Talkspace: Therapy in Your Pocket

With the internet and text messaging literally in our pockets, the way we communicate and interact with others has changed. It has also changed the way people seek help within the mental-health profession with the creation of services like Talkspace. Instead of having to schedule an appointment and drive to a therapist who will charge you hundreds of dollars an hour, now with your Smartphone you have instant access to a therapist for as little as $32.00 a week. Online therapy platforms like Talkspace are able to reach more individuals in need of help than traditional therapy can, and can be the first step in getting individuals who are skeptical or scared to seek therapy the help they need.

Not only is Talkspace cheaper and easier to use than traditional therapy, it is also easier to find the right therapist to fit your needs. One of the reasons therapy is beneficial is because of the patient therapist connection, but that can be difficult to find using traditional means, but with Talkspace a client is asked a series of questions and with thousands of therapists to choose from finding a good match is much easier. Not only is it beneficial to find the right therapist, but clients often find it easier to talk about difficult issues when they are not face to face with their therapist. Clients that may be afraid of talking in person with a therapist now have a platform to seek the help they need while keeping the anonymity they desire to take the first step in seeking help.

In addition to being more financially appealing and easier to find the right therapist, online therapy like Talkspace are easily accessible to anyone with a computer or Smartphone. Many individuals who may be thinking about therapy may not have a means of getting to a traditional therapist, but with Talkspace you simply need a Smartphone and you can be connected to the help you need. This is great for those who may be isolated due to geography, illness, injury, or may simply be too busy in their daily life to have time to schedule an appointment and meet with a therapist through traditional means.