to make a big score in the current boom market. One of those private equity firms has been able to take a Life and Health Insurance Marketing firm to new heights in the span of a couple of years. That firm, HGGC, is realizing big profits thanks to their investment in Integrity Marketing Group.

HGGC is known as a top mid-market private equity group based in Palo Alto, California. The firm has 60 companies in their portfolio with a total investment of $4.2 billion. Companies in the HGGC portfolio include AutoAlert, Serena, IDERA, Aventri, FPX, Integrity, Davies Group, Pearl and MyWebGrocer.

The current star of the firm’s portfolio is Integrity Marketing Group. Specializing in marketing Life and Health Insurance to the senior market, Integrity has seen revenue triple since HGGC’s initial investment two years ago. According to Integrity’s CEO and Founder, Bryan W. Adams, “The firm now has over 130,000 and over $850 million in a realized annual premiums.” The company markets specialized Life and Health Insurance products such as Medicare Supplement and Long-Term Care.

Founded in 2007, HGGC has executed over $60 billion dollars in transactions. Capital for these investments were made possible by three funds raised by the firm over the pasted decade. The first fund, known as “Fund 1,” raised $1.1 billion dollars in 2008. In 2014, the firm opened “Fund 2” and raised $1.3 billion dollars before closing in 2015. Soon afterward, the firm created “Fund 3.” This flagship fund raised $1.8 billion dollars.

Capital for these three funds were raised from a number of pension funds and international insurance agencies. Investors include Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS), CNP Assurances, Brederode SA, and The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS).

Key personal at the firm include Leslie M. Brown, Gregory M. Benson, Jr., Richard F. Lawson, Jr., Neil H. White, and Hall of Farm winning quarterback Steven Young. Since its inception, the firm has won a number of awards including 2014 M&A Mid-Market Private Equity Firm of the Year by Mergers & Acquisitions magazine. As the company enters its next decade, HGGC will seek to further boost the revenues and profits of their portfolio companies.

How You Can Find And Buy Into US Oil And Energy Independent Investments Known As Freedom Checks

President Trump and many energy industry leaders want to see more mi domestic energy resources used in the US to increase fracking production, oil pipelines, and many more uses for natural resources that are being underutilized right now. As part of this push, a potential for big investments to be made is looming for what is known as freedom checks. These are true investments and are not government subsidy checks or welfare payouts. They are a way that you can get in on the push to end foreign oil dependence and pocket some of the profits that will come out of it.

The end of foreign oil constantly being brought into the US and freedom in energy is why investment expert Matt Badiali named dividends paid out by various companies freedom checks. Most people who receive dividend payments on them do so by direct deposit into a brokerage account, but you can opt to receive checks in the mail. But how do you get these checks? Badiali explained in a video that most can be found on normal stock trading platforms, but you need to know the differences between these checks and regular stocks.

Freedom checks are payouts given by companies known as master limited partnerships (MLPs). MLPs are all in the oil and natural resources sector, but what sets them apart is that they follow different regulations, including one that stipulates that they payout 90℅ of their income to their shareholders. This is especially a lot of money when you consider that the profits these MLPs are said to make will be over $34 billion in the next few years. But another part of the returns you make on these investments is that they are treated as a return on capital and not a return on income in your portfolio. As a result, you never have to pay taxes on them as long as you own them; only the lower capital gains tax if you sell them. That’s right, if you buy in while you have the chance, freedom checks can be a way to build wealth tax free. If you want to know more, sign up for Matt Badiali’s newsletters at

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Wen Is Right for Your Hair

All About Women’s Hair

Throughout a woman’s life she may do various things to her hair. She may cut her hair, perm it, straighten it, or color it. Hair can come in different lengths, shapes, and colors, but in reality, all hair is made up of the same components. All hair needs to be cleaned, moisturized and occasionally cut. Even though there are different protocols when it comes to hair that is thick, thin, curly or straight. The hair care industry is a huge business. Women spend millions of dollars every year with the hopes of having hair that is beautiful, bouncy and shiny. The truth is, women are paying big bucks for products that may not be necessary. Women are paying big bucks for products that may not even be necessary.

The Difference with Wen
Wen is a unique conditioning cleanser that was created by Chaz Dean. According to, Dean worked in the photography industry, and he later decided to move into hair care. He wanted to create a hair cleanser that could also condition. The man behind Wen was dissatisfied with the cleansers that he found on the market, so he decided to create his own formula. This is a unique formula that is able to take the place of shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in-conditioner. This cleansing conditioner leaves hair feeling manageable and moisturized.

Why Women Love Wen by Chaz
Women all around the world have been using Wen conditioning cleanser. They have noticed that their hair feels softer, manageable, and it looks shiny. This is a cleanser that is good for any hair type, and it is made without any harsh chemicals or parabens. All women deserve to have beautiful hair, and there is no need to spend a full paycheck on hair care products. Wen is able to offer everything that hair needs in one bottle. Try Wen today. Visit the website to order and use discount codes from upon your purchase.

Richard Liu Bringing Innovation to the Online Retail Space

The e-commerce space has been witnessing massive transformation as well as competition in the last few years, mainly due to the booming Internet revolution. One of the Internet entrepreneurs, who have been able to make it big in the e-commerce business in a short period, is none other than the owner of e-commerce portal JD, Richard Liu. He has been able to build a considerable e-commerce conglomerate from almost nothing. It is why he has become a role model entrepreneur for the young entrepreneurs across the globe. As far as education is concerned, he joined the People’s University of China to complete his graduation with majors in Sociology.

Richard Liu knew that the job market is very competitive and to get a better paying job, it is essential to go for masters’ degree. It is why Richard Liu went ahead and did EMBA as well from the famous China Europe International Business School. After he completed his studies, Richard Liu started his entrepreneurial journey by starting a restaurant that failed miserably and even drowned him in debt. However, he didn’t give up on his dream and to collect the capital again; he started working for a Japanese company named Japan Life, where he held several responsibilities, including sales supervisor, business development manager, and director of computers.

Richard Liu left Japan Life to start a shop after a couple of years where he used to sell magneto-optical products. As the business flourished, many new products were sold as well, and the inventory continued to grow. However, the bad luck struck again to Richard Liu Qiangdong when entire China was struggling with the SARS outbreak. It forced a massive dip in sales and made a flourishing business, a bitter failure. He had to shut over a dozen stores overnight, but even in such difficult times, Richard Liu didn’t give up.

He decided that instead of closing down the entire operations, he would continue to sell the products from an online store. It is how JD began and became what it is today in no time under the skilled management and business skills of Richard Liu. He continues to play the role of executive chairman, CEO and the President of company’s board till date.