Anil Chaturvedi and Fintech

Financial technology precisely referred to as fintech, and its impacts on the banking department turned into a great discussion in the past few years. Many financial experts are however already familiar with disruptive technology and how it makes financial services more suitable and convenient. Anil Chaturvedi has been able to develop an incredibly successful career in the banking department all across the three continents over the past 40 years. His input and activities have enabled the banking industry through a dramatic transformation. It is due to his experience and extensive knowledge that fintech trend has recently been put into context. It can also instill some valuable perspective to the fresh graduates in the banking industry.


As Hinduja Bank Managing Director, Anil Chaturvedi joined the State Bank of India in the early seventies, most of the banks were attempting to enhance and upgrade their services for their clients by imparting technology in their services. Banks were the first to come up with the idea of credit cards in the fifties. The banks are also responsible for internet leverage in the nineties when they became widespread and wanted to develop online banking services to its clients. Anil Chaturvedi professionalism helps us to clearly and exhaustively outline the impact and effects of fintech on the banking industry.


As per Google Trends, the fintech discussion reached its climax in late 2017. In this discussion, the more significant percentage was speaking of how the new competitors would interfere with banking industry where much of the debate was about how the big and well-established banks would be beaten by many of the small and weak, consumer-focused startups. However, this has not imparted high expenditure to the industrial leaders despite that most of the financial technology startups have experienced tremendous and incredible success. Unlike many, the expectations of many people, the banks that were established by the renowned banker Anil Chaturvedi ion the early 70s and 80s are still active and intact. Their success is grounded in the fact that these banks have partnered with the fintech startup instead of fighting and negating them. This partnership has resulted in the survival of these banks. Thanks to Anil Chaturvedi for his unique strategies and techniques in the financial industry.


Infinity Group Australia: Leading Their Clients to Success

Debt is a growing problem in Australian culture. Over 30% of all Australian households are considered over-encumbered with debt. This means that these households have significantly more debt than they can pay off. Struggling with such levels of debt is a major cause of stress for an Individual. By occurring too much debt they are unable to live their life without the significant increase in their strain that this burden creates. In addition to being an emotional burden for Australians, this debt has other effects on their lifestyle. A person who carries too much debt will be unable to make changes or properly provide their necessities.

When it comes to financial management it’s difficult to determine what the correct move is. There are so many options for a person when it comes to organizing their finances. The typical Australian can become incredibly overwhelmed quickly when shifting through their financial options. The finance industry is constantly shifting and it takes an expert eye to offer the best solutions with minimal confusion. These experts have dedicated their lives to ensuring the financial health of their clients. They stay up to date on all things finance related and work diligently to create simple systems that help their clients manage their income intelligently. For this and many other reasons, it is an excellent idea for Australians who are confused about their finances to consult an expert on the matter. Even if a person believes that they understand their finances there is likely a lot more they can do with the aid of such an expert.

Of the financial advisory companies out there, one of the best available to Australians is Infinity group Australia. Graeme Holm has worked with his company to develop a simple and comprehensive strategy for healthy finance. One of the rules that he has developed is always used cash. In their years of experience, they have come to the conclusion that cash is king when it comes to budgeting. When they take on a new client they are quick to implement this rule. Infinity group Australia has listed over 10 reasons why this rule is so great for their clients. For the most part, cash is hailed by the company because it gives their clients a visual representation of their spending habits’. Infinity group Australia gives their clients a weekly budget in cash that covers all their necessities. Then They Advise their client that if they can’t buy it with cash not to buy it at all.

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Randal Nardone: Motivated toward Success

The success story of Randal Nardone is one of exceptional intrigue and fancy. He is highly regarded as a man who built his fortune from absolutely nothing to the billion-dollar operation that it is today. His work is considered to be impeccable and a statement of true value. He is a modern renaissance man offering his supreme level of knowledge to anyone who is interested in learning from him. He consistently collaborates with his fellow business partners to make sure that his company is always on the edge of new investment techniques and innovation in their field. By all accounts, he is an exceptional professional in his field.

The success that Randal Nardone has enjoyed has been centered around his company Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group is a company that he started with some of his business partners in 1998. After 20 years of existence, the company has earned a significant reputation on the international scale as a major asset management firm and investment group. They service small businesses, private individuals, and even major corporations. They also have expanded knowledge in mergers and acquisitions. They are frequently called and because of their significant expertise in a variety of financial situations.

Randal Nardone, himself, is a relatively successful individual on a personal basis. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Connecticut. While there he studied English and Biology both of which did not give any inclination that he would end up in the world of finance. He went on to study law as a Juris Doctor candidate for the School of Law located at Boston University. In addition to working with Fortress Investment Group for more than 20 years, he has also served in significant roles with several other companies. He was a principal for Black Rock Financial Management and a director at UBS. Both roles gave him the opportunity to expand his financial knowledge and bring something more substantial to his business at Fortress Investment Group. Randal Nardone continues to be an inspiration to young business professionals all over the globe as an aspirational goal and motivation to seek out their dreams. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO

Richard Dwayne Blair Speaks Of Three Pillars

Some of the great religions of the world speak of pillars of the faith. Richard Dwayne Blair has his own version of this as it relates to financial planning. He firmly believes that those who follow the principles that he teaches in the pillar system can end up with better financial health at the end of the day.

Pillar 1: Roadmap

Do you know what you want out of your financial life? If not, it is okay. There are a lot of people who are drifting through their life without much thought about what they really want to do with money. Luckily, it is not necessary to have all of the answers figured out right now. Instead, try to think of a few concrete things that you really want to do and take those ideas to Richard Dwayne Blair. He can then take you on to the second pillar.

Pillar 2: Investment Plan

So you have thought of at least a few things that you would like to do with your money. That is a great first step towards actually making some of the necessary changes. Next, you need to come up with an investment plan or strategy to actually make it realistically happen.

Richard Dwayne Blair has drafted more than a few of these plans before and can definitely help you come up with your own as well. He can prescribe some investments that make sense for your particular set of needs in life. You just might find this helpful if you are the kind of person who needs a little help understanding your investment choices in the first place.

Pillar 3: Putting It Into Practice

All the planning in the world doesn’t do you a lot of good if you don’t ever put the plan into practice. Luckily, it is at this pillar that you do just that. You have creating your roadmap and your investment plan to get to where you want to go. Now all that is left is that you actually do it. That is when you know you are on the right track with financial planning.


Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion

The Academy of Art University has been in existence since the late 1920, and it was founded by a painter named Rischard Stephens. The school is located in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California. Preparing its student-base for careers in liberal arts, in communication, in fashion and in entertainment is the main goal. There are a number of accolades that can be attained such as graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees and certificates. The Academy of Art University even has online courses, which has helped the student-base grow from 2,000 – 12,000 in a matter of years.

One of the biggest achievements from the AAU is that it attends the prestigious New York Fashion Week on an annual basis. This week-long affair of fashion has launched many careers throughout the years. For 2017, the Academy of Art University stepped its game up by introducing a multitude of fashion lines. The school had a total 10 fashion collections, which were two men’s wear lines, two collaborations and five women’s wear lines. “Each collection has an individual spirit,” said Simon Ungless, Executive Director of the School of Fashion. Skylight Clarkson Square sparked the bright lights of the big city. This is one of the most affluent centers for fashion shows, and it was full of attendees. Ms. J. Alexander of “America’s Next Top Model” was present as well as a host of other celebrities. New York Fashion Week went off without a hitch and some of AAU’s former-graduates got a chance to showcase their collections.

The Academy of Art University is a phenomenal for-profit school that’s designed for creative thinkers. The state-of-the-art university uses some of the most cutting-edge technologies to meet its goal. Exhibits, galleries and student housing can all be found here. All in all, the Academy of Art University is a go-to solution for anything that’s fashion related.